非穩定平衡 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēiwěndìngpínghéng]
非穩定平衡 英文
unstable balance
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錯誤) mistake; wrong; errors 2 (指非洲) short for africa 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 ...
  • : 形容詞1 (穩定; 穩當) steady; stable; firm 2 (穩重) steady; staid; sedate 3 (穩妥) sure; rel...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (平靜; 穩定) calm; stable 2 (已經確定的; 不改變的) fixed; settled; established Ⅱ動詞...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (沒有高低凹凸 不頃斜) flat; level; even; smooth 2 (高度相同; 不相上下) on the same l...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (秤桿) the graduated arm of a steelyard2 (稱重量的器具) weighing apparatus3 (姓氏) a...
  • 穩定 : 1 (使穩定) stabilize; steady 2 (穩固安定) stable; steady 3 (物質的性能不易改變的作用) stabi...
  1. Secondly, the paper introduces the balanceable condition of airfoil steady fw. its middle part adopts geodesic fw and fw angle is a0. its both ends adopt nongeodesic fw and fw angle is variable

    然後,本文介紹了機翼實現fw的條件,機翼中間段採用測地線fw ,纏繞角為值_ n ;機翼兩端用測地線fw ,纏繞角為一變量。
  2. In chapter 3, two nonlinear modified gilpin - ayala models with distributive delay and continuous diffusion are studied. some simple sufficient conditions for globally asymptotically stable and asymptotically stable of the unique positive equilibrium point are established by constructing lyapunov functional

    在第二章中,我們研究的擴散行為是離散的,而在第三章中,我們研究兩類含連續擴散行為的線性時滯gilpin - ayala模型(反應擴散方程) ,通過構造lyapunov泛函獲得其態全局漸近、漸近的一些充分條件。
  3. Second, we discuss the influence of environmental referance potential temperture and thermal wind on mesoscale symmetric instability. we find the expression of disturbance stream function and criterion of symmetric instability by analytical method and conclude that change caused by environmental referance potential temperture with height and thermal wind make critical richardson number and disturbance critical half - wave length of symmetric instability larger, that is to say, they benefit the occurance of symmetric instability. third, we study nonlinear perturbation analysis of mesoscale vertical circulation and evolution equation by means of f - plane. non - hydrostatic balance and filiter model

  4. In the second section of chapter 2, the fact that the essential interest rates of all nodes differ from each other is discussed, a non - homogeneous differential equation model of interest rate - amount of circulating fund is established, and it is proved that the sum of the weighted interest rates of each node in the financial network still remains a constant and that the difference of the instant interest rates between two nodes will finally approach the difference between their basic interest rates. in the third section of chapter 2, the differential equation model of interest rate - amount of circulating fund in an open system is studied, the laws of changes of interest rate are taken into account when fund is injected into or withdrawn from the node or when fund is injected into the network or withdrawn from the network, and the stability of equilibrium solution is proved based upon lyapunov stability theory. in the last, the equation model of interest rate - amount of circulating fund in the financial network with time delay is studied, and a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of periodic solution is obtained to the interest rate - amount of circulating fund equation with delay

  5. Because of limit that invisibility and discommodious in anciently program, based on the method of limited rigid body equilibrium, using visual program language vb and connect autocad, realize plane and solid programme of abutment analysis of arch dam, provide alternation interface for designer. presently, our country constructing and will construct high 300m arch dam, it is important to judge security based on nonlinear fem analysis. basic theory of nonlinear fem analysis and its realization in ansys were studied

    針對傳統程序的存在問題,直觀、不易操作特點,以剛體極限法為基本分析方法, visualbasic作為操作臺,結合autocad圖形軟體,完成了剛體極限法二維、三維壩肩分析程序設計,使之具有直觀性,可視性、易操作性,為設計人員提供了具有友好界面的工程使用軟體目前我國西部在建和將建一批300m級的高拱壩,運用有限元方法計分析拱壩性、評判大壩安全度十分有必要。
  6. The azeotropic distillation of the system acetic acid - water - azeotropic agent ( isopropyl acetate and butyl acetate ) is simulated. due to the non - ideal behavior, nrtl - hoc and uniquac - hoc model is used to depict vapor - liquid phase equilibrium behavior of this system. concerning the liquid in the decanter, the stability is checked by tangent plane stability analysis, and the initialization of phase splitting calculation is produced. a good estimate of the phase fration is gotten by successive substitution with newton ' s method, and every component of two phase is gotten by mass equilibrium equation. finally, the solution of this equation is produced with successive substitution calcultion. the naphtali - sandholm method is used to simulation of azeotropic distillation. by virtue of this combined calculation method, the simulation is begun with operational data as basical data. the results of simulation accord with the operating data, which proved that the combined calculation method is credible

