晶界分離 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jīngjièfēn]
晶界分離 英文
grain-boundary separation
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(光亮) brilliant; glittering Ⅱ名詞1. (水晶) quartz; (rock) crystal 2. (晶體) any crystalline substance
  • : 名詞1 (相交的地方; 劃分的界限) boundary 2 (一定的范圍) scope; extent 3 (按職業、工作或性別等...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (離開) leave; part from; be away from; separate 2 (背離) go against 3 (缺少) dispens...
  1. In this paper, oxid crystals were synthesized by the hydrothermal method, and the effects of the hydrothermal condition on shape and quality of crystal were studied by changing experimental temperature and mineralizer. on the base of these works the blue sapphire dopped with fe, ti and sapphire dopped with ti were synthesized. meantime, the effects of ti, fe - dopped on sapphire and what lead to the blue of sapphire were studied

    本文採用水熱法合成了- al _ 2o _ 3和zno體,通過改變溫度和礦化劑條件研究了水熱條件下溫度和礦化劑對- al _ 2o _ 3和zno體合成的影響;在此基礎上通過摻雜致色元素,合成了藍色藍寶石、鈦藍寶石,並研究了fe 、 ti等致色子對藍寶石面形態和質量的影響,析了藍寶石的致色原因。
  2. Standard test method for separating an ionizing radiation - induced mosfet threshold voltage shift into components due to oxide trapped holes and interface states using the subthreshold current - voltage characteristics

  3. In this paper, the effect of interface properties of sio2 / sic on performances of n - channel sic mofet are studied systematically : incomplete ionization of impurity in sic is analyzed based on the crystal structure of sic materials. the effect of incomplete ionization of impurity on c - v characteristics of p - type 6h - sic mos is researched based on charge - sheet model for sic mos inversion layers

    本文就sio _ 2 / sic面質量對n溝sicmosfet性能的影響做了深入的研究:從碳化硅材料的體結構出發析了碳化硅材料中雜質的不完全化,採用sicmos反型層薄層電荷數值模型,研究了雜質不完全化對p型6h - sicmosc - v特性的影響。
  4. Ion - assisted bombardment and direct current bias were emphasized in charter ii and charter iii respectively on studying how external factor as an assisted avenue can influence the growth of amorphous carbon film

  5. The grown solution of dkdp crystal was synthesized firstly, then the relationship between concentrations of metal ion impurities and critical supersaturation was discussed by the measurement of metal ion impurity concentrations

  6. Combining the unstable heat conduction in crystal layer with heat transfer of undeveloped slug flow in a vertical tube, a time - progression model of crystal layer growth in the bubble column crystallizer pipe is proposed, the calculation results from the numerical method agree well with the experimental data. under certain operating conditions, the periodical arrival of gas plugs can cause crystallization and partial re - melting occur in the crystal - melt interface

  7. Abstract : the development of stealthy materials in the past several d ecades from the second world war up to now is comp endiously reviewed in this paper. recent study of new stealthy materials, suc h as ceramic materials and conducting polymer composites etc, is summarized from three areas of thermal resistance , smart and plasma steal thy materials, and developing trend of the stealthy mat erials is also predicted in this paper

  8. An ion implanter without ion mass analyzer was applied to simulate the phi procedure to fabricate soi materials by implantation of water plasma ions. thin soi structure was successfully fabricated by the implanter using 50 ~ 90kev water plasma ion implantation with the dose ranging from 2 - 6. 5 + 017cm - 2 and, subsequently, the high temperature annealing

  9. This system is developed based on high performance, low cost and many controllers inside of the embedded processor, and enlarged gpio for the plat of the hardware and software. this system is applied to the high - speed numerical control carving machine. show the operate interface by lcd, input the control code from the keyboard, the data is readed from the usb interface and store that in sdram

    本系統應用於高速數控雕刻機,以lcd為人機可視化操作面,以編碼鍵盤為操作控制部,以嵌入式處理器s3c44b0x元為核心,文件數據經usb口讀取u盤中的雕刻數據文件暫存於sdram中,經嵌入式處理器進行相關演算法處理,得出相應參數傳送到fpga ,由fpga控制輸出脈沖和脈沖間延時,通過高速光耦隔( 2mbit / s )后輸出,控制步進電機的運轉。
  10. Because of the great potential of sic mosfets and circuits, in this paper, the characteristics of 6h - sic pmosfets are studied systematically, emphasizing on the effects of interface state and s / d series resistance on sic pmosfets firstly, the crystal structure of silicon carbide, the phenomena of incomplete ionization of the impurity and the fitting formula of hole mobility are presented. the characterization in space - charge region of sic pmos structure is analyzed by solving one dimension poisson equation

