非穩定態的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēiwěndìngtàide]
非穩定態的 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錯誤) mistake; wrong; errors 2 (指非洲) short for africa 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 ...
  • : 形容詞1 (穩定; 穩當) steady; stable; firm 2 (穩重) steady; staid; sedate 3 (穩妥) sure; rel...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (平靜; 穩定) calm; stable 2 (已經確定的; 不改變的) fixed; settled; established Ⅱ動詞...
  • : 名詞1. (形狀; 狀態) form; condition; appearance 2. [物理學] (物質結構的狀態或階段) state 3. [語言學] (一種語法范疇) voice
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 穩定 : 1 (使穩定) stabilize; steady 2 (穩固安定) stable; steady 3 (物質的性能不易改變的作用) stabi...
  1. The dynamics model is made up to numerically study the movement caused by the friction drive principle. then, the movement is divided into basic vibration state and micro vibration when the state changes according to the simulation to demonstrate the cause of the movement of friction drive

  2. We find that the n - phase state can be either the degenerate ground state or metastable, even unstable state depending on experimental parameters ofbecs

    我們發現依據不同實驗參數, -位相既可能是簡並基、亞,也可能是
  3. Under this condition more and more architecture endures the infiltration from domains, subjects and ideals. architects have freshly cognizance of the immanency relation of dribs, aberrances and other un - stable factors on the metamorphic cultural background, and take a more associated, mutual and dynamic way to probe into the contemporary architecture

  4. Based on differential geometric theory, a novel nonlinear modulation strategy for multi - iii infeed hvdc systems to enhance the transient stability of ac system in the presence of large disturbances is presented in this paper

  5. But self - organized criticality ( soc ) is a kind of weak chaos nature : " edge of chaos " ( non - stable steady state ), appearing only in the specific space - time region in specific stage at self organization process of crustal movement

    「自組織臨界」 ( soc )是一種弱混沌性質「混沌邊緣」 () ,只出現于地殼運動自組織過程特階段中時空域。
  6. The geometric explanation of the image principle presented in “ a new method to determine the transient stability boundary using nonlinear theory 1 is given. a theorem to determine the critical clearance time is derived. from the calculation results of two examples, the correctness of the theories put forward by this paper and paper 1 is verified

    對論文《運用線性系統理論確電力系統暫一種新方法》 1中所提出映射機理作了幾何解釋;提出了確電力系統臨界切除時間理;通過對一簡單電力系統和電科院6機22節點算例計算,驗證了本文及文1所提出理論正確性。
  7. The theoretical analysis shows that mz - ifog can be used to detect the rotation rate of moving objects. a systematic analysis of transfer characteristics of mz - ifog is made. performance - limiting factors, including the path - length difference, the disturbance of temperature fluctuation and stress from working environment, the quality of light source, are all discussed along with methods to reduce their effect on the output signal

    本文用系統方法分析了mz型干涉式光纖陀螺儀光傳輸特徵,指出了其較大互易性因素-臂長差存在,分析了工作環境因素(溫度,應力) 、光源質量(輸出光束中心波長、光功率波動及偏振波動)對系統工作性能影響,並指出了減少系統互易因素、抑制噪聲、提高檢測措施。
  8. But in fact, it is difficult for a rotor to steadily and nicely rote at a certain speed. people have been expecting to identify the unbalance quickly and exactly with the information obtained from the rotors operating at unstable speed

  9. The soil - water characteristic curve, the coefficient of saturated hydraulic conductivity and the initial state of medium ; in the paper, the influence of rain infiltration on the slope stability is discussed, which is very helpful for forecasting slope stability in raining seasons and designing slopes in deep unsaturated zone

  10. This dissertation presented two new methods of robust adaptive track control for a class of mimo strong nonlinear system with external disturbance. one method makes use of taylor approximation principle to linearize the mimo strong nonlinear system at the ideal equilibrium point, meanwhile external disturbance is considered, and then designs two on - line neural network controller respectively, which can dynamically compensate the high order items of taylor series and the control signals at ideal equilibrium point under the drive of state error between linear and nonlinear system. a linear feedback controller obtained by pole assignment and two on - line neural network act on the practical mimo high nonlinear system together, guaranteeing the whole system robust stable and tracking the specified signal ; the other method designs three on - line neural networks for this class of system

