玩偶的家 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wánǒudejiā]
玩偶的家 英文
  • : 動詞1 (玩耍; 游戲) play; have fun; amuse oneself 2 (使用) employ; play; resort to 3 (輕視; ...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 玩偶 : doll; toy figurine玩偶狗 toy dog; 玩偶匣 jack-in-the-box
  1. The heroines in a doll ' s house by henrik ibsen and regret for the past by luxun are both objectified by their respective environment, but they resort to different means of discourse

  2. In 2005 the snow was a violent night, i depressed at the bar alone, occasionally by other players on the three computer screens, d character animation effects are attracted, i solidarity with the fate of the dance

  3. Although there is no bluish sky in the painting, the observer is still able to see the light radiating out from each and every green leaf. just like an uninhibited artist boldly playing with colors, supreme master ching hai concludes the painting in a light - hearted, happy manner. the shapes of the branches and leaves reveal the swift, unrestrained handling of the paint - brush

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  5. Most families take their beautiful collection of dolls out of the closet around mid - february and put it away again as soon as hina matsuri is over

  6. My home darling occasionally now and then when the family grabs her toy or emphatic moment can behave head of close make a fist, set sb ' s teeth very emphatic appearance, what reason is knowing

  7. Besides our high - grade plush toys, we still design and produce many cartoon toys for our domestic & foreign clients. we are the professional manufacturing factory with the most strength in china. the cartoon toys could create the happy event for the festival, and then could win many business chance for the businessmen

    本廠除生產高品質毛絨具外,還為國內外廠客戶設計製造了大量(卡通人) ,是最具實力專業人(卡通人)生產廠,產品為節日營造喜慶氣氛、為商贏得無限商機,產品遠銷歐美、日本、東南亞、也給國內著名大企業如美空調、鷹牌陶瓷、華寶空調、科龍空調、東方樂園、廣州電視臺企事業創造了良好經濟效益。
  8. Thank you for reading my file, i am an at will, optimism, bright, self - confidence, honesty, docile, good - hearted, be filled with to look forward to to the life of woman, like an oneself to cook a meal at home, like two persons romantic life, occasionally will also go out to relax an oneself with friend, to the friend is very hot liver, always imagine to have a romantic love to take place on my body, expects that to love me, can protect my person can early appear at nearby, i like ocean, the top of the sandy beach that likes to be unmanned in morning hears the voice of the wave quietly, seeing sunrise and sunset, liking music, dance, like peaceful of life, can follow the person of the cheery type to play of very happy, can also get along with with the person of the perfect type seriously, will also with living for the strength type of the leader to assault together, during a lifetime have much long i know, but i hope a person can keep company with me to have been walk in the end, how much nobody predestination have to can understand, but i want to walk to faraway places with you together

    謝謝你閱讀我檔案,我是一個中國女人,是一個隨意,樂觀,開朗,自信,誠實,善良,有愛心,對生活充滿嚮往女人,喜歡自己在做飯,喜歡兩個人浪漫生活,爾也會和朋友出去放鬆自己,對朋友很熱情,總是憧憬有一段浪漫愛情能發生在我身上,期望那個愛我,能夠保護我人能夠早出現在我身邊,喜歡大海,喜歡在早上無人沙灘上靜靜聽海浪聲音,看日出和日落,喜歡音樂,跳舞,喜歡安靜生活,可以跟活潑型很開心,也可以嚴肅跟完美型人相處,也將和生為領袖力量型一起沖鋒,一輩子有多長我不知道,但是我卻希望有一個人可以陪伴我一直走到盡頭,緣分有多少沒人可以明了, ,但我卻想和你一起走到天涯海角。
  9. Hasbro is giving collectors and young fans a chance to craft their own adventures with clone wars action figures and accessories

  10. While some larger guilds of players have staged bigger battles , player - versus - player combat is otherwise very infrequent in lineage ii

  11. Previous two days suddenly blew the gale, the weather as soon asdropped 7, 8, morning lay down on the bed, look at outside the windowthe crazy undulation tree, a summer such has passed by, this was mylast summer vacation, this summer vacation was i in the home dull timelongest summer vacation, occasionally went to grandfather the family, exited except and the good friend plays is staying in the home, because began school late, finally two week also nobody accompanied meto exit plays, i unexpectedly one continually stayed in the home 5day, lian mendu had not left, last the summer vacation harvests alsomany, i learned to prepare food, watched several han play, althoughthe plot was approximately same, but or liked

    前兩天突然颳起了大風,天氣一下降了7 、 8度,早晨躺在床上,看著窗外瘋狂搖動樹,又一個夏天就這么過去了,這是我最後一個暑假,這個暑假是我在時間最長暑假,爾去爺爺,除了和好朋友出去就是在呆著,因為開學晚,最後兩周也沒人陪我出去,我竟然一連在呆了5天,連門都沒出過,最後一個暑假收獲也不少,我學會了做飯,看了幾部韓劇,盡管情節大致相同,可還是喜歡。
  12. He says families are attracted by happy meals, playgrounds and free toys