裁剪好的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [cáijiǎnhǎode]
裁剪好的 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (用刀、剪等把片狀物分成若干部分; 剪裁; 割裂) cut (paper cloth etc ) into parts 2 (把...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (剪刀) scissors; shears; clippers2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (用剪刀等使細的或薄片的東...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 裁剪 : 1 (剪裁) cut (paper cloth) into certain shape; tailor 2 (修剪; 取捨) trim (trees); cut an...
  1. They eat only the best foods, go for regular beauty treatments, and wear designer fashions

  2. I shall not write to mother and sisters to say we be married, as i said i would do ; and i shan t finish the good - hussif i cut out and meant to make while we were in lodgings. shan t you

    本來我要寫信給我母親和妹妹,告訴她們我結婚了,現在我也不給她們寫信了我了一個針線袋子,打算在這兒住時候縫,現在我也不縫了。 」
  3. The discussion of the label " groupware " has essentially only one aspect ? the denotation of those instrumentalities through which cscw ( the phenomenon ) is realized and toward which cscw ( the field ) addresses itself. this paper concerns in two important issues on groupware system : 1 ) " issue on the openess and integration of legacy system " : with the rapid progress of internet and the continual emergence of commercial software system, how to integrate into the new infrastructure the enterprise ' s mission - critical it assets. 2 ) " issue on tailorablility based on composability and extensibility " : depending on factors such as task, group, duration and context, cooperative work can have many forms

    2 )群件系統支持用戶協同工作,用戶需求因協同目、形式、環境不同差異很大,一個成功群件產品應該具備高度靈活性以適應這些需求,本文稱之為「基於復合和擴展性問題」這兩個問題提出源於實驗室課題「建築工程項目和圖檔管理系統」開發,作者通過實踐和理論總結,將corba技術與組件模型運用到了這兩個問題探討中,在前人研究基礎上,成功解決了上述問題,並將論文結論和方法應用到了課題中,作為開發指導,取得了良成效。
  4. Vxworks has a microkernel and can be cut out as need. it is helpful for developers to design the cable modem firmware using the developping environment and the templates ( for bsp and end ) provided by wind river. in this paper the author analyzes the whole cable modem firmware project based on the conexant cn9414 and vxworks 5. 4, gives the designs for the main functional modules of the cable modem

    Conexant解決方案軟體應用了windriver公司vxworks嵌入式操作系統, vxworks具有微內核結構和極性,是當前實時性最、最為穩定實時操作系統之一,可以滿足cablemodem實時性和資源需求,而且在cablemodem固件設計中利用windriver公司提供豐富開發模板( bsp和end開發模版)大大簡化了開發工作。
  5. The japanese fellow initiates had told me specifically to buy red tasuke cloth and have it cut into two long strips for tying kimono sleeves, but i misunderstood them and had the cloth cut into short, wide pieces. so i bought a needle and thread to fix them before our group gathering

  6. In order to identify the dependent relationship between words based on statistics efficiently and accurately, this paper has rectified part of the shortcomings of present algorithms by making the best of the distribution characteristic between words, distinguishing the collocation, coordinate and affiliation relationship between words, identifying them respectively by different strategies, presenting a new module of matching between strings and a new module of dependent intensity between words, constructing the tree of dependent relationship, pruning the constructed tree of dependent relationship and identifying some latent dependent relationship

  7. The experimental results and attack analysis show that the watermark algorithm is transparent and robust against some image processing operations, such as jpeg lossy compression, median filtering, additive noise, scaling, and incorporating attacks

  8. Just make sure they skim your curves, not squeeze the life out of you

  9. It had been one of his stunts in the past, to read racine in the real french grand manner, but he was rusty now, and a little self - conscious ; he really preferred the loudspeaker. but connie was sewing, sewing a little frock silk of primrose silk, cut out of one of her dresses, for mrs flint s baby. between coming home and dinner she had cut it out, and she sat in the soft quiescent rapture of herself sewing, while the noise of the reading went on

  10. Nickel - based catalysts possess high catalytic activity for olefin polymerization, with single active center and wonderful molecular tailoring properties

  11. This paper also takes special research on such a series of questions as below : the development of embedded operating system ( os ), the advantages of linux os to develop embedded os are analyzed, the development of embedded linux os is studied from the kernel making, customizing file system, and system booting. the embedded image processing application technology, a focus is taken on the research of the relation between embedded system application technology and image processing technology when the embedded image processing application development is carried out, the new development of image processing technology in embedded system environment and the features of embedded system of image processing application are analyzed. graphic user interface ( gui ), the current popular gui technology is introduced, and the main features of them and the reasons to choose minigui are analyzed, the implementation of minigui and the method to develop graphic application based on minigui are studied, too, it works well in practical application

  12. Clipping the image and judging local threshold are put forward by a lot of experimental analysis, and it works to compensate the influence lead - in by gradient and bended spectral pattern

  13. At the first glance pfuhl, in his badly cut uniform of a russian general, which looked out of keeping, like some fancy dress costume on him, seemed to prince andrey like a familiar figure, though he had never seen him before. he was of the same order as weierother, and mack, and schmidt, and many other german generals, men of theory, whom prince andrey had seen in the war of 1808 ; but he was a more perfect type of the class than any of them. such a typical german theorist, combining in himself all the characteristics of those other germans, prince andrey had never seen before

  14. The node force corresponding to damp was used to control the mesh distortion. numerical studies show that the method proposed by this paper can successfully control the severe distortion of mesh and retain the density of elements during the membrane form - finding when the damp viscosity coefficient is in a limited scale. especially this method can avoid the sparseness of mesh in the location of lower curvature and have good convergence characteristic

  15. There is a pretty strict limit of reliability, cost, volume and energy - consuming. real - time embedded control system is applied for firm real - time and responding circumstance. aiming at direct current servo electromotor, a set of servo experiment system is designed, exploitation flow and process of real - time embedded control system are advanced, some issues of them are paid much more attention, the satisfied effects are obtained in the real circumstance, these issues include : exploitation of embedded system, analysis of superiority of the exploitation, the exploitation of embedded linux operation system from kernel customizing and file system cutting out to system starting up is researched, some factors which effect the system ' s capability are analyzed, the settled real - time schemes of linux os and the arithmetic of preemptive priority scheduling and round - robin scheduling and latest and rapid arithmetic are researched

  16. This arithmetic can detect the digital watermark without the original carrier image and the original watermark. experimental results prove that this arithmetic can hide the meaningful watermark efficiently in the carrier image, and it is robust enough to resist some image degradation processing such as clipping, jpeg compression, adding noise, image enhancing, filtering and so on

    實驗浙江工業大學碩士學位論文結果表明,該演算法可有效將有意義二值水印圖像嵌入到彩色載體圖像中,在抽取水印圖像時不需要原始載體圖像和原始水印圖像,並對、 jpeg壓縮、加噪、圖像增強、濾波等處理都有很抵抗力,具有較魯棒性。
  17. The distributed computing platform in mobile environment should be well customizable, adaptive, and context - aware, which is beyond the capabilities of traditional systems