謝卡利 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiè]
謝卡利 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (感謝) thank 2 (認錯; 道歉) make an apology; excuse oneself 3 (辭去; 拒絕) decline 4...
  1. Ernest cantley, president of the stewart - marchman center, said the agency is grateful to the carters, whom he called " two special people.

    斯圖亞特-馬遲曼中心中心的負責人厄內斯特?坎特特母子稱,還把他們叫做「不同尋常的人」 。
  2. Thank - you letter from minister ferial ashroff of sri lankas housing construction industry

  3. In the heats he clocked one minute 0. 60 seconds to slice 0. 35 seconds from the world mark set by hungary ' s karoly guttler, also in heats, in the 1993 european championships in sheffield, england

    在小組賽中,他游出了1分0秒60的成績,將匈牙選手羅里?古特勒1993年在英國菲爾德舉行的歐洲錦標賽上,同樣是在小組賽中創造的世界紀錄減少了0 . 35秒。
  4. Mr karamanlis has offered public sector workers, who were banned from going on holiday during the olympics, a bonus of between e700 and e2, 000 for their contribution to making the games work

  5. Thank you for calling telecom italia, " said gianluca descenzo, who is serving a 13 - year sentence for a drug - related murder, politely answering the umpteenth call of the day

    致電義大電信, 」甘路.帝桑禮貌地接聽這一天第無數個電話時說。他為了毒品而殺人被判了13年徒刑。
  6. Mcsheffrey then had a tame shot easily saved, while kalou volleyed straight at doyle after finding a way past johan djourou and stephen kelly towards the end of a thrilling first half

  7. Keeping the vale on her right she steered steadily westward ; passing above the hintocks, crossing at right - angles the high - road from sherton - abbas to casterbridge, and skirting dogbury hill and high - stoy, with the dell between them called the devil s kitchen. still following the elevated way she reached cross - in - hand, where the stone pillar stands desolate and silent, to mark the site of a miracle, or murder, or both

  8. Thank you card with a picture from the john ginley family

  9. The argentine, who was alfio basile ' s second choice goalkeeper at the recently ended copa america, behind getafe ' s roberto abbondanzieri, will do the necessary paper work to obtain an italian passport on friday

  10. Though the show experienced troubled behind the scenes, in large part due to a long - running conflict between willis, shepherd and the show s creator glenn gordon caron, it was a major hit during most of its 1985 - 89 run

  11. Marcello lippi warns he does not want to end his sabbatical just yet, so the list of names to lead juventus extends to gianluca vialli, walter novellino and others

    洛.里皮此前不久對外稱,他現在還不想結束他的「休假日」 ,因此,與尤文聯系在一起的名單擴展到了詹盧.維阿,沃爾特.諾維諾以及其他一些教練。
  12. Dr. larry m. timm, the event s coordinator and a full professor of music at california state university fullerton, and his beautiful wife carol expressed gratitude to the supreme master ching hai international association for making the concert possible

  13. " we now know that in october 2001, khalid sheik mohammed, the mastermind of the september 11th attacks, had already set in motion a plan to have terrorist operatives hijack an airplane using shoe bombs to breach the cockpit door and fly the plane into the tallest building on the west coast, " he said

    布希總統說: 「我們現在知道, 2001年10月, 9 / 11事件的策劃者- -德.克.穆罕默德已經啟動一項計劃,讓恐怖分子劫持一架飛機,使用鞋子炸彈來炸開駕駛艙的門,再把飛機撞上西海岸最高的摩天大樓。 」
  14. Thank you card from the john a crisci family

  15. Instead the italian press suggests that world cup winner marcello lippi will be the one to come back to turin, bringing real madrid defender fabio cannavaro with him