清算完結 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [qīngsuànwánjiē]
清算完結 英文
closure of liquidation
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (純凈) unmixed; clear 2 (寂靜) quiet 3 (清楚) distinct; clarified 4 (一點不留) w...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算數目) calculate; reckon; compute; figure 2 (計算進去) include; count 3 (謀劃;計...
  • : 結動詞(長出果實或種子) bear (fruit); form (seed)
  • 清算 : 1. (徹底地計算) clear (accounts); square; audit 2. (列舉全部罪惡並做出處理) settle accounts; expose and criticize
  1. Conclusion : modern computer technology " s imitation of diagnosis and treatment thoughts of tcm, depends on clearness and briefness of expert " s experience and reason and completeness of mathematical model

  2. In recent years, the endomorphism algebras of complete exceptional sequence of type an and an have been researched. furthermore, the inductive formula of the number of complete exceptional sequence over hereditary algebras of finite representation type has been obtained

    對于例外序列自同態代數的研究中,有關a _ n型, a _ n型的備例外序列的自同態代數的構都已經楚,並且進一步得到計有限表示型遺傳代數中備例外序列個數的遞推公式。
  3. Designed and implemented the first level fund settlement software of stock, the data warehouse of securities corporation fund balance and the monitoring software of stock exchange in real time

  4. With the development of the network and the multi - processor system, the research, simulation and the impemeni of the system - level fault diagnosis which is the very important means to increase the reliability of the system, are becoming more and more important. on the system - leve1 fault diagnosis, based on the group theory of system - level fault diagnosis that has been put forward by pro f zhang, the paper constructs newly the theory bases, improves on the matrix method, reinforces and consummates group arithmetic of all kinds of test mode, for the first time, analyses and discusses the equation solution of all kinds of models, so al1 the consistent fault patterns ( cfp ) could be found, straightly and high efficiently, even if the sufficient and necessary condition of t - diagnosable is dissatisfied and the complexity of system - level fault diagnosis is greatly decreased, especialy in strong t - diagnosabl6 system. last the simulation system ' s function has been extended and the application hotspot and the development trend have been disscussed

    本人在張大方教授等人提出的基於集團的系統級故障診斷的理論基礎上,重新構建了系統級故障診斷的理論基礎,定義了系統級故障診斷測試模型的三值表示;改進了系統級故障診斷的矩陣方法,重新定義了測試矩陣、鄰接矩陣、點對、點對的相連運、極大準集團和斜加矩陣,由此能直觀、簡便地生成集團和極大獨立點集;補充和善了各類測試模型的系統級故障診斷的集團演法,通過定義集團測試邊和絕對故障集,簡化了集團診斷圖,由此能較易地找到所有的相容故障模式,即使不滿足t -可診斷性,大大減少了系統級故障診斷的復雜度,尤其是對強t -可診斷系統;首次分析探討了各類測試模型的方程解決,由此從另一角度能系統地、高效率地求出所有的相容故障模式( cfp ) :擴充了系統級故障診斷模擬系統的功能,快速、直觀和隨機地模擬實驗運行環境,進行晰和正確的診斷,同時提供大量的實驗數據用於理論研究,優化演法和設計。
  5. So according to the technology regulation of reclamation engineering, hydraulic calculation must be carried out in the design of final closure. this paper firstly introduces the progression and present situation of reclamation engineering, emphasizing on the features of present reclamation and on the experiences and theories of home and abroad ; using fortran perfects the hydraulic calculation program of the closure and makes the program to meet different conditions ( such as considering flood, the variation of time interval, multi - entrance, multi - reservoir capacity ), and after comparing and analyzing a great deal of schemes, the reasonable computation scheme was brought up ; the interface of the program was carried out by the programming language vb to make the process of calculation become easier and more distinct, so the result can be analyzed and handled more directly ; vb is used in the later management of the result to plot the graphic chart of the isoline of the maximum of hydraulic element ( the velocity of flow, the drop height and the rate of flow ) automatically ; finally it was applied in the reclamation project of dongbidao of fuqing

  6. The author considers as follows : ( 1 ) we should understand how to define the price of architecture products the cost of engineering and the price of engineering, we should compare the connotations of plan price, float price and market price, we should clarify how engineering cost and architecture installation engineering cost are formed and what is the difference between balance price and final accounts price ; ( 2 ) through analyzing and comparing the account bases and composing contents of enterprise individual production cost and social average production cost, analyzing from the design mechanism ' s function of auction and bid and the purpose of actualizing auction and bid, we can confirm that the foundation that the titles are weeded when judged is enterprise individual production cost, not social average production cost ; ( 3 ) the author considers there is diverge between shop drawing budget based on ration and auction and bid, carrying out bill quantity of construction works can advance the formation of cons truction - product market price, also is the outset and integrant route to close international, but though code of valuation with bill quantity of construction works has a lot of advantage to advance the form of architecture market price, we also see it has lack and it should be amended

