風燥型 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēngzàoxíng]
風燥型 英文
wind-dryness type
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空氣流動) wind 2 (風氣; 風俗) practice; atmosphere; custom 3 (景象) scene; view 4 ...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(缺少水分) dry Ⅱ名詞[中醫] (病因) dryness
  1. Nc routers, sand blast machines, compressors, glass beads blast machines, coating booths, high power airless coating machines, force feed type large coating machines, conveyor type hot air dryers, fixed type heat treatment furnaces, etc

  2. With 70 % ethanol as moistening agent, when the formula was 15 % extract powder of gynostemma pentaphyllum, 77 % mannitol and 4 % aspartame, adding 0. 1 % mentha - camphor and 3 % magnesium stearate, a new gynostemma pentaphyllum. buccal tablet without sugar could be obtained, with special favor of gynostemma pentaphyllm, smooth and good looking surface, good hardness and disintegrability, health - keeping function, color accorded

    當以70 %乙醇作潤濕劑, 15 %絞股藍浸膏粉、 77 %甘露醇、 4 %阿斯巴甜為材料,再添加上述混合料總量的0 . 1 %薄荷腦和3 %硬脂酸鎂, 60的乾溫度,可制得口感好、有絞股藍特有味、表面光滑美觀、色澤一致、硬度好、崩解性良好、具有保健功能的新絞股藍無糖口含片。
  3. This machine is horizontal dise - type airflow crusher, and the whole crushing processing is comprised of air compressor, air storage tank, air freezing dryer, qs350 airflow crusher, cyclone catcher and dust collector, etc

    本機為水平圓盤式氣流粉碎機,整個粉碎流程由空壓機、儲氣罐、空氣冷凍乾機、 qs350氣流粉碎機,旋捕集袋及吸塵器等組成。
  4. Slow cooling section is next the fast cooling section, cooling tiles slowly by exchange heat between hot gas in the tunnel and the environment air, which is sucked into pipes stick in the tunnel and been heated there, and been sent to dryer to dry biscuits

  5. The key items influent on the characteristics of spraying have been also studied in the dissertation, we can get a good spraying result by adjusting the related parameters efficiently. ( 3 ) the theoretical model of the dynamical parameters such as temperature, moisture, pressure and contour for hot medium and particle inside the drying chamber were obtained by model, utilized the computational fluid dynamics technique to solve the problem between spraying droplets medium by arranging the double grid dispersing structure and rotary outlet structure and the developed structure improved the drying efficiency and product quality

    ( 3 )採用-模實現了壓力噴霧乾塔的溫度場、濕度場、流場的理論建模,利用計算流體力學( cfd )技術來解決噴霧乾過程中熱介質與霧滴間的傳熱傳質以及動量傳遞和湍流擾動等問題,避免了乾過程中的設計不合理狀況;通過增加雙格柵均裝置和旋轉出裝置,改善了乾塔內的熱質傳遞,提高了乾塔的體積蒸發強度。
  6. On the basis of the pathogentic factors and the classification of infantile diarrhea, feng medicine can reach the effect of depriving the evil wetness and promoting circulation of qi, regulating the function of the liver and spleen, diversitying heat retention on treating infantile dirrhea. achieves remarkable curative effect

  7. Our factory increase a set of intensifier with non - grade - adjustable rating speed to form the intensive air drying, the wet material mixed with hot air fully by screw feeder in the intensifier and material surface is crashed into fine granules and moving to the outlet as well as drying, under rapid rotating hitting and pushing. in the long run, the materials get a further even drying in the dryer pulled by the wind force and those wet and weighty granules the wind force can not pull continue to be crashed, dried until they are pulled by the wind force into the dryer

  8. Clinical observation on the treatment of 54 cases of chronic urticaria with danlong zhiyang ' s capsule

  9. This type of machine adopted the cheaning speed of mechanical stepless gearlever, is the product of traditional type suitable for any specification of any specification of the glass, it obtains the stable, reliable and durable perform ance with three - step cleaning, sponge roller and hot - air two - step dryer. it can according to the client s demand to design

    詳細說明: sx1200a sx1600a清洗機,屬于傳統保留產品,採用機械無級變速調節,三級式清洗,海綿輥和熱兩次乾,性能穩定,可靠耐用。也可以根據客戶的需要另外設計。
  10. By means of prototype observation, analysis with materials and theories, and laboratory test, the author deeply analyzed the causes and procedure of canal cross section erosion, and obtained eight causes which resulted the canal deform including flow, seepage, runoff, collapse of bank, dry effect, human activity, wave flush, frozen, and then stressed to discuss the frozen process

  11. In this dissertation, the author summed up the muti - technique in fluid dynamics, heat and mass transferring, mechanical designing and computational technique and studied the conventional pressure spray dryers with different air disperse structure and outlet equipment, at last put forward the theme i. e. the study on combined spin - flow pressure spray drying technology, the main contents were as follows : ( 1 ) the combined spin - flow pressure nozzle was designed whose novel structure has no report at present, and the structural designing parameters were obtained through analyzing the physical characteristic of materials and distribution of particles

    本文總結了國內外在壓力噴霧乾裝置的研究應用狀況,並分析了現有噴霧乾裝置設計方面的優缺點,運用流體力學、空氣動力學、傳熱傳質學、機械設計和計算機技術等多學科知識,綜合研究了傳統壓力噴霧乾系統的單噴嘴霧化裝置在併流、逆流以及混流乾中的應用和噴霧乾塔的不同布裝置以及出裝置的設置情況等,提出了新旋流式組合壓力噴霧乾技術並對此進行了研究,其主要內容包括: ( 1 )本文創造性地設計出旋流式組合壓力噴嘴的基本結構,並通過對料液的物化特性研究分析以及顆粒度的分佈要求,給出了噴嘴的不同結構設計參數。
  12. Test procedure for thermal evaluation of insulation systems for ventilated dry - type power and distribution transformers reinstatement of administratively withdrawn standard