虛收點 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shōudiǎn]
虛收點 英文
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  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空虛) void; emptiness 2 (政治思想等方面的道理) guiding principles; theory 3 (二十八...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (把攤開的或分散的事物聚集、合攏) put away; take in 2 (收取) collect 3 (收割) harvest...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (液體的小滴) drop (of liquid) 2 (細小的痕跡) spot; dot; speck 3 (漢字的筆畫「、」)...
  1. Because the location and the agent lose their basic function, ec with the characteristics of non - document greatly challenges the existing tax law institutions, which mainly regulate the dealing of the tangible merchandise and establish the tax jurisdiction on the basis of territoriality

  2. Expounds the five main aspect of risk in national commercial bank, i. e. signal liability structure, bad loan quality, low capital efficiency, imperfect restriction on interior power, thin consciousness on risk avoidance ; summarizes five characters of the bank risks, including risk concentration, moral risk, risks caused by system structure, inequi ty between bank risks and revenues, aggrandizement trend of bank risks ; analysis eight reasons for bank risks, including proprietary ownership voidance, macroeconomic fluctuation, ineffective capita ] buffer mechanism, enterprise reasons. no synchronous fiscal investment and financial reform, incompetence law and regulation enforcement. chapter4 argues the opportunities and challenges of the financial globalization and requirement for bank risk managem ent. chapters suggests the methods for the risk management of national commercial bank

    緊接著在第三章闡述了我國國有商業銀行風險的「五大表現」 ,即負債結構單一、信貸資產質量差、資本充足率低、內部控制機制薄弱、防範風險的意識淡薄;總結了我國國有商業銀行風險的「五大特」 ,即風險高度集中、風險人為匿藏、風險的體制性、風險與益嚴重不對稱、風險呈繼續擴大態勢;剖析了我國國有商業銀行風險形成的「八大因素」 ,即金融產權「人格」設、宏觀經濟波動、資本金等緩沖機制不健全、財政、投資和金融的體制改革不配套、法律和法規不健全等。
  3. The e - commerce is based on internet network and pushing the economic globalization corresponding by the continuous development of computer, network and communication technique. the e - commerce influence on the tax theory and tax system that established on the traditional business deeply, involving vat, business tax, income tax for both enterprise and individual, tariff, stamp tax, etc because of the dummy, digital and confusable characteristic contrasting to the traditional business. and it also contributes to our economy development and tax base enlargement

  4. The authors probed into the reason of ambivalence, pointed out the development relationships among them, and mainly brought forward seven measures : ensuring necessary plantations and studiously increasing yields of grains ; setting up reasonable grains reserves ; increasing the yield of unit area and overall productivity of land, and ensuring gross yields of grains to be increased steadily ; adjusting measures to local conditions, differentiating land varieties among the total land of gansu province to produce grains ; continuously adjusting structure of production, improving agricultural economy benefits, and increasing farmer incomes ; realizing essential self - support of gross grains, meanwhile dealing with well regional and structural scarcity gradually ; strengthening outcomes of ecological construction, increasing the intensity of ecological compensation, utilizing strategy of virtual water to solve grain safety to be fragile and sensitive regions of ecology, and realizing agricultural sustainable development

  5. Whether from commiseration for a woman of so miserable a destiny ; or from the morbid curiosity that gives a fictitious value even to common or worthless things ; or by whatever other intangible circumstance was then, as now, sufficient to bestow, on some persons, what others might seek in vain ; or because hester really filled a gap which must otherwise have remained vacant ; it is certain that she had ready and fairly requited employment for as many hours as she saw fit to occupy with her needle

    或許是出於對這位如此命苦的女人的憐憫;或許是出於對平淡無奇的事情也要故弄玄的少見多怪;或許是出於某種難以解釋的原因? ?這在當時和今天都是有的? ?某些人苦求不得的、別人卻可予取予奪、或許是因為海絲特確實填補了原先的一項空白;不管是什麼原因吧,反正求她做針線的活路源源不斷,只要她樂意于多少鐘,總有很不錯的入。
  6. This audit must follow the objective of regulating monetary operations and best controlling and managing financial risks. to meet this objective, the national audit office will plan and organize an audit of the sector of agriculture banks of china to review the truthfulness of profits and losses and the status of assets, to see if there are any problems like irregular operations, false statement of assets and profits and losses as well as cases of keeping separate books out of normal accounting process

  7. It can be used in any complex environment, can locate all paths from transmitter to receiver which avoid redundant calculation, and it is a standard 3 - d forecast model ; in addition, it is a point to point ray tracing method based on specular theory which do n ' t carry out the receive test ; furthermore the model adopt the reverse arithmetic which exert the tree concept in data frame and establish a virtual fountain tree permanently, the proagmme can back - search the virtual fountain tree when it is running. these operation increase the calculate speed and it result in the higher receive efficiency and precision. the thesis design a programme to compare the prediction results based on ray tracing method of virtual fountain tree between the measurement results and prediction results based on the other transmittion models. the comparsion result indicate the new model is a better model

  8. Through researching these characteristics of real - time data received deeply, some good measures are put forward and accepted to improve the fault - tolerance performance of the fault diagnosis system in the thesis, such as advance disposing of real - time switch information and instauration of dummy switch etc. based on the data information received, three starting arithmetic is developed in the thesis

  9. If there are runtimes at both ends of the channel, a virtual channel is created between the two ends, in order to connect the client and server sink chains on either side of the boundary

  10. This dissertation mainly introduces and analyzes a design of data acquisition system of atomic absorption spectrophotometer based on epp the content of which includes : the basic theory and composition of atomic absorption spectrophotometer construction of particular hardware of the data acquisiton system the features of virtual device driver under windows 9x methods of desining the program via the vtoolsd of numega inc. application program edited by using delphi6 by analyzing the standard sample. the data acquisition system is reliable and feasible, which has been illustrated applied to shanghai hp 3200 atomic absorption spectrophotometer

  11. The operation turned overt at about 10 pm last ( june 27 ) night with over thirty locations in tsuen wan raided. a total of 25 men and two women, aged between 16 and 44, were arrested for various offences including attending triad meetings, possession of offensive weapons, using false instrument, trafficking in dangerous drugs and bookmaking

  12. According to the condition of china, this paper mainly studied the technology of field information acquisition and process based on gps, gis and virtual instrument. the main contents of this paper include : 1 ) based on the analysis of the principle of gps location and output - sentence format, the hardware interface and communication software were developed for oem gps receiver and computer to realize gps - data real - time acquisition by computer

    本文結合我國的實際情況,重研究了基於gps 、 gis及擬儀器的農田信息的採集與處理技術,主要研究內容如下: 1 )在分析gps衛星定位原理及輸出語句數據格式的基礎上,設計了oem型gps接機與計算機的硬體介面及windows通訊程序,實現了gps數據的計算機實時採集。