endless desire 中文意思是什麼

endless desire 解釋
  • endless : adj. 1. 無盡的,無限的,無邊的,無窮的;永遠的;不斷的。2. 【機械工程】環狀的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • desire : vt 1 想要,渴望,希望(做某事)。2 要求某事 (sth );要求做到 (that);要求[請求]某人做某事。vi ...
  1. Most experts see in this a paradox - - an endless conflict between the desire to conform and the desire to remain apart

  2. Therefore the cultivation of human creativity is of practical necessity which conforms to socialist market oriented economy development ; and is the basis demand which is required by knowledge - based economy times for the talents ; and is also the essential requirement which can make both the society and human highly develop. the ideological and political education, an approach to teach creativity people how to behave themselves properly, can provide valuable guides for the cultivation of human creativity by helping people establish scientific outlook, life and value ; can provide spiritual power for the cultivation of human creativity by helping people form good moral quality ; can provide endless source of aspiration for the exploration of human creativity by stimulating human " innovatory consciousness ; can provide scientific ways of thinking and more extensive space for the cultivation of human creativity ; can stimulate people " desire for learning science and knowledge

  3. A legion of developers and writers immediately scrambled to join the project, apparently driven by frustration with the endless combativeness and obstructionism in rss, as well as a desire for a fresh approach to the technological problems in question

  4. Suffering is caused by endless desire, the desire that creates bad karma

    人生多欲為苦? ?人常被「欲」所牽引造業。
  5. Only after falling love with you, i started to encounter the taste of missing you, the bitterness of being separated and suffering from being jealous, even the endless desire for possession