magnetic attraction 中文意思是什麼

magnetic attraction 解釋

  • magnetic : adj. 1. 磁(性)的;(可)磁化的。2. 吸引人心的;有魅力的。3. 催眠術的。
  • attraction : n. 1. 引,吸引;【物理學】引力。2. 魅力。3. 引人注意的東西;有趣的東西,精彩節目。4. 【語法】形態同化。
  1. These regions of strong attraction are called magnetic poles.

  2. Features : lightly and ingeniously structured, easy for application, strong magnetic attraction power and safe in handling

  3. These panda cubs are a magnetic attraction for visitors from all over the world. there is no doubt that they are a national treasure of china

  4. This toy passes through the special magnetic circuit design, two major part is composed by the magnetic force stick and the steel ball, under the magnetic force function, the mutual attraction, links wilfully, combines, creates all kinds of strange exquisite shape at will

  5. Our permanent magnetic lifters are manufactured with high property nd - fe - b alloys. the lifters have the features of strong attraction, minmal residual magnetism, light dead weight without power supply it is eusily and safely to be used and has a long service life with advanced leved, the product ' s main properties are up to international advanced level, the lifters are universally applicable for lifting and transporting ferrous metals such as steel plate or blocd in mold manufacture, warehouseect

  6. In this paper, a four - point attraction magnetic suspension system is designed and analyzed, the principle of each part of the magnetic suspension system is described in detail