親和需求 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [qīnqiú]
親和需求 英文
need of affiliation
  • : 和動詞(在粉狀物中加液體攪拌或揉弄使有黏性) mix (powder) with water, etc. : 和點兒灰泥 prepare some plaster
  • : Ⅰ動詞(需要) need; want; require Ⅱ名詞1. (需用的東西) necessaries; needs 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (請求; 要求) ask; beg; request; entreat; beseech : 求人幫忙 ask sb a favour; ask a favou...
  • 親和 : affine親和嫁接 congenial graft; 親和數 amicable number; friendly number
  • 需求 : needs; need; demand; requirement
  1. Based on market demands and result from study on new hydrophilic octyl and decyl glycerate edible emulsifier ( applications pending ) over past years, a new type of flavor - emulsifiable oily flavor was introduced, and its manufacture principle and formulating were also discussed

  2. According to collected data, based on evidence from gross - morphology, anatomy, pollen - morphology, numerical taxonomy, molecular systematics, phytogeography and the feasibility of application in garden, the classification, the relationship of species from genus machilus in zhejiang and the value of the plants of genus machilus practice was systematically studied in this paper, and provides evidence for exploitation and utilization

  3. In other words, it includes that anchors, the direct interpersonal communicator, embracing with a civilianization appearance, transmitting understanding, favor, sentimentality and anger with their true feelings ; and that the news content and commentary are plain and common, in which reflecting the respection to the accepting habit and capacity of audience ; are true but not artificial, simple but not lack of details, considering thoroughly of the audience ' s aesthetic needs, communicating with microphone and camera, the origin function of broadcasting

    在傳播方式上,尋找與受眾的貼近平等,這包括最直接的人際傳播者? ?主持人以平民化的形象出現,以切、真誠與節目相契合的內心情感的自然流露向觀眾表達理解、關切、傷感、憤怒;內容解說詞樸實自然、通俗易懂,從中體現出對受眾接受習慣能力的尊重;充分考慮受眾的審美,真實而不造作,簡潔而不乏細節,真正啟動廣播電視功能的本源即用話筒鏡頭說話。
  4. Lizhu pearl swallow s abalone s wing floor, noble and luxurious instead of warmly and refinedly, offers early, late tea and noon, supper market, and has nearly 300 seating capacities and 12 vip hall with different style and graceful ambience. mainly cook the top - grade swallow s abalone s wing and all good guangdong flavor the colour, fragrance and taste. assited with the special cooking style of hunan and sichuan flavor and huaiyang pickles of one s own flavor. with eight big cuisines quintessences newly constantly, it is the best choice to get - together with your relatives friends and enjoy the life. the motherland multi - functional hall, splendidly, was designed by considering the many kinds of demands, covering 300 people. which is the extremely good clubhouses of the large - and - middle - scale banquet and cocktail party. mingshi pavilion western restaurant full of the exotic atmosphere and special support of delicious cakes and good wine of western style, is a excellent place to enjoy the western diet culture. assembled a variety of exquisite small food, good wine and the fragrant tender tea, gathered with friends here carefree and leisurely to the limite in the youlan bar

  5. With human society entering the time of knowledge economy, the person of talent, especially the creative person, becomes the key of economic increment. comparing with prosperity of persons of talent in the time of three kingdoms, present china is faced with the predicament that persons of talent are scanty and use efficiency of hr is low. in this dissertation, from the angle of modern management philosophy and theory of hr management, i try to link with the new conditions of knowledge economy to specialize in the strategy of using persons of talent in the time of three kingdoms. the purpose of this dissertation is to solve the problems in the reality. i chiefly expound three problems in this dissertation. ( 1 ) i expound the legality of three political powers ( including wei, shu and wu ) in the time of three kingdoms. i think the legality of political power is very important in the process of employing persons of talent. ( 2 ) from the angle of the hypothesis of human nature and requirment - inspiring theory in the western management theory, i think if s important that the main leaders could judge a person ' s quality and appoint him properly in the process of hr management. ( 3 ) from the angle of the modern theory of centralization and authorization, i expound that zhu geliang did any thing himself had a bad effect on the government of shu

