生骨構造 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shēnggòuzào]
生骨構造 英文
skeletogenous structure
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生育; 生殖) give birth to; bear 2 (出生) be born 3 (生長) grow 4 (生存; 活) live;...
  • : 骨名詞1 (骨頭) bone2 (物體內部的支架) framework; skeleton 3 (品質; 氣概) character; spirit ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (構造; 組合) construct; form; compose 2 (結成) fabricate; make up 3 (建造; 架屋) bui...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (做; 製作) make; build; create; produce 2 (假編) cook up; fabricate; concoct 3 [書面語...
  • 構造 : structure; construction; constructional detail; tectonic; structural; makeup; anatomy; constituti...
  1. Although the fossil skull lacked the anatomy necessary for hearing directionally in water ( a critical skill for living whales ), it clearly had the diagnostic cetacean ear traits

  2. However geological information is fully recorded in the remote sensing image, which made it possible for the choosing of this area as a dissection point to extract complex structural information of orogenic belt in west china. taking fully advantage of multi - band image richly bearing concealed geological information in combination with remote sensing analysis and structure analysis, to anatomy the supracrustal composition and structure of orogenic belt with the regional linear structures and their partitioned block and schistous geological masses as the macro - frame ( in corresponding to structure units and structure segments ) and with the rock masses, structure - rock assemblages, line - featured and belt - featured structures as well as penetrative and non - penetrative foliation ( primary stratum and trans position layering ) and folds as the texture and structure elements. the methods of how to distinguish granulite > ductile - shear zone, imposed fold, different deformed belts -

    因而,本文選擇這一地區作為我國西部地區從遙感圖像上提取山帶復雜結信息的解剖區,充分利用遙感圖像多波段反映物質屬性的特點和圖像處理提取隱含信息的優勢,採用遙感解析?解析相結合的研究方法,以區域線狀及由它劃分的塊狀、片狀地質體為宏觀架(對應于解析劃分的單元、均勻區段) ,以地質體中的巖石巖體、巖石組合,線狀、帶狀,透入性、非透入性面狀(原始層理、新面理)和褶皺等作為用於解析的結要素,進行山帶表殼組成和結解析研究。
  3. Like a paleontologist, able to reconstruct an entire skeleton from one fossil bone, he was able to reconstruct a whole speech from the one word revolution

  4. Employing diversity - oriented synthesis ( dos ) to construct skeletally complex natural product - like libraries and using it in the studies of chemical biology and lead discovery is becoming a tendency

  5. If the femur is broken, most of the recovery period will have to be spent in bed. long periods in bed will affect circulation, as well as causing the skin to rub against the bed sheets, and bedsores often develop. in severe cases bedsore may become infected, and not only will affect recovery time, but when the bacteria enters the blood stream, this can be fatal

  6. If free neck movement was considered to be the primary goal of treatment, most parents were satisfied with the results

  7. The algorithm of construction of a fractal interpolation surface patch based on rectangular patch is presented in the modeling, the construction algorithms of osteons and volkmann canals are designed, and the distribution of volkmann canals, the size and structure of osteons can be regulated and controlled according to different area, so it can satisfy the needs of the internal microstructure model

  8. In order to explain the spatial and temporal distribution of volcanic rocks with different ages and tectonic regimes, one archipelagic model is proposed. the shizong - mile zone in se yunnan was composed of different tectonic blocks with different ages, lithological features and provenances, and contacted each other by a shear zone

  9. Bionic of architecture out - look pay attention to the enlightenment of beauty of nature bring to mankind ; bionic of architecture structure pass to undergo special composition structure of organism of natural selection - for instance the research of the stem pole of the fiber, plant, skeleton of the animal, etc., and apply them to the structure design of architecture, it is an important way to structure innovates ; bionic of architecture function pay attention to studying the characteristic of organic unity " of the organism, through function imitation of nature such as metabolism and nervous system, etc. we get many useful ideal to urban and architecture development ; the bionic of utilize of energy and material through understanding the organism utilizes energy and material method in depth, combine with physics, chemistry, electron, etc, every achievement of discipline create new energy and material utilizing way

    建築型仿注重自然形態美帶給人類在建築形態創方面的啟示;建築結仿通過對經過自然選擇的物體的特殊成結? ?如纖維、植物的莖桿、動物的骼等的研究,運用到建築結設計中,是結創新的重要途徑;建築功能仿注重研究物體的「有機統一性」特點,通過對物體內部機能如新陳代謝和神經系統等方面的模仿來組織建築功能或指導建築和城市及其環境的發展;建築的能源和材料利用仿則通過深入了解物體利用能源和材料的方法和過程,並結合物理、化學、電子等各學科的成果創出新的能源和材料利用方式。
  10. De ricql s is professor at the coll ge de france in paris, where he occupies the chair in historical and evolutionary biology ; his cnrs research team at the university of paris vii works on the formation of bone and other skeletal tissues

  11. Adaptive wavelet transform using signal correlation detecting and its application

  12. With several tens of years experience in building and repairing varieties of steel ships, the company has strong ability and good basis for building ships. at present it may undertake to design and build ocean - going vessels less than 10. 000 dwt and various large - size steel constructions. during the last ten years or so, the company devoted itself to reform and opening, and became xinhua shipbuilding co., ltd after restructuring in 1994. with the structural reform deepened. it became sino - for - eign contractual joint venture in apr 2003, named

  13. When the violence is not too great to break the structure of collagen fibers network, chondrocytes under the network are first distured, furthermore, the structrue of cartilage is damaged and development of oa is inevitable