xanthophyll 中文意思是什麼

xanthophyll 解釋
n. 名詞 【植物;植物學】黃色素,葉黃素。

  1. Lutein ( xanthophyll ) from the marigold flower, is a potent antioxidant that assists in general well - being

  2. Still others have searched the world over for berries, flowers or leaves of high xanthophyll content.

  3. It will provide us to further study the function of xanthophyll cycle in photoprotection. the major results are as following : two cdna sequences encoding violaxanthin de - epoxidase were cloned from japonica rice ( jrvde ) and indica rice ( irvde ) with the full - length of 1887bp and 1647bp, respectively. the homology of the open reading frame is 98 % identity between two rvde genes, and more than 60 % identities with those of other species

    本論文從水稻和菠菜中克隆了編碼vde酶的基因,並通過轉基因植物進一步研究了葉黃素循環在熱耗散方面的作用,主要獲得了以下結果:首次從兩個水稻亞種(秈稻和粳稻)中克隆了rvde基因(分別命名為irvde和jrvde )的全長cdna序列,分別長1647bp和1887bp ,兩者開放閱讀框的同源性為98 ,與其它已知vde基因的同源性在60以上。
  4. The expression quantity increased with the induction time by iptg, and accounted for 25 percent of the total proteins after 4 - hour induction. absorption spectrum together with xanthophyll pigments quantification by hplc demonstrated that the expressed vde has its enzyme activity, which can de - epoxidate v into a and z in vitro

    吸收光譜差值a _ ( 502 - 540 )隨反應的進行逐漸增大,反應體系總色素的hplc分析表明, v逐漸降低,而z剛好相反,說明表達的蛋白具有與活體vde酶相同的功能,能在體外將v轉變為a和z 。
  5. These results demonstrate that the heat dissipation ability in the transgenic plants decreases, suggesting that xanthophyll cycle has the function in photoprotection. besides, a dna minipreparation method suitable for screening and identification large amounts of transgenic plants was established. using this rapid and efficient method, one person can prepare d

    另外,還建立了一種適合於篩選轉基因植株的dna微量提取法,此方法操作快捷方便,一個人在一天內能制備50多個樣品, 100mg的植物鮮樣平均可獲得40卜g的dna ,提取的dna可直接用於pcr反應、酶切分析及southern分析。