謝周三 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xièzhōusān]
謝周三 英文
sheffield wednesday
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (感謝) thank 2 (認錯; 道歉) make an apology; excuse oneself 3 (辭去; 拒絕) decline 4...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (圈子; 周圍) circumference; periphery; circuit 2 (星期) week 3 [電學] (周波的簡稱) c...
  • : Ⅰ數詞1. (二加一后所得) three 2. (表示多數或多次) more than two; several; many Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  1. The youth team ' s second game is at home to sheffield wednesday next saturday, august 26th, kick - off 11am at cobham

    青年隊的第二場比賽是在下六科巴姆的主場對陣。 8月26日的早上11點。
  2. Mr. collins repeated his apologies in quitting the room, and was assured with unwearying civility that they were perfectly needless

  3. It comprises 11 male stars namely patrick tse yin, wu fung, cheung ying - tsoi, chow tsung, kong hon, lung kong, chu kong, lui kei, tsang kong, tam bing - man and alan tang kwong - wing, 12 female stars namely lam fung, nam hung, ka ling, kong suet, ha ping, ting ying, pak yan, miu kam - fung, suet nei, connie chan po - chu, josephine siao fong - fong and sit kar - yin, two opera stars lam kar - sing and ng kwun - lai and two child stars bobo fung and wong oi - ming

  4. Thank you for honoring all of us with your presence at the concert three weeks ago. may i extend to you, your loved ones, and all of the members of the association my warmest regards and personal best wishes for a new year of peace, prosperity, and happiness. may god bless each of us as we continue our walk through life as peace seekers and advocates of beauty, truth and humanitarianism

  5. Harry redknapp has coached di canio back at west ham and he was the one behind bringing him there from sheffield

  6. Above all, i must thank my colleagues in the film archive for their cooperation and coordination. in particular, i must thank mr stephen teo, the english translator, and my assistants, ms agnes lam, ms may ng, and ms kwok ching - ling, for their tireless work. in addition, i had a corps of colleagues that helped in writing, proofreading, crosschecking data, preparing captions, and selecting stills, etc. they include ms janice chow, ms monique shiu, mr chris tsang, mr isaac leung, ms june tse, ms angela tong, ms priscilla chan, ms zoe tang, mr tsang hin - koon, mr wallace kwong, ms yuen tsz - ying, ms teri chan, ms janet young, ms kimmy so, ms edith lee, ms to siu - tip, mr victor ha, ms karen so, mr leung man, mr abdool ramjahn, ms angel shing, ms irene leung, mr elvis leung, ms winnie sum, ms lee chun - wai, ms tong ka - wai and ms siu man - wai

  7. They go the market to buy some materials for the cooking class next monday, and to the garden to see special plants

  8. Prof. flitwick and prof. mcgonagall stated that the yule ball committee will hold its first meeting a week from wednesday. all volunteers are appreciated

  9. Immunoneutralization of ss had also no influence on creatinine, nefa, tg, glu, ch, gpt and got activities, which indicated that in immunized animals compared to control animals, the fat metabolism and protein catalism had no change

    23o ,和62 98o , prto 05在組織代層次上, ss的主動兔疫提高了外循環血液中mj的水平,其中在第二次和第次加強注射后,其濃度分別由對照的162
  10. Almost 30 families enjoyed thanksgiving holiday in cedar lake last weekend and donated $ 750 to our school, appreciate to all families

  11. Pentagon spokesman bryan whitman said a three - member panel examined the case of khalid sheikh mohammed at a closed hearing on saturday at the us military prison camp on cuba