有效鐵芯 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yǒuxiàotiěxīn]
有效鐵芯 英文
active iron
  • : 有副詞[書面語] (表示整數之外再加零數): 30 有 5 thirty-five; 10 有 5年 fifteen years
  • : Ⅰ名詞(效果; 功用) effect; efficiency; result Ⅱ動詞1 (仿效) imitate; follow the example of 2 ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (金屬元素) iron (fe) 2 (指刀槍等) arms; weapon 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ形容詞1 (形容...
  • : 芯名詞1. (物體或器物的中心部分) core 2. (蛇的舌頭) snake's tongue
  • 有效 : effective; valid; efficacious
  1. This paper researches and analyses the developments of web technology and magnetostrictive transducers from world wide region. the paper also analyes the characteristics curve of magnetostrictive transducers based on its equivalent circuit and researches the method how to make sure its syntony frequency and its electric simulation network parameters. at the same time, by using jsp technology, a magnetostrictive transducer electric simulation application is designed based on b / s three - tier system structure. the experiment data is fitted by curve fitting module. the equivalent input impedance of it with stimulate loop is separated based on the results of curve fitting and the syntony frequency and electric simulation network parameters of magnetostrictive transducers is determined by the input impedance. the method presented in this paper can determine the syntony frequency and electric simulation network parameters of magnetostrictive transducers with a better accuracy than the testing method of syntony & anti - synton y. further more, jsp, the advanced technology at current, has been used to realize a magnetostrictive transducer web electric simulation system. the system has good human computer interface and the function of resource sharing and information publishing. the research of this paper and its achievements have some practical merits in the researchful and applied fields of magnetostrictive transducer

  2. Linear induction motor is an important kind of machines which have some merits such as simple structure, low cost, durability, convenience for maintenance etc. the subject of this thesis is to study a big circular ring linear induction motor, and the major works in this thesis are summarized as follows : ( 1 ) considering the effects of the finite length of primary core, one - dimension analytical solution for the air gap field is cited in this paper. based on it, the single layer winding magnetic field is studied. considering whole - pitched and short - pitched winding configuration with odd poles and half - fulled slots in both ends, the double - layer winding magnetic field is analyzed, respectively

    本文對大圓環直線感應電機進行了深入細致研究,內容包括: ( 1 )本文採用限長行波面電流作用於限長上的模型,引用了氣隙磁場一維解,研究了單層繞組磁場,奇數極半填槽雙層繞組在採用整距和短距時磁場的分析、比較,簡單介紹了二維解; ( 2 )用限元軟體ansoft對大圓環直線感應電機空載氣隙磁場進行了靜態分析,並分析了結果; ( 3 )用軟體進行了額定電壓下的瞬態分析,得到了轉矩,位移,轉速隨時間變化曲線圖,利用單極性霍爾元件測定轉速並與軟體計算結果進行了比較,採用等電路法計算了堵轉時的最大電磁力並做實驗進行了驗證,由實驗測得了三相電流波形,並與計算結果進行了比較,對其不對稱性進行了定性分析。
  3. If coreless melting furnace mainly for steel , alloy steel , cast iron , and other ferrous metal materials and stainless steel , copper , aluminum , zinc and other non - ferrous metal materials melting , melting with high efficiency , energy - saving , metal components uniform , burning less temperature or block , simple operation , easy to supporting the advantages of production lines

  4. In the actual cases, there are many motors often operate on low load with low power factor and low efficiency, also there are many motors operate on the magnetic flux saturate region with high energy consumption, a large mount of energy used by ac motors is wasted due to all of those factors

  5. Two kinds of common used snubber circuits are studied through simulation and experiment. it is pointed out that the rcd snubber has less power loss. increasing the turn ratio of transformer is helpful for the energy, which is stored in the primary side of transformer, to be transferred to the secondary side

  6. The present situation of energy utilizing in foundry industry was analyzed, the main effective energy saving techniques and their application was described in aspects of melting and heating systems, moulding and core - making processes and equipments, low - stress cast irons, as - cast nodular irons, feeder - less method of nodular reclaiming of cupola gas, and so on