    該體系具有高度理想性,氣液相模型採用nrtl - hoc和uniquac - hoc模型,採用切面判據法對進入分層器中的液相進行液相性測試,提供液液相分離計算的初值,再結合牛頓拉夫森迭代法運算求得相分割系數,根據物料算求出各相組成,循環迭代可求得分層各組分數據,共沸精餾模擬計算採用那夫塔列-山德荷姆全變量迭代演算法。
  7. For these reasons, we can apply the theory of the model reference self - adaptive control syetem design based on the theorem of balance point stabilization in the force system of asymmetric cylinder controlled by symmetric valve. the main idea of model reference self - adaptive controller is to make the self - adaptive control error incline to zero as time passed. the task to design adaptive controller is to find the control input that can make the output of the controlled system to follow that of the reference model

  8. A combined neural network and genetic algorithm with solving stability safety of homogeneous slope was proposed and the finite element method is applied to analysis the progressive failure process of the slope and the maximum equilibrium theory, requests out stability safety of homogeneous slope with the smooth arc radius of difference with the difference below the level coordinate of arc peak, utilizing the neural network algorithm to establish slidng the nonlinear mapping relationship between level coordinate of arc radious and arc peak, being adapted the neural network algorithm to look for along the minimal stability safety of homogeneous slope and corresponding arc radious and arc peak

  9. When the element studied lost the stability during the elastic - plastic period, the stability balance equation turn to the special coefficient differential equation, and the analytic value cannot be got

  10. In order to optimize control and management groundwater resource, the paper ascertains hydrologic and geological parameter on the basis of single - and multi - well unbalance flow pumping experiment, establishes the model of groundwater management system using the theory of volume balance

  11. The demands that transient energy function methods must meet for the non - autonomous motion system are also proposed, which include that the critical energy should be determined by the critical trajectory and the post - fault stable equilibrium point should be determined by the critical clearing time

  12. Based on these definitions, all kinds of the equilibrium points are analyzed in control systems with single saturated input. by the above facts, it is necessary in analyzing globally asymptotical stability of the origin that the other asymptotical stability equilibrium points are false ones

  13. China ' s process of industrialization over the past 20 years has been accompanied by the shifting of water and land resources, the foundation of grain production, from agricultural to non - agricultural sectors, which has given rise to the big debate among countries all over the world as to whether china has sufficient water and land resources to ensure grain production, hi previous research on food security, the agricultural sector often neglected the necessity to balance with water resources while the water management sector usually failed to analyze the balance between food and water resources as they did not consider other economic conditions such as grain demand and trade

  14. Based on the complex nonlinear system theory and contraposing the nonlinear time - dependent characteristic of complex economic system, this dissertation researches the structure, stability, equilibrium trajectory bifurcation and trajectory catastrophe phenomenon of evolution, the characteristics of the equilibrium catastrophe trajectory which is caused by parameters

  15. The dynamics behaviors of the flexible jeffcott rotor system supported by unsteady short dynamic bearing are investigated. based on nonlinear unsteady - state dynamic n - oil film force model described by three functions the local stability of the periodic solutions with the controlling parameters, rotational speed ratio, imbalance amount, damping ratio and viscidity, are predicted by using the floquet multiplier. it is found that the period doubling bifurcation is caused by a certain imbalance amount and the hopf bifurcation is created by the lost stability of the oil - film

  16. Through such a study, it is also shown that when the time delay is long enough such that the stability switches of the equilibrium of system halt, the bifurcation branches originated from the critical time delays cannot be surely stable or unstable in the whole solution space, that is, their stability depends on cases. this phenomenon also implies that the stability of the periodic solutions on the bifurcation diagrams indicates only the stability on the local center manifo ld. some distinguished features of delay dyn

  17. In ship steering controller design, the nonlinear ship model should be written in siso strict feedback form. we start the recursive design with the system first state variable and continue with the second one. by introducing a change of coordinates, we choose lyapunov functions to stabilize the system and obtain the control law

    在船舶航向控制方面,考慮船舶的態回轉線性,應用backstepping方法設計:首先把系統化成單入單出的嚴格反饋控制形式(呈下三角結構) ,假設系統后一個狀態變量是前一個狀態變量的虛擬控制,通過適當的變量代換,在每一步構造李亞普諾夫函數,使前一子系統在虛擬控制下漸近,逐步遞推出控制器控制規律,使整個系統在點滿足一致漸近性。
  18. But in fact, it is difficult for a rotor to steadily and nicely rote at a certain speed. people have been expecting to identify the unbalance quickly and exactly with the information obtained from the rotors operating at unstable speed

  19. Pore - water pressure distribution calculated by the program is used to slope limited equilibrium analysis, is synthetically analyzed with the fluctuation of the upper reach ' s water level of dam and core - wall dam upper or down are analyzed synthetically when the upper water level changed

  20. The essential problem is expounded as the form - finding analysis of a slack cable - strut system of with comperents loose lengths and under geometrically unstable equilibrium state maintained by its deadweight with given loose lengths of components