法克斯河 的英文怎麼說

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法克斯河 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • : 克i 動詞1 (能) can; be able to 2 (克服; 克制) restrain; control 3 (攻下據點; 戰勝) overcome...
  • : Ⅰ名詞(古代驅疫時用的面具) an ancient maskⅡ形容詞[書面語] (醜陋) ugly
  • : 1 (天然的和人工的大水道) river 2 (指銀河系) the milky way system; the galaxy 3 (特指黃河) t...
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  1. Aport on the st lawrence river in quebec. it is said that when one alights on this port, they are stepping from france into canada

  2. After crossing by a forced march behind pahra to the tula road, the generals of the russian army intended to remain at podolsk, and had no idea of the tarutino position. but an infinite number of circumstances, among them the reappearance of french troops on the scene, and plans for giving battle, and most of all, the abundance of supplies in kaluga, led our army to turn even more to the south, and to pass from the tula to the kaluga road to tarutino, a central position between their lines of communication with their supplies

  3. On november 21, 2003, by invitation of the wloclawek radiesthetic association, lodz initiates traveled to the city of wloclawek on the banks of the vistula, polands largest river, to conduct a video seminar introducing supreme master ching hai and the quan yin method to local residents

    2003年11月21日,洛次同修應渥拉維心靈感應協會wloclawek radiesthetic association的邀請,前往渥拉維-位於波蘭最大的流威特拉vistula旁-介紹清海無上師及觀音門。
  4. Taunus mountains to the river rhein at koblenz. take a day trip to the picturesque

  5. In london, people gathered in sports wears and along the banks of the river thames to watch a fireworks display and hear big ben welcome the new year with 12 resounding bongs

    在英國倫敦,詹森布魯聚集在特拉爾加廣場和泰晤士畔觀看焰火表演,聆聽「大本鐘」敲響新年鐘聲, 「大本鐘」那12下渾厚的鐘聲回蕩在夜空。
  6. In the evening between giving two ordersone for hastening the arrival of the counterfeit rouble notes that had been prepared for circulation in russia, and the other for shooting a saxon who had been caught with a letter containing a report on the disposition of the french armynapoleon gave a third order for presenting the colonel, who had quite unnecessarily flung himself in the river, the order of the lgion dhonneur, of which he was himself the head. quos vult perdere, dementat

    傍晚,拿破崙發布了兩道命令:一是命令盡快把已準備好的偽造的俄羅紙幣送來以便輸入俄羅,一是命令槍斃一個撒遜人,因為在截獲的他的一封信里有關于向國軍隊發布的命令的情報,而後又發布了第三道命令把那個毫不必要游過的波蘭上校編入拿破崙自任團長的榮譽團lgion dhonneur 。
  7. This paper is carrying out based on the chemical materials of huanhe group of cretaceous system of erdos basin, carrying on relativity analysis about tds and three major anion percentage of meq ( milligram equivalent ), taking cluster analyses on tds and the three anion percentage of meq, the trend analysis of the percentage of the number of fresh water and the total water with the increases of anion percentage of meq, classifies the new index, divide the groundwater into three kinds according to percentage of meq of three major anion finally defining new groundwater water chemistry : definitely bicarbonate type, relativity bicarbonate type and non - bicarbonate types, point out that the possibilities of fresh water reduce in proper order of these kinds

  8. In contrast, michalis faloutsos of the university of california at riverside, petros faloutsos of the university of toronto and christos faloutsos of carnegie mellon university analyzed the physical structure of the internet

  9. A borough of northeast - central pennsylvania on the susquehanna river opposite wilkes - barre. it is mainly residential. population, 15, 681

    頓賓夕尼亞州中部一城市,位於偏東北薩奎漢納邊,與威爾巴黑相望。它主要是居民區。人口15 , 681
  10. This association of booksellers and publishers has a long tradition and represents the interests of 6, 523 book - trade operations ( figures as of 30 april 2003 )

    家落戶于德國出版社之都? ?慕尼黑。柏林、美因畔的福和圖加特也是出版社雲集之地。
  11. In reality the results of berezina were less ruinous to the french in loss of cannons and prisoners than was the fighting at krasnoe, as statistics prove