改性活生物體 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gǎixìnghuóshēng]
改性活生物體 英文
living modified organism
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (改變) change; transform 2 (修改) revise; alter; modify 3 (改正) rectify; correct 4 ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生存; 有生命) live 2 [書面語](救活) save (the life of a person):活人無算 (of a goo...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生育; 生殖) give birth to; bear 2 (出生) be born 3 (生長) grow 4 (生存; 活) live;...
  • : 名詞1 (東西) thing; matter; object 2 (指自己以外的人或與己相對的環境) other people; the outsi...
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • 生物體 : biont
  • 生物 : living things; living beings; organisms; bios (pl bioi bioses); biont; thing; life生物材料 biol...
  1. One of the most common bone substitutes used in clinic is polymethylmethy aery late ( pmma ). pmma can be described as an alloplastic, synthetic, nonbiodegradable polymer which has considerable versatility. however, a common problem associated with the application of pmma is the loosening

    以有機玻璃作為母相,摻入一定比例的羥基磷灰石( ha )粉末,是一種較為有效的的方法,因為羥基磷灰石是人硬組織的一種無機組分,與骨組織有良好的相容和親和力,能誘導其周圍骨組織的長。
  2. Ha possesses well biocompatibility, which has been discovered through test and in clinical application. however, the relatively large dissolution or resorption rates of ha will result in the failure of the implants. fluoridated hydroxyapatite ( hfa ) in whose structure f " occupies partially the position of oh " in ha, is expected to be more resistant to body fluid and less soluble than ha and still possess almost the same bioactivity as ha

    羥基磷灰石薄膜( ca _ ( 10 ) ( po _ 4 ) _ 6 ( oh ) _ 2 , ha )廣泛地應用於鈦合金硬組織種植表面,臨床應用發現ha薄膜具有很好的相容,但是ha薄膜在內溶解速度有時可能會過快,引起種植內失效,因此, ha薄膜長效方面有待于提高。
  3. By solving these problems, williams clarified the inevitability, the rationality, and the future development of mc. william ' s thought on mc is theoretically originated from the traditions of british empiricism and marxism. combining these two, he carried on a historical materialistic amelioration upon the empiricism, tried to explore possibility and approach of the general people to obtain enlightenments and to accomplish liberation from the reality, and presented a rather objective and reasonable evaluation on mc, which is totally different from the unsatisfaction and arrogance of lukas, adomo, horkheimer and marcuse to the reality and the mass

  4. " we have made it clear to the taiwanese that we will not have this so - called annual review - that we will meet on an as - needed basis, " bush said

  5. Shengyuan maintenance blood - sugar capsule is chooses the cactus, the balsam pear, the black bee bee glue, the kudzu root four pelts the sugar ingredient reasonably to blend, purifies the highly effective multi - skill health product by the modern biotechnology extract which but becomes, has the bidirectional adjustment, the control blood sugar, the activation and the nutrition island of langerhans beta cell, the promotion endogenous secretions insulin secretion, enhances the human body sugar metabolism and the fat metabolism ability, strengthens the pancreas function the function, at the same time also has the repair diabetes liver, the kidney damage, the prevention and the improvement diabetes illness complication function

  6. Mass spectrometry of synthetic hw - ma and rgd - hw are in full agreement with those speculated theoretically, which proves the success of peptide synthesis and refold. on isolated mouse phrenic nerve - diaphragm preparations, hw - ma can block the neuromuscular transmission in 35 minutes or so ( l 10 - 5 g / ml ), its biological activity shows 73 % decrease comparing with biological activity of native hwtx - i. it proves t hat the protein engineering of synthetic chimera hwtx - i has gained success to some extent, although it did not achieve our expectations. thus it proved that hwtx - i can be using as natural scaffold for protein engineering. and also emphasized the importance of " local stereo circumstances " of activity site when the foreign activity site was transferred into a natural scaffold

    濃度為1 / 1059 / ml的hw一ma突變能可逆阻斷小白鼠隔神經書高肌的接頭傳遞,阻斷時一間為35min左右,與天然hwtx一i比較,下降3一4倍,說明合成的突變造獲得了一定的成功,盡管與我們預期的目標有一定的差距,從而證明hwtx一i可以作為蛋白質工程研究的天然分子骨架,同時也強調了往天然分子骨架中轉移外源位點時維持位點「局部立環境」的重要
  7. This thesis studied on bacillus thuringiensis strain bt886 which was separated and selected by researchers of our laboratory. according to the observation of crystal shape and the bioassay of motschulsky and fairmaire, bacillus thuringiensis strain bt886 was identified as cry3 type, and the conclusion was assured by the further study on molecular level. the 1956 base pairs full lengrh homological cry3aa gene which was toxic to motschulsky was cloned and sequenced

