嚇阻力 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xià]
嚇阻力 英文
  • : 嚇Ⅰ動 (恐嚇; 恫嚇) threaten; intimidateⅡ感嘆詞(表示不滿)
  • : 動詞(阻擋; 阻礙) block; hinder; impede; obstruct
  • : Ⅰ名1 (力量; 能力) power; strength; ability; capacity 2 [物理學] (改變物體運動狀態的作用) forc...
  1. According to the national police administration, warrantless searches are allowed only in special circumstances, such as to arrest an escapee or if facts indicate a person is in the process of committing a crime

  2. " you can ' t expect us to stand here naked. " - the reasoning behind pakistan ' s development of a nuclear deterrent force, 1 november 2001

    你不能指望我們赤裸裸地站在這里。巴基斯坦發展核子背後的理論, 2001年11月1日。
  3. In 1993 the clinton administration elevated u. s. efforts to secure action in the oecd by involving high - level officials from the state and treasury departments

  4. Indeed, it would not be necessary to employ such a machine ? the threat of its use would exercise a powerful deterrent force

  5. Our nations must demonstrate a global leadership on these critical environmental challenges, perhaps the most dangerous current one and that is climate change. the united states and china are leading producers of greenhouse gases

  6. A vital factor in combating violent crime is deterrence and therefore we must maintain a strong and visible police presence notwithstanding the manpower constraints now facing the force

  7. In such a society, people dont fear each other but love and help each other. thats the golden age. but on the other hand, a golden age starts within ourselves anytime we find god, when we find a brotherhood within humankind

  8. This power of registration and sale could be a strong deterrent

  9. The spokesman said, " the crackdown is again a testament to the department s steadfast commitment to clamping down piracy activities, particularly in rooting out piracy syndicates. we believe this will serve as a strong deterrent to potential offenders.

  10. Capping of compensation may also lower deterrence of medical malpractice and erode the responsibility for risk management by mps

  11. However, we can strive to provide what i believe to be the next best thing. by this i mean our ability to provide a firm, effective deterrent to potential crime, a prompt professional response to all events that do occur, and an even - handed, impartial approach towards all parties with whom we come into contact

  12. " some of the camera housings posts of these systems are painted in orange as a trial scheme to enhance the deterrent effect of a more overt warning, " he added

  13. Without sufficient power to investigate the source of wealth of the masterminds of crime and without legislation that carries tougher deterrent penalties - both in confiscating criminals illegal gains and in sending them to jail for lengthy terms - police efforts to combat and contain triads is hampered

  14. The first strike capacity is intended mainly to intimidate adversary

  15. Seems the letter fiba sent spooked lottery teams, but if lampe was a top 10 pick before fiba ' s mystery letter, he certainly would be worth a chance late in the teens or early 20s, no matter what his contract status

  16. According to the decrees of mnd, the military education of armed forces college is center to military build - up and the force preparedness the second. it also follows the strategic guidance of " effective deterrence and resolute defense " to develop its curricula. courses, such as national security, military strategy, field strategy, joint operation, taiwan - peng - hu defensive operation, and national defense technology and management are included in the curricula

  17. Hence the icac has continued to devote considerable resources to professional training for our staff, in spite of recent budgetary constraints

  18. The legislative amendments have enhanced the enforcement capacity to a great extent. the disqualification penalty to repeated offenders has a significant deterrent effect to those die - hard drivers forbidding them to continue to use illicit fuel