改造傳統產業 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gǎizàozhuàntǒngchǎn]
改造傳統產業 英文
rebuild traditional industry
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (改變) change; transform 2 (修改) revise; alter; modify 3 (改正) rectify; correct 4 ...
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  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (行業) line of business; trade; industry 2 (職業) occupation; profession; employment; ...
  • 改造 : transform; reform; remould; remake
  1. Scientific and technological parks play an important role in hatching hi - tech, accelerating the new hi - tech to transform traditional industry, adjusting the industrial structure, promoting the commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of scientific and technological achievements

  2. Being the base of the city s hi - tech industry and renovation of traditional industries and the window of opening up, xinyu hi - tech economic development zone is an industry, foreign investment and export - oriennted economic development area contain - ing hi - tech, private industrial, food industry, export processing, science and education parks, and commercial and residential areas, etc. founded in november of 2001, it has a total planning area of 40. 125sqkm. it is a new district of the city s planning development, serving as the experiment area for deepening the reform and the base to training modern administrative personnel

    新余市高新技術經濟開發區新余市高新技術經濟開發區以工、外資、出口為主,成立於2001年11月(以下簡稱高新區) ,是全市高新技術的基地,改造傳統產業的輻射園,全市對外開放的窗口,深化革的試驗區,城市規劃發展的新區,培養就現代化管理人員的基地,在多方面起示範作用的特區。高新區規劃總面積40
  3. Rebuilding traditional industries with advanced technology

  4. Experiences on the using the hi - technology to change traditional industries in the foreign countries

  5. So, applying high technology to reform traditional industries have become a top priority

  6. Therefore, the evaluation of high - tech reconstructing traditional industry project is quite different from the evaluation of the common investment project

  7. Generally speaking, it has an unambiguously practical significance, and it can be used for reference by other provinces and cities to revive traditional industry with high - tech

  8. To promote the economic development, guangdong should optimize the interior structure of the first industry ; and exert industrial advantage, alter traditional industry with high technique and develop the third industry

  9. The central region should redouble its efforts toward structural adjustment, giving impetus to industrialized operation of agriculture, transforming traditional industries, cultivating new economic growth points and speeding up industrialization and urbanization

  10. There is some difference between high - tech reconstructing traditional industry project and the common investment project. the former is obviously characterized as high risk and high profit incurred by high - tech, and other technical reconstruction characteristics

  11. Facing the more and more severe market competition, the enterprises are very concerned and want to find the way to apply advanced technology to remold traditional industries. and this is also an important research and development area in the applied control technology

  12. In this paper, via expounding the conceptions and the characteristics of high - tech and technical reconstruction, as well as referencing correlative theory and method of the technical - economical evaluation, it puts forward much more systemic evaluation target and builds the model of technical - economical evaluation of high - tech reconstructing traditional industry project. the model is made up of uncertainty analysis and durative analysis, technology assessment, and economic benefit of technical reconstruction project

  13. The project of shenzhen furniture science & technology industry park have been prescribed to begin before 2005 according to the adjusted industry and structure scheme of shenzhen ' s furniture. as an important project to recombine furniture industry and using new applicable technology to change traditional industry in shenzhen, it gets the attention from shenzhen government, shenzhen furniture trade association and its members, and members of chinese furniture industry institute

  14. Since 1990s, a new economic era based on knowledge has been coming, promoted by the new - tech revolution specialized in information technology revolution. facing the severe challenge of knowledge economy, western developed countries and newly rising developing countries try their best to prepare in advance, take part in the global hi - tech competition actively, get the domination of hi - tech industry and accelerate the pace of putting hi - tech to use in production and reforming the traditional industry by hi - tech

  15. On the other hand, measures should be taken to optimize the other condition to speed up the synergetic effect of our industrial structure and technical structure, such as, to accelerate establishing and perfecting the technological market to expedite the technological innovation by institutional innovation, to reinforce the lead of our government, etc

  16. Based on above - mentioned theoretical achievement, the thesis stated that shanxi province, which made use of exploiting natural resources and promoting investment in order promoting develop this undeveloped region, should select scientific and reasonable mode of technological innovation and strategy of area development, make use of technological innovation to remake traditional industries, to adjust industrial structure. so it should give full play to its comparative advantages, build characteristic and competitive industrial clusters, raise the level of technological innovation of regions and the ability of synthetic development, accelerate the development, reduce the distinction between shanxi province and developed areas, grasp the opportunity, and catch up with and surpass the developed regions

  17. Some possible approaches are proposed to use membrane separation technology in reforming traditional petrochemical industry in order to increasing process efficiency and benefit

  18. This thesis is to research and discuss it ? ? several important problem about the enterprise ' s management and development of chongqing iron & steel group electron co. ltd ( cgec ), adopt the changes of customer, competition and market chang, heighten the enterprise ' s market competition ability, based on the ideas ? ? centers on customers, thoroughly consider the management condition at present, and management environment, and the development trend in the future, apply the international advanced management ideas, and reformed traditional industry with information technology and modern management technology. then put forword a full strain of enterprise development strategy management, organization structure and behavior, building core - competence, constructing enterprise informatization, and advancing human resource management etc. with this development idea for management, it can reduce the cost of production efficiently in a short time, strengthen the quality management, improve the level of the enterprise ' s management, heighten the ability of the market response and competition, at the same time it supply some advices for other medium or small electron and information enterprises

    本論文正是對重鋼電子公司經營管理的幾個重要問題進行研究和分析,適應以「顧客、競爭、變化」為特徵的外部環境,本著「以客戶為中心」的思想,以全面提升企市場應變能力和整體競爭能力為目的,在充分考慮企管理現狀和經營環境以及企的未來發展趨勢的基礎上,吸收國際領先的企經營管理理念,用信息技術和現代管理技術改造傳統產業,為企在發展戰略研究,組織結構的革及務流程重組( bpr ) ,構建企自主知識品,打核心競爭力,企信息化建設,提升人力資源管理水平等方面提出全面的發展思路,以使企在短期內有效降低品成本、加強質量管理、提高企管理水平,增強市場競爭能力,同時為其他中小電子信息企提供一些有益的借鑒。
  19. Zi bo high and new technology development zone was founded in november 1992 with the ratification of the central government and it is one of the 53 development zones on national level high and new technology development zone has invested more funds to infrastructure, such as transportation, energy, and liaison, and environmental protection projects. it unceasingly improves the investment environment, invites more and more outside investment, and vigorously develops new and high technology and new industries

  20. Only the conventional enterprises which are adopted high and new technology and advanced suitable technology innovation can improve their technological content and then realize their upgrade