    相比於三國時期的人才興盛,當前的中國卻面臨人才缺乏以及人力資源利用效率低下的困境。在論文中,筆者試圖結合知識經濟的新形勢,從管理哲學以及人力資源管理理論的高度對於三國人才戰略作出專門的論述,希望能夠解決現實中的困惑。筆者在論文中主要論述了以下三個問題: ( 1 )從政權合法性在延攬人才中的重要性以及贏得合法性的有效渠道等方面對三國時期魏、蜀、吳三個政權的合法性進行了分析; ( 2 )從西方管理理論的人性假設以及激勵理論出發,對三國時期主要領導人物在人力資源管理理論中的知人善任的特點進行了分析; ( 3 )對諸葛亮事必躬的現代思考,在這一部分,筆者運用現代的集權授權理論,結合現代的管理案例,對諸葛亮事必躬所造成的嚴重後果進行了分析。
  6. At ten years old i was taken to help my father in his business, which was that of a tallow - chandler and soap - boiler ; a business to which he was not bred, but had assumed on his arrival in new england, because he found that his dyeing trade, being in little request, would not maintain his family

    十歲時,父叫我回來幫忙他的事業- -牛油燭肥皂業,這個事業他也沒有學習過,但是在他剛到新英格蘭時,覺得他的刷染業不多,不能夠維持他的家庭,於是就改行了。
  7. You need to take a very close look at your potential customers, and try to identify their level of expertise, their individual needs, their spending habits and their motivations

  8. Gonadal development and fecundity are affected by certain essential dietary nutrients, especially essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins etc. thus, during the last two decades, more attention has been paid to the optimal level of different nutrients in broodstock diets. it is well known that protein is a kind of indispensable nutrient because of its important physiological function on body structure and supplying energy to the growth and development of shrimp and crab. protein and amino acids of broodstock diet have been identified as major dietary factors that determine successful reproduction and survival of offspring

  9. God gave her the child, and gave her, too, an instinctive knowledge of its nature and requirements - both seemingly so peculiar - which no other mortal being can possess

  10. In pace with the popularization of picture books, the accompanying reading appears to be more important with a scientific use on picture books which is suitable to present situation of economic development and demand of children education

  11. By taking a holistic approach, doctors and nurses will put greater emphasis on, among other things, discussing with patients on choices of appropriate treatment, enhancing their awareness on the proper use of medications and educating the caregivers in a bid to reduce the demand for inpatient services

  12. In spite of the apparently close tie between women ' s capacity for childbearing and lactation on the one hand and their responsibilities for the child care on the other, and in spite of the probable prehistoric convenience ( and perhaps survival necessity ) of a * * * ual division of labor in which women mothered, biology and instinct do not provide adequate explanations for how women come to mother

  13. We care about your demand. in order to let you feel warm, reassure you and your family completely, we aim at giving good service and create homelike atmosphere

  14. This paper introduces current situation and developing of gnterprise resource planning ; analyzes the working principle, key technical, processing and how to integrate material management, sales and distribution, finance accounting models of crp ( sap r / 3 ) system that is very famous in the world. using computer system to process pp ( produce planning ), mrp ( material requirement planning ), sd ( sales and distribution ), psc ( procurement and storage control ), pcc ( produce cost checking ), scm ( supply chain management control ) ; as a case study of implementation of xinhua book store ( head office ), crp ( sap r / 3 ) system. as a designer and participator, the writer summarizes and points out some valuable information for business enterprise as a reference

    本文闡述了企業資源規劃的現狀及發展原由;剖析了世界知名erp應用軟體德國sapr 3的系統工作原理、關鍵技術、處理流程、以及如何將物流、信息流、資金流有效集成在一起,用計算機系統完成生產計劃、物料規劃、銷售與分銷、采購庫存控制、生產成本核算、供應鏈規劃控制等;並將新華書店總店erp ( sapr 3 )項目的實施作為案例分析,通過對新華書店總店erp項目實施的身實踐,總結並提出了企業在實施erp項目時值得注意與借鑒的地方。
  15. Color used not publicize at all, bring the comfortable feeling like the music experiencing sunshine and nature ; merge the soft arc element in the line, represent the traditional form on technology, over allfunction completed, meet plural demand and make your routine enjoyed