石英礦區 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [dànyīngkuàng]
石英礦區 英文
quartz claim
  • : 石量詞(容量單位, 十斗為一石) dan, a unit of dry measure for grain (= l00 sheng)
  • : 名詞1 [書面語] (花) flower 2 (才能或智慧過人的人) hero; outstanding person 3 (英國) britain...
  • : 名詞1. (礦床) ore [mineral] deposit 2. (礦石) ore 3. (開采礦物的場所) mine
  • : 區名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • 石英 : quartz; silici-; 石英電子手錶 crystal-oscillator watch; [鐘] quartzcrystal watch
  • 礦區 : [地質學] ore district; mining area; holding; diggings礦區城市 mining city; 礦區道路 mine road; 礦...
  1. It is further indicated by the fusion of various geo - factors that the major targets include gold - bearing limonitic cataclastic rock in ningwei domain, auriferous quartz in nanhua mountain and xihua mountain domain, where the 50 - 85 strike mylonite and sulfur - bearing quartz - calcite veins of cataclastic rock is the prior ore - search targets

    同時,通過多源地學因素的融合還顯示,寧衛地找金的主攻對象以含金褐鐵化碎裂巖為主,南華山、西華山地以脈型金為主,且重點應在50 - 85度方向糜棱巖、碎裂巖帶中尋找含硫化物的-方解脈。
  2. It is proved that the electric conductivity of ore - forming solution can be used to seek for ore - forming fractures, to select the best mineralization section, to distinguish industrial and non - industrial auriferous quartz veins, to reflect the rich or poor levels of orebodies, to evaluate the stability of orebodies, to judge the denuding levels of ore veins, and to prospect the mineralization in depth

    實踐證明,該方法在以下幾個方面具有應用前景: ( 1 )查找成斷裂,優選最佳成段; ( 2 )分有無工業價值的含金脈; ( 3 )反映段或體的貧富程度; ( 4 )評定體的穩定性或化不均勻性; ( 5 )評估脈的剝蝕程度; ( 6 )脈深部成預測。
  3. The microscopical observation proves that the main types of granitoid rocks are granodiorite and quartz monzodiorite, and the enclave is mainly monzodiorite. the rock - forming minerals are mainly k - feldspar, plagioclase, amphiboie, biotite, quartz, magnetite, titanite, apatite, epidote, etc. the zonation of the feldspars is very popular. the dark - colored minerals, such as biotite and titanite, have been highly oxidized

  4. The study of the regional geological setting, occurence mode of ore body, ore rocks, and orecontrolling factors of shiyintan gold deposit indicates that it is an epithermal volcanic hydrothermal gold deposit

  5. In arctic north america, the eskimos produced a slow - burning spark by striking quartz against iron pyrites, a compound that contains sulphur

  6. It is argued that the magmatic activities of quartz - monzonite - porphyry and alkaline porphyry presumably played an essential role in mineralization of this district, that is, the porphyry system could be important sources of both ore - forming metals and ore - forming fluids, as well as a thermal engine that drived cycling of metallogenic fluids

  7. This observation is consistent with comments and observations of earlier investigators who indicated zoning features such as quartz masses, petalite zons and mica selvages

  8. The main element analysis of whole rocks, the ree analysis and the trace element analysis have been done for the granitoid samples in this area. the chemical composition analysis has been done for the amphiboie and biotite minerals. the epma and x - ray powdered crystal diffraction have been done for k - feldspar, plagioclase, amphiboie, biotite, quartz, magnetite, titanite

  9. Abstract : syenite is an important raw material in glass and ceramic industry. we got the bottle glass and construction ceramics using yaoan syenite and others. the technological flowsheet of production and the mineralogical composition and property of the glass and ceramic materials were studied in this paper

  10. The mineral rock - silica rock mostly composes of three kinds of silica qualities, and the first structure jasper silica rock, the second icrocrystal quartzite, the third the quartz grain clast. cement is carbonate, contain a little amount carbonate loach. silica rock, commonly assume edge angle or hypo - edge angle

  11. In the process of writing paper, assimilating sufficiently procedessor " research achievement, exertting ductile - brittle shear zone, resolving mechanism of formation of gold - bearing quartz vein of chener. lining out ductile - brittle shear zone of chener gold deposit, presenttig pattern of controlling chener gold deposit, with analyzing of dominant ore vein - q507, graph of change of trace element on different spot level and graph of change of gold element of different construct, researching construct geochemistry of ore zone

  12. Shiyingtan gold deposit is situated in the volcanic island arc zone of northern margin of tarimu plate in the late paleozoic, and is located the west section of xiaorequanzi - dananhu the zone ore forming of cu, ni, au, sn. the condition of geological mineralization in the area is outstanding

    灘金床位於塔里木板塊北緣晚古生帶火山島弧帶,處于小熱泉子-大南湖cu 、 ni 、 au 、 sn成帶中西段,域成地質條件優越。
  13. The genesis of gold deposits is complex in this district, the type of quart - vein plus etch rock belongs to hydro thermally superimposed complex mineralization. the type of porphyry and scraping rock containing charcoal belongs to volcano sediment - alteration hydro thermally gold deposits, the formation of gold deposits is controlled by several factors

  14. 2. considerable progress has been made in the study of ore - forming fluids

  15. Coal, iron, limestone, dolostone, vein quartz and water resources reach better complementary ; nonmetal ores have abundant reserves and distribute in flakes centralized ; cross railway, network of highways, network circuit in the district, offer the advantage to concentrate on exploitation and transportation and processing

  16. The key metallogenic stage is late carboniferous - early permian, mahuanggou - matoutan, qishitan and shiyingtan are the main prospect regions for gold metallogenesis and prospecting

  17. Based on the variation of light / heavy mineral components of sedimentary rocks, the typomorphic characteristics of various debris, the cathodoluminescence color of quartzes, the direction of paleocurrent and the extension of sedimentary facies, two source direction of the studied area in carboniferous and permian can be recognized, one is in bayanwusu, wulan ' ge ' er and hetaoyinshan area north of hangjinqi in the north margin of ordos, another is alashan area in the northwest margin of ordos

  18. Application the structure - primary haloes ' s geochemical synthetic prospecting methods scientifically and systematically summarizes the geology and geochemistry prospecting information that has been shown from the characteristic of shiyingtan gold deposit, which has the theoretical significance that enrich the present prospecting model, as well as the practical significance that provides the scientific theoretical guide for prospecting gold in eastern tianshan areas

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