有閥的功能的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yǒudegōngnéngde]
有閥的功能的 英文
  • : 有副詞[書面語] (表示整數之外再加零數): 30 有 5 thirty-five; 10 有 5年 fifteen years
  • : 名詞1 (指在某方面有支配勢力的人物或家族) established house or power group; a powerful person or...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • : 名詞1 (功勞) exploit; merit; meritorious service [deed]: 戰功 military exploits; 立功 render me...
  • : 能名詞(姓氏) a surname
  1. First, it is compressible and cushiony ; second, it can be transported to a long distance with a little power loss ; the last, its flux and velocity of flow are quite high, so the reaction time of the operators can been considerably shortened. aiming to solve the problems of vibrating machinery such as short life - span, poor cushion and high energy consumption, the writer, on the basis of characteristic of pneumatic mentioned, contrives a set of valve controlled pneumatic vibrator, which has larger output vibrating force and longer life - span with simple structure. then, it is applied to drive a vibrating screen and the result is fairly well

  2. Safeguards regime plays a key role in stabilizing multilateral trade system, therefore is reputed as " safe valve ". consequently, safeguard measures are attached more and more importance by wto members as a kind of powerful trade instrument, which contribute to relieve industrial injuries and equipoise trade interests. china ' s accession into wto signifies overall participation in world economy

  3. Finally, because high - speed power solenoid valve is one of the most important executive parts in the electronic control diesel engine and the performances of diesel engine are strongly related to the solenoid valve, the response performance of the solenoid valve is investigated. the response performance of the solenoid is influenced by many factors, such as driving voltage, electric driving unit etc. in order to have high excitation voltage and in low maintaining voltage, a high - low voltage electric driving unit is designed, and in order to make the solenoid valve close more rapidly, an active free - wheeling circuit and a bootstrapping circuit are designed in the electric driving unit, too. in the high - low electric driving unit, high voltage and low voltage are supplied by the dc - dc device and by the accumulator respectively

    高速強力電磁響應性除了與本身結構和材料關外,與驅動電壓、驅動電路設計密切相關,本文通過分析,首先開發出一種高低壓驅動電路,高壓電源是山升壓式dc - dc原理獲取,低壓由蓄電池本身提供,實現高壓強激和低壓維持,電路中採用源續流電柴汕機中卜軌知介系統設訓及其七川j敝略叭究路進行續流,加誣了電磁關閉速度;採用自舉吐路,降低了場效應管對驅動電壓要求。
  4. This model of electromagnetic valve has the single - way check function and a patent design of block - up resisting and is the ideal self control valve for the water supply system with a high level container or tank or the automatic water supply system with a high level container or tank or the automatic water supply facility required the function of adverse current prevention. the amalgamation inflicts to hike in the inflexions of can percolation function that purge

    Fcd . 3 148f :進水口與出水口均為4分15外螺紋銅接頭該型電磁單向止回,專利防阻塞設計,是高水位容箱器供水系統或其他兼需防逆流自動供水設備理想自控門;並增加了過濾裝置。
  5. Industrial - process control valves - flow capacity - sizing equations for fluid flow through multistage control valves with interstage recovery

  6. During the adjustment. it decided the amount and the rate of humidification. the system can test the states of water level by water lever sensor, thereby the main control module can control the entrance and drain of water and give warnings ; as its good man - machine interaction, the system can expediently set the humidity and the amount of humidification and control water - in valve and leading winds through control panel. the system can communicate with computer thereby the net supervise is enabled

  7. For maximum versatility, both a and b type valves shall have inter - changeable bonnet / stem assemblies

  8. If the hose is left on the figure 85 and 90m in freezing weather, the valve ' s self - draining feature will protect the sillcock from freeze damage if : 1 ) the nozzle is not left affixed to the hose ; and 2 ) the entire hose length is on a plane lower than the fixed position of the frostproof sillcock

