oared 中文意思是什麼

oared 解釋
adj. 形容詞 有(…)槳的。
two -oared 雙槳的。

  1. A four-oared galley is hovering about.

  2. Long oared boat

  3. Base on these, the theory and constitution of the flexible - oared wind generator are meticulously analyzed

  4. The expressions on power output of soft oared wind turbine were deduced. influences upon the power output affected by six parameters of this kind of wind turbine were discussed

  5. Finally, depending on theory result and the problems, which existed during the experimentation, in the eye of rational and economical, some basic technical targets are gived for practical use. a small sized flexible - oared wind generator of 7w power is designed. the determination of constitution size and the selection of parameters are also carefully analyzed

  6. Firstly, through the theoretical analysis of the flexible - oared wind generator, mechanics model of this wind generator is created. then the formula about absorbing power of the wind generator is deduced, which is the foundation of base size being determined while different grades of the wind generators are designed