  7. Article 21 whenever an enterprise as a legal person is to cancel its registration, it must submit an application signed by its legal representative, a document of approval issued by the department in charge or by the authority for examination and approval, a certificate showing the completion of the clearing up of its liabilities, or a document showing that a liquidation organization will be responsible for clearing up its creditor ' s rights and liabilities

  8. Second, the coordinate figure of the first and second principal components is of great audio - visual sicnifcance. it can clearly show the distinguishing feature and similarity. this is a very useful analyzing means. third, the factor analysis can be used completely to analyzing the aligning datas in time, its calculating results reflect totally the developmental trend and changing reasons of the textile industry in tianjin

    分析果表明: ( 1 )在適當選取指標后,使用主成分分析法,可以將第一主成分作為一個地區綜合經濟實力的度量,其公式具有穩定的系數且果可靠可信: ( 2 )主成分坐標圖(如圖3 )具有很強的直觀意義,各省市的特點及相似性都非常楚地展示出來,這是一個很有用的分析工具; ( 3 )因子分析法全可以作為時間序列數據的實證分析,其計果客觀全面地反映出天津紡織工業的發展趨勢及其變動原因。
  9. 29 december, china telecom and china netcom accomplished the checking - up and confirmation of the outstanding debts owed by the former jitong corporation and also accomplished the settlement confirmation of the long - distance call accounts in 2003 and 2004 between china telecom and china netcom, which were caused by the north - south splitting of the long - distance networks

    12月29日中國電信與中國網通成對原吉通公司與中國電信間各項債務的理確認,以及中國電信與中國網通南北長途網路拆分前2003 、 2004兩年跨南北長途話務在集團層面的確認工作。
  10. Furthermore, those existing provisions applicable to protection of shareholders, creditors, and employees of a corporation and that of society are less operative. this thesis, adopting the approach of comparative law, law interpretation and science of economics, reviews and analyzes the main legal issues concerning corporate liquidation and puts forward some proposals and suggestions on the base of the actual circumstance of china

  11. Where the bankruptcy property is insufficient to repay all the repayment needs within a single order of priority, it shall be distributed on a pro - rata basis

  12. What s more, simple concurrent programming has been available on essentially all unix hosts since at least 1988, which is when ksh standardized its " co - processes. " if you save the ksh source in listing 1, below, as ex1. ksh and then run it, you ll see a " countdown " - " ten, nine, eight, etc. " - display, then the result of the ksh subprocess : " all done. " in practice, you might use something like this for a long - running chemical calculation or database retrieval : launch the operation as a subprocess, but keep users informed about what s going on or how much time is left before completion

    此外,至少自1988年以來,基本上已經在所有unix主機上實現了簡單的並發編程,在1988年這一年ksh對其「協同進程( co - process ) 」進行了標準化。如果您將下面單1中的ksh源代碼保存為ex1 . ksh ,然後運行它,您會看到「倒計時」顯示: 「十、九、八,等等」 ,然後看到ksh子進程的果: 「 all done 」 。實際運用中,您可能會對長期運行的化學計或數據庫檢索使用類似這樣的操作:啟動操作作為子進程,但是讓用戶始終知道操作的進展或成之前還剩多少時間。
  13. Moreover, the corresponding program for computer is designed. the computational results of the examples show that the algorithm can reduce noises, and the reconstructed tomographic images are very visual clear, with perfect image character

  14. In this thesis, the database of gps vehicle monitor information management system is designed, the design of the man - machine conversation interface and the software of the database server, also the software of the mid - ware are accomplished. an improved and logical three layer structure framework is used to utilize the resource of the system efficiently, balance the load, and improve the expansibility of the system ; powerful oracle database is used as background database to provide high performance service to the system which has numerous users and large - scale ; encrpytion arithmetic of communication data is designed to ensure the safty of gps vehicle monitor information management system communication ; the usage of fire wall, system privilege management and data backup improved the safty of the information management system database ; high usability design is realized by oracle data guard ; optimization of the information management system made the whole gps vehicle monitor system persistent, stable and high quality

    本文針對原有gps車輛監控系統響應速度慢、穩定性和安全性不高的不足,提出了一種以改進的三層構體系為系統架構,以oracle數據庫為后臺的gps車輛監控信息管理系統設計方案,設計了gps車輛監控信息管理系統數據庫,成了gps車輛監控信息管理系統人機界面、中間件及數據庫端的軟體設計。系統架構採用改進的三層構體系,其邏輯晰,有利於系統資源的有效利用,均衡負載,提高系統的可擴展性;后臺數據庫採用功能強大的oracle數據庫,可以提供大規模、多用戶的高性能服務;通信數據的加密演法有利於確保gps車輛監控信息管理系統的通信安全;防火墻的使用、系統權限管理以及數據的備份和恢復等有利於提高gps車輛監控信息管理系統數據庫的安全性, oracledataguard的使用有利於提高系統的可用性;系統的優化,為系統持續、穩定、高質量運行創造了有利條件。