    如果型號85和90m軟管位於冰凍氣候中,自排泄將會保護灑水龍頭不會凍壞,如果: 1 )灑水龍頭出口沒連接軟管;或2 )整個軟管長度都位於防凍灑水龍頭連接點下方。
  9. It has the characteristic of non - gear - box, large output torque, small volume, easy control, fast response, high track precision, high reliability etc. the system has potential advantages over substituting for traditional hydraulic or pneumatic missile actuator servo control system and has wide prospect in the fields of aerial actuator, servo valve, robot, radar antenna etc. the system ' s operation principle, control idea, functions and realization of each component are discussed in detail

  10. The effect of valves to duct system is more take into account than in other design software. the thesis has also introduces the process of how to get the final degree result

  11. The system is mainly comprised of a computer, sensors, cable, high pressure oil lines and electromagnetic overflow valve, has both the functions of measuring and control, and is awarded the explosionproof qualification certificate by china classification society

  12. Xh rubber slowly - closing cut - off vavle is a new water supply and drainage vavle with full rubber structure, duck - mouthed appearance and functions or positive flow - in and reserve cut - off. according to thrust analysis and calculation as well as different operation mechanism and different rubber products by special processing. all will be open at weak hydraulic pressure is higher, the vavle gate will open more greatly and the water flow is greater. at reserve operation, the vavle gate closes naturally and seals tightly cut - off vavle ; the back pressure is higher, the vavle gate closes more tightly and the seal effect is better. it is used widely in various drainage exit to prevent from pouring backwards and flowing backwards in city planning, water conservancy and sewage disposal etc. it is the ideal productto replace flap vavle

    Xf型橡膠緩閉逆止是一種全橡膠結構外形呈「鴨嘴狀」 ,具「正向流入反向逆止」新型給排水門產品。它根據受力分析和受力計算,針對不同工況,採用不同設計機理,選用不同橡膠配方,並按特殊工藝製作而成。正向工作時,水由進水口流入,微小水壓,便打開門,水壓越大,門開啟越大,水流量越大。
  13. The revolutionary nib - seal bronze ball valve stops condensate, cold. its unique thermal barrier design keeps moisture from infiltrating your insulated system while preventing thermal energy loss through exposed metal handles

    創新nib - seal青銅球夠防止冷凝和冷卻。獨特熱障結構設計阻止水分滲透到保溫系統中,防止熱從暴露金屬手柄上流失。
  14. The heimeier gunmetal lockshields, regulux and regutec, are now also available with press connections for 15 mm piping. and in order to ensure that the safety factor figures prominently in the equation, the press connection is equipped with the viega

    當然, c型標準溫控也適用於所型號heimeier emo系列執行器,由於具反向,可以用在風機盤管裝置送氣裝置和天花板輻射製冷裝置中。
  15. Qualification of actuators for power - operated valve assemblies with safety - related functions for nuclear power plants

  16. Based on the high - low voltage electric driving unit, a new electric driving unit is built, which not only has the advantages of the high - low voltage electric driving unit but also has the advantage of obtaining high limiting current and low maintaining current easily. using self - excitation chopper circuit, the electric driving unit is good efficient, and the heat creating from the solenoid is small

  17. Non - return ( stop - check ) valves provide the same function as a globe valve with the addition of providing piston - lift - check valve protection in the event of backflow

  18. Usually, the pci protocol is very complex and uneasy to understand, so we adopt a pci bus interface chip - s5920 produced by amcc inc. the board has showed excellent performance in the practical applications such as the cloud platform controlling system, and gun regulating system etc. at the same time it only needs little alteration when used in other similar industrial controlling systems

    採用了amcc公司推出一種pci總線介面晶元s5920並用c + +語言實現了所。該板卡應用於雲臺控制系統以及後面承接航空發動機油調控系統己取得很好效果,稍加改動即可應用於其他類似工業控制領域。
  19. We have 4 automatic production lines, with advanced watermeter parity platform, electronic - control plate comprehensive inspection equipments, electric valve comprehensive inspection equipments and the function inspection equipments for the whole set, which provide the production and inspection base for first - class products

  20. These high temperature zero regulators will provide the same service as the standard bzr for higher ambient or gas temperatures

    這些高溫零壓適用於環境溫度高或燃氣溫度高場合,和普通bzr具相同。溫度范圍300 , 500和700華氏度三個溫度級別。