    本文對於一類含有外部擾動多輸入多輸出( mimo )強線性系統,提出了兩種新魯棒自適應跟蹤控制方法,第一種利用了taylor近似原理,在考慮了外部擾動情況下,將mimo強線性系統在理想平衡點處線性化,分別設計了兩個在線神經網路控制器,在線性和線性系統之間誤差驅動下動補償系統taylor近似高階項及理想平衡點處控制信號,滿足極點配置方法線性反饋控制器和兩個在線神經網路聯合作用於實際被控mimo強線性系統,在保證整個系統魯棒情況下,能夠跟蹤給指令信號;另一種方法是針對這類系統設計了3個在線神經網路,分別實時抵消這類線性系統中線性部分、與控制量耦合線性項以及外部擾動,使得受控系統輸出可以完全跟蹤給輸入參考信號。
  11. Then, use galerkin principle to put the stability equation in order for the special function the mathieu standard form, and utilize the boundary of the mathieu solves ’ steady area and unsteady area, namely special relationships of and, draw the discrimination equation of losing the magnetoelastic steady critical state

  12. Its main contents is as follow : firstly, it makes the discrete model for the subsystems of the scraper conveyor and the whole system with the finite element method ; secondly, the modal analysis method is used to obtain the inhere frequency and mode of the viberation ; finally, computer simulation is applied to get the displacement, velocity, acceleration and tension of the anyplace on the scraper conveyor for the four special working condition

  13. Abstract : the 2 - d unsteady flow field calculating program has been developed. with this program, the flow processes have been calculated in pool

  14. Besides, we show the method and result in the research of the heart rate variability. it is proved that the nonlinear analysis is much more effective in the clinical diagnoses of heart disease. by the end of this dissertation, we list some problems for our future works including chaos in discrete time ~ varying systems, srb measures of the chaotic map in the sense of marotto, complex dynamics of both h. h. model and cou - pled integrate - and - fire models, strange attractors in h6non systems with classical parameters

  15. Direct torque control using space vector modulation ( svm - dtc ) scheme is discussed and the detailed designed, including space vector choosing and modulating, to overcome the control difficulties coming with the characteristic of low inductance. comparing with the basic dtc, the simulation results confirm the feasibility and good performance of this strategy. in order to reduce the torque error in dynamic state resulted from the nonlinear relationship between the torque and torque angle, a proportional - plus - integral ( pi ) torque controller with variable proportion is presented to ensure exact and quick control of torque in dynamic state

    系統闡述了永磁同步電機直接轉矩控制理論,分析了改進后svm - dtc控制策略,並具體設計了控制技術實現方案,包括參考矢量生成和空間電壓矢量調制方法;為減小電磁轉矩與轉矩角線性關系這一因數給電機電磁轉矩動調節造成誤差,本文實現了變比例系數轉矩pi調節器方案,確保了系統同時,實現了電磁轉矩在動過程中快速而準確調節。
  16. The influence of geometric nonlinear to the structures ’ stability is discussed, and the response of the structures with initial imperfection is analyzed by the consistent modal method. the characteristic of endogenetic force of the cylindrical latticed domes and some advice for the design are offered in the conclusion

  17. Some conditions are obtained by using the semigroup theory, the properties of nonnegative matrices and the techniques of inequalities to determine the asymptotically stable region of the equilibrium

  18. In the first chapter, the history and present situations, the new results and the existing questions of researchs on unsteady well flow problems are introducted. further more, the questions to be researched in this thesis are outlined. in the second chapter, the specific discharges, the drawdowns and the well functions are derived on two - regime well flow problems about two kinds of common seepage laws

  19. Fourthly, to improve the application value of nesa, the issues of benefit distribution, organizational restriction and stability optimization under the dynamic environment are discussed

  20. The simulation on the four - machine and eleven - bus test system proves that the dsr imitated by ann is more accurate than the traditional least square method, and the fuzzy identifier can availably reduce the wrong judges of the border points and the stable or unstable points in the vicinity of border