轉向節桿 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhuǎnxiàngjiégǎn]
轉向節桿 英文
knuckle post
  • : 轉構詞成分。
  • : 節構詞成分。
  • : 桿名詞(桿子) pole; staff
  • 轉向 : 轉向turn; turn round [around]; swing; sway; change direction; change one's political position
  1. In this paper, ackerman steering linkage of double - wishbone suspension is taken as the study object, choosing the splitting joint and steering lever joint to carry out the design of optimization the mathematics models are established based on the multi - body system dynamics, applying its analysis method of kinematics to study the mechanism kinetic principles owing to more spatial factors considered, and calling off many hypotheses affecting the accuracy, compared with the traditional methods, the models are better to reflect the realistic motion principles, the results are more exact and applicable moreover, the force analysis is applied to the conduct mechanism the analysis method of dynamics in the multi - body dynamics is applied to study the forces applied on every component, working out the constraint reaction force of up and down ball joints, and developing the current computation program in the end, produce the upper wishbone geometry model in the ansys software package, meshing and carrying out the fea, testifying if the intensity of the wishbone meet with the requirements

  2. Manipulate mechanism with concentrative link lever integrates functions, such as steering n shift and operating direction, into one operating lever. with this mechanism, driver can realize all the operations of bulldozer using elbow joint ' s action

  3. We mainly produce shifting fork and release fork of large - scale and heavy - duty truck ; shifting fork, release fork, shifting block, choosing - gear shaft, reverse - gear shifting fork shaft, right - and - lfet steering joint arm, upper cross arm shaft, wheel hub, link rod of all kinds of cars right - and - left supports, nipbutton of train auto - girder parts ; centeral wedge, fixed lean - board of absorber ; shifting fork, erankshaft, link rod, under - link board, startup pole of motocycle ; mould forging of mine, construction machinery, textile machinery, non - ferrous metal industry, etc

  4. The mechanism consists of a steering gear box, pitman arm, drag kink, tie rods, steering arms, and steering knuckles, the latter supporting the front wheels

  5. The regeneration system of soybean cytoledon node and agrobacteriunr mediated transformation method is the first selection at present. in the second part of this experiment, the expression vector prok2 containing npt ii and ssnhx1 ( na + / h + antiporter ) gene from suaeda salsa was introduced into soybean cytoledon nodes by gene transformation mediated by agrobacterium tumefaciens, and kanamycin resistant transgenic p lants were obtained by screening in selective condition

    本實驗第二部分通過農菌介導法將含npt -和鹽地堿蓬na ~ + h ~ +反運蛋白基因( ssnhx1 )的表達載體prok2導入大豆子葉中,經過含km的篩選培養基連續篩選,獲得了ssnhx1基因植株,篩選劑卡那黴素的適宜濃度是50mg . l ~ ( - 1 ) 。
  6. Those sensitive parameters making system have negative damping and occur self - excited shimmy are horizontal pulling lever rigidity, tire sideslip rigidity, steering gear rigidity and damping, kingpin equivalent damping, kingpin caster angle, tire drag. and wheel center distance, tire side rigidity, vehicle wheel unbalanced mass, tire vertical rigidity, and distance from kingpin center to the vertical central line plane of tire have great influence on shimmy, but they do n ' t make the system have negative damping. and horizontal pulling lever damping, suspension damping and rigidity have very small influence on shimmy

  7. Driver ' s position : optimised layout, based on the latest ergonomic principles, considerably reduced vibration and noise, throunh insulating the operator ' s compartment from the vehicle itself by means of shock absorbes, seat adjustable to operator ' s height and weight, as well as being spring suspended and hydraulically damped. lindedouble pedal control system offers accurate reversing without. changing gear. linde central control lever operates all mast functions

  8. When analyzing skew support continuous curved box girder bridge, curved grid girder analyzing method considering warping effect is applied. matrix displacement method is applied in analyzing skew support continuous curved thin - walled box girder bridge with restrained bearing. in order to convert original rigidity equations to structural rigidi ty equations that can be solved, bearing nodal displacement matrix can be introduced, then unknown quantities at the edge of beams can be consistent with the restrained directions of skew bearings, unit rigidity matrix and unit nodal forces can be gained. structural rigidity matrix can be composed according to matrix displacement method, so nodal displacements and inner forces on the end of the rod that are unknown can be gained calculating equations of inner forces on any cross - section can be solved

  9. Thereinto, the former cancels traditional operating lever for steering, shift and operating direction, integrates these functions into one operating lever and controls it to realize all the operations of bulldozer using elbow joint ' s action

  10. The major causes of falling - away of the steering universal joint of jiefang ca1111k2lw logging truck are analysed in a scientific way, implying that the steering universal joint is a key device for transfering moment of force

  11. We produce five main series of forgings. front - axle for medium and heavy - duty truck, balance - axle, serial turning - joint, crankshaft, serial connecting rod, strikoff - board for comprehensive coal tunneling machine, serial chain - wheel, forged valves for export, serial forged parts for armored vehicles

  12. This factory is specialized in producing three layer complex lubricant bearing which is formed by copper - lead alloy du. dx. at present it s one of the largest factories which produce bio - metal connecting rod bushes, it provide chiefly for wuxi diesel engine, dalian diesel engine, yuchai diesel engine and other medium - sized engie, the output is 15, 000, 000per year, besides provide all kinds of plank bushes - du. dx. redirector bushes - gear sets bushes for motorbike - shock absorber reciprocating bearing - to yigi, ergi

    主要為無錫柴油機大連柴油機玉林柴油機朝陽柴油機及其它中型發動機廠配套,年生產連襯套1500萬件,並且為一汽二汽底盤廠配套各種型號的底盤襯套,及du dx襯套,摩托車輪箱襯套,減震器廠往復運動軸承等。
  13. So, our team had not the chance to move horizontal on the mast when the ship was moving. about the 1, 200 meters running, the way was not clear and there is no enough instructors or staffs to direct the 36 trainees, it resulted in most trainees lost the way and failed to finish the 1, 200 meters that included me. according to the environment, city challenge instead of field challenge, camp on beach replaced sole stay in mountain, the tend of wind delayed the sailing schedule and it cancelled the raft race, it took away our opportunity of learning how to make raft by bamboo and large plastic tub

  14. The out - of - plane stability of bending beam, which is made up with 2 beams and loaded by non - directional force, is studied. the bending and torsional deflection differential equation of each beam is established in critical condition. according to compatibility conditions of deformation, the characteristic equation is obtained to calculate out - of - plane stability of the cantilever bending beam

  15. A complete range of steering parts such as knuckles, steering cylinders and repair kits, bushings and bearings, bell cranks, tie - rods, hand wheels, horn kits, power steering motors and pumps, king pin kits and other steering system parts

  16. This co. has continued the development and research of new products used as the accessories of both automobile and motor bike and the products available now are universal joint cross shaft, drive shaft assembly, steering pull - bar, joint etc. series, they are well sold to the markets in southeast asia, europe and america

  17. Because slts owns too many parts and complex supporting conditions, and invalidation of few parts or nodes does not have significant effect for structural bearing capacity, research orientation is transferred to structural support system in chapter 4 of the thesis. limited loading capacity and safety index of steel bracket of slts are calculated and analyzed for providing theoretic upper limit to safe operation of support system