粘液道 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [niándào]
粘液道 英文
mucilage canal
  • : 粘動詞(粘附) glue; stick; paste; adhere to; bond
  • : 名詞(液體) liquid; fluid; juice
  • : Ⅰ名詞(道路) road; way; route; path 2 (水流通過的途徑) channel; course 3 (方向; 方法; 道理) ...
  1. In land animals, saliva contains mucus, and provides lubrication for food in the alimentary canal.

  2. It was a black stream of something oozing from her basket, and it glistened like a slimy snake in the cold still rays of the moon.

  3. In an asthma attack the bronchioles ( tiny airways in the lungs ) constrict, triggering the release of histamine and other chemicals that, in turn, cause inflammation, swelling and the production of extra mucus, making it hard to breathe

  4. The western blot analysis show that the antiserum induced by the new antigen plus hemocyanin could bind with the 22kd and 55kd proteins, which were existed in the testis tissue protein of mouse, rat and human. 2 ) the purified peptide emulsified in an equal volume of freund ' s adjuvant and immunized the female balb / c mice with 8 - 10 weeks old. the antiserums and the washings of vaginal membrane were detected by elisa, and shown the highest level of the specific antibody igg was 1 : 6000, while the iga was 1 : 300

    二、 p3多肽與弗氏佐劑混懸后免疫近交系balb c小鼠后,在血清和陰膜沖洗中可檢測出特異性lgg 、 lga ,最高效價分別達到1 : 6000和1 : 300 ;免疫后的小鼠脾臟淋巴細胞增殖率升高,