  11. It is the especial congregate structure of polymer matrix that is necessary for the forming of three - dimensional interpenetrate network between the polymer and copper. the mma unites lead to the advantage of improving fiexibity of the film, destroying the formal arrangement of macromolecule chain in polymer and decreasing the degree of crystallization. the ita unites help the solvolyzed copper ion transfer in the film and benefite the forming and establishment of the networks of polymer matrix

    聚合物基體特殊的聚集態結構是互穿立體網路形成的必要條件,皿m的加入有利於破壞丙烯睹大子鏈的規整性,使結度降低,提高聚合物的柔韌性,含親水基團的單體( ita 、 as )存在有利於降低子遷移的面能,提供溶劑化銅子遷移的途徑以及聚合物基體網路結構的形成和穩定。
  12. We analyze the generation of external cavity frequency - doubling with knbo3 crystal theoretically. in order to get the second - order nonlinear conversion from 858nm to 429nm with knbo3, we use non - critical type - i phase - matching to avoid the walk - off effect the corresponding optimum focusing condition is as followings : double refraction parameter b = 0, focus parameter = 2. 84, optimum phase mismatch parameter = 0. 574. based on the theoretical analysis and numerical calculations, we obtain the ideal nonlinear conversion coefficient about 1. 45 % / w with crystal length of 7mm and 2. 07 % / w with crystal length of 10mm at the phase - matching temperature around 23. 50c

    根據對其倍頻原理及性能的析討論,在用該體完成波長從858nm到429nm的二階非線性轉換時,採用非臨相位匹配條件(此時無散效應,對應的雙折射參數b = 0 ,共焦長度為= 2 . 84 ,最佳相位失配因子為= 0 . 574 ) ,在相位匹配溫度約為23 . 5時,理論上通過計算得到理想情況下非線性轉換系數約為1 . 45 / w (長度為7mm ) , 2 . 07 / w (長度為10mm ) 。
  13. An optimized cvi - pip process has been achieved, by which the c / sic composites with 2. 1 ig / cm3 high density and uniformity are fabricated in 200 hours. the microstructure and composition of pyrolytic carbon interphase and cvi - pip silicon carbide matrix in the c / sic composites are investigated with the help of polarization microscope, scanning electron microscope, and x - ray diffraction technique, etc. the structure characteristic of pyrolytic carbon interphase and cvi - pip silicon carbide matrix, and effects of cvi - pip process on it are summarized and discussed. by growth course and feature of pyrolytic carbon interphase and cvi - pip silicon carbide matrix analyzed, a whole - course densification mechanism of lamellar - growth - pattern is proposed to explain the densification phenomenon, which makes a systematic understanding on the feature of pyrolytic carbon interphase and cvi - pip silicon carbide matrix, and the multiple stitching interface binding

    根據熱解碳中間相、 cvi - pip系sic基體相的組織構成與外貌特徵,通過對熱解碳中間相、 cvi - pip系sic基體相的生長過程和生長特徵進行析,提出了基於層生長模式的緻密化過程理論,解釋了熱解碳中間相、 cvi - pip系sic基體相以及釘扎誘導結構多重面的形成: ( 1 )在1150下, cvi - sic亞基體相遵從「過飽和?凝聚?融合」機理沉積,以8f型? sic為主,同時還會有少量4h型? sic ,無游si和游c存在; ( 2 ) pip - sic亞基體相由非態sic以及彌散佈的- sic微、 si - o - c和游c組成; ( 3 )熱解碳中間相與碳纖維增強相之間、 cvi - sic亞基體相之間形成滲透釘扎結構過渡面, pip - sic亞基體相與摘要cvi一sic亞基體相之間形成誘導結構過渡面。
  14. After optimizing the epitaixal condition, low temperature bonding, splitting and removing of porous silicon, soi material has been successfully fabricated for the first time in china with the epitaxial layer transfer of porous silicon ( eltran ) the eltran - soi has been characterized and the results indicate that the top si layer is perfect single crystal, and its thickness is uniform

    優化了外延條件,結合低溫鍵合與多孔硅的剝技術,在國內首次用多孔硅外延層轉移技術成功地制備出了soi材料。析表明, eltran - soi的頂層硅厚度均勻,單質量優良;面清晰、陡直;電學特性優異。