譚臺 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tántái]
譚臺 英文
  • : Ⅰ同「談」Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 臺名詞(指臺州) short for taizhou (in zhejiang province)
  1. Today s ceremony, held at rthk and co - officiated by assistant director of broadcasting ( television ), mr cheung man - sun, was also attended by celebrities including mr alan tam and mr hacken lee who helped spread the campaign message

  2. Tickets for present and upcoming events, including alan tam in concert 2001, the dark tales, fivb women s beach volleyball, kiss in hong kong and the super show, are currently available through the service, with many exciting events scheduled to come

  3. " the project aims to develop middleware for manufacturing, retail and distribution companies in the prd region to integrate rfid radio frequency identification data with back - end systems, business processes and logistics and scm supply chain management solutions, " said professor tan chung - jen, director of eti, hku. " eti will head the development of the core technology and collaborate with partner universities to develop applications and pilot projects with local enterprises in the region.

    這個專案的目的是為珠三角地區的製造、零售、物流等行業開發一套中間件,將rfid資料與企業的后系統、商業過程以及物流和供應鏈管理等系統集成一起,香港大學電子商業科技研究所( eti )總監崇仁教授指出, 「 eti將領導核心技術的研發工作,與合作大學一起開發應用程式,並在珠三角地區的企業中實施試驗專案。
  4. This year, a delegation led by dr tam cheuk - ming, senior scientific officer, visited the national meteorological centre of cma at beijing and the meteorological bureau of hainan from 21 to 27 january 2007

  5. The cantonese comedies rely heavily on a host of brilliant comedians : leung sing - po liang xingbo, sun ma si - tsang xin ma shizeng, yee chau - shui yin qiushui, tang kei - chen deng jichen, tam lan - hing tan lanqing, tang bik - wan deng biyun, etc. interestingly, many of these actors came from a cantonese opera background but are now remembered as the mainstays of cantonese screen comedy. this betrays the close relationship between opera and cinema, a unique association that is found only in cantonese cinema

  6. At this exotic setting of a bustle arabian marketplace, a variety of distinct food stalls offer an assortment of menu choices

  7. I heard that at the primitive methodist anniversary this year, when they have a built - up platform for the sunday school children, like a grandstand going almost up to th ceiling, i heard miss thompson, who has the first class of girls in the sunday school, say there d be over a thousand pounds in new sunday clothes sitting on that platform

  8. Despite the early decease of chun kim, the very soul of kong ngee, in 1969, we are blessed with the liberty to interview his longtime partner chan man, director lung kong, screenwriters tam ning, woo mei - ping, and the company s major actors patrick tse, kar ling and nam hung

  9. Lions of the traditional chinese variety were in much evidence in detroit on 7 july as a warm welcome to hong kong in 2005 was extended to lions clubs members worldwide by left to right past international director of lions clubs international, simon lee ; international director of lci, dr tam wing kun ; 1st vice president of lci, clement kusiak ; permanent secretary for economic development, sandra lee ; president of lci, tae sup lee ; hktb executive director, clara chong ; convention committee chairman of lci, joe wroblewski ; and chairman of lci district 303 host committee, paul fan

    2004年7月7日在底特律舉行的國際獅子年會中,主禮嘉賓以傳統的醒獅熱烈歡迎世界各地的獅友,在2005年到香港出席第88屆國際獅子年會。左起:國際獅子會前國際理事李國賢先生國際獅子會國際理事榮根博士國際獅子會第一副會長古世雅先生特區政府經濟發展及勞工局常任秘書長李淑儀女士國際獅子會國際總會長李燮博士旅發局總幹事臧明華女士國際獅子會國際年會委員會主席joe wroblewski先生及國際獅子總會港澳303區第88屆國際獅子年會主辦地區委員會主席范佐浩先生。
  10. Cindy man of emsd middle celebrating the operation of her new device with emsd s dr. arthur wong right and hko s dr. c. m. tam left at ngong ping

  11. Cindy man of emsd ( middle ) celebrating the operation of her new device with emsd s dr. arthur wong ( right ) and hko s dr. c. m. tam ( left ) at ngong ping