    以該菌株為材料,克隆出了對光肩星天牛( anoplophralabripennis ( motsch . ) )具有毒殺作用的cry3aa同源基因,並且對該基因進行了人工造、人工合成、大腸桿菌表達、測定、雙元表達載的構建以及對楊樹的轉化等一系列研究,主要結果如下: ( 1 )顯微觀察該菌株所形成的伴孢晶為方形。
  8. Treatment means activities conducted to reduce the quantity or volume of the discharged solid waste, reduce or eliminate their dangerous composition through incineration or other methods that can change the physical, chemical or biological characterstics of the solid waste, or activities conducted ultimately to put solid waste in sites or installations that meet the requirements of environmental protection, from which the solid waste shall never be taken back again

  9. Through the study of the adenese and the natural biotic reserve in sichuan province, this paper argues that with the development of tourism in this region, the subsistence mode of the local community has changed and the bio - diversity in the nature reserve has been threatened, and that the local community is suffering the dissection between themselves and their homeland as well as their ideological and cultural loss while gaining some economic returns

  10. The chondrocyte and osteoblast cytocompatibility test on amphiphilic copolymer - amino acid ( rgd ) hybrid modified pdl - la membranes showed that : the cell attachment, growth and activity were promoted on pdl - la membranes modified by amphiphilic copolymer with alkaline amino acids ( arginine and lysine ) and rgd end. the result also showed the effect of peo chain length of amphiphilic copolymer on cell attachment and growth

    在兩親共聚-氨基酸( rgd )修飾的聚乳酸平面材料上的軟骨細胞和成骨細胞相容測試結果表明:以堿氨基酸及rgd為端基的兩親共聚聚乳酸系,對細胞的粘附、長及均有明顯的促進作用。
  11. For purposes of illustration, i have stressed the importance of post - harvest activities, but i might just as easily have written instead on pre - production activities such as the development of commercial fertilizers, whether natural or synthetic, and their acquisition by farmers, as well as innovations in seed and animal breeding, including most recently, of course, the development and employment of genetically modified organisms gmos

  12. Green fluorescent protein has several good characters. under excitation of long uv light or blue light, it emits green fluorescence without requiring any exogenous substrates and cofactors. gfp gene expression can be used to monitor gene expression and protein localization in living cells and organisms. this is a development of revolutionary significance. the dna sequence of this gene can be re - engineered by mutagenesis and the gfp will get improved fluorescent properties. the applications of gfp will be wider and wider

  13. The authour investigate the dosing conditions and effect of the pac to the huanghe water - source, which includes the following four parts : the selection of the pac ; the confirmation of dosing scheme and effect of the pac ; the research of application of potassium permanganate in combination with pac ; the research of the pac ' s modification and the modified effectiveness. the experiment is mainly carried out on the pilot system in the jieyuan water plan of tianjin. the results of the reseach include the following : l ) the pac from zunhua plant is selected as the better carbon for the source water of tianjin through the experiment ; 2 ) through the pilot experiment we conclude that the pac ' s best adding point is the mixing tank and the better dose is 10mg / l, on which the codmn of filtered water can be decreased to 40 % and the effluent have no problem of odour and color ; 3the adsorbing experiment show that pac mainly adsorb the organic matters which molecular wt., distribution between 500 and 3000, and can adsorb organic matters whose molecular wt., distribution are bigger than 6000 if the dose of it is adequent ; 4 ) pac together with potassium permanganate can remove the organic matter more effectively than each of them alone, and reduce the rising trend of turbidity of the flotation ' s effluent due to adding pac ; 5 ) the thesis made a research on the surface properties and the adsorbing capability of the modified carbon by oxidizer : the modified carbon with 20 % h2o2 can remove more organic pollutants than the untreated one by 12 % when we add a higher dose of coagulant ; 6 ) the modification of reduction and loading metal ions are also sttldied, and drow the following conclusions : the modified carbon with 5 % ammonia can enhance the organic matter ' s removal effectiveness by 10 % to the tianjin source water than the untreated one, and the modified one with loading metal ion remove the organic matters from the tianjin source water better ( 8 % ) than the untreated one due to the strong affinity betwween the humic acid and copper ion

    本文的實驗主要是在天津芥園水廠的中試系統上完成的,論文的成果和結論主要包括: 1 )通過靜態實驗選定河北遵化炭廠產的煤質炭為適合天津原水的炭種; 2 )中試實驗確定粉末炭的較佳投加點為混合池投加,較佳投加量為10mg l ,此時可使濾后水的cod _ ( mn )降低40 ,且可較好地控制濾后水的嗅味和色度; 3 )初步確定粉末炭對原水中有機的吸附主要集中在分子量在500 - 3000范圍內,投量增大時可吸附部分分子量大於6000的有機4 )中試實驗表明:粉末炭與高錳酸鉀聯用可取得較兩者單獨應用時對有機更好的去除效果,且對因投加粉末炭而造成的氣浮出水濁度升高有一定的善作用; 5 )研究並初步確定氧化對粉末炭表面質和有機的去除效果的影響:粉末炭的氧化會使其表面的酸官能團大量增強,表面極增加;經20的過氧化氫炭在增大混凝劑投加量( fecl _ 3投量為15mg l )時對有機的總去除效果較原炭提高12 , 1次氯酸鈉炭對有機的去除效果較原炭提高6 ; 6 )研究並初步確定還原、負載金屬離子對原水中有機的去除效果的影響:經5氨水炭可提高天津源水中有機的去除率達到10 ;負載銅離子后的炭可提高對腐殖酸類質的去除能力,一般可提高8左右。
  14. Am fungi are the widely distributed soil microbe, which can promote host - plant to take up mineral elements from soil, regulate metabolism action inside the host - plant, and enhance anti - reversibility of plants, and promote plant growth, and increase yield of plants, and improve quality of plants

  15. The synthesizing process can be finished in a single kettle. not only technology is very simple, but also the reaction time is shortened, therefore, the production efficiency is obviously increased. the general performances of modified melamine resin superplasticizer jd can be furthermore improved by compounding amino - arylsulphonate phenol formaldehyde condensate superplasticizer hpp

    使用廉價的尿素取代三聚氰胺單以降低高效減水劑的產成本,並將取代量提高到了目前最高水平17 ;合成在一個反應釜中完成,工藝簡單,反應時間縮短,提高了產效率;本文通過的手段,即復配氨基磺酸鹽高效減水劑hpp ,可進一步密胺樹脂高效減水劑的綜合能。
  16. Nowdays, under the pressure of agricultural manufacture mostly depend on market, and the peasants requirements becomes excessive, to enhance the efficiency of the small farmer " economy in large market, decrease the risk and indeterminacy in market bargaining, there must have a organization to be the agency inter peasants and market, the organization must delegate benefit of the peasants straightly and in deed, so construct farmer cooperative organization is. very important we can know the facts through evaluate the performance of the peasants cooperative organization history : the knowledge about cooperative and follow which guidance have some relation in the development of peasants cooperative organization ; we should choose the gradually pattern for system flux, must consider the economic behavior expect in the main body of organization - the farms

  17. The major elements of earth, water, air, fire and ether ; the false ego, spiritual intelligence, the unmanifest element in material nature, the ten senses along with the mind and the five objects of the senses as sound, sight, taste, touch and smell ; disdain, happiness, distress, the perceptual faculty of the mind, determination ; all this is declared to be the field of activities modified by the six transformations of the physical body beginning with birth and ending with death

    五大主要元素「地,水,火,風」和「空」 ,假我,靈智能,質本中的無形元素,與心意相關的十識以及五種感官對象如聲音,影像,味道,觸覺和氣味,蔑視,幸福,苦難,心意的知覺能力,決心,等等,所有的這些都被稱作是行為動場,是由以為始,以死為終的肉六道輪回所變的。
  18. Meanwhile, highly active microbial agents also can enhance the phagocytosis of phagocytic cells, improve animals ' intestinal micro ecology ; improve animals ' immune response and resistance to disease

  19. Biocompatibility and bioactivity of the material after surface modification were evaluated through the simulated body fluid cultivation experiment

  20. In order to improve titanium alloy ' s biocompatibility, the titanium dioxide coating was fabricated on ti matrix. besides, the surface of titanium alloys was directly disposed by alkali to make it possess bioactivity. biocompatibility and bioactivity of the material after surface modification were evaluated through the simulated body fluid ( sbf ) cultivation and cell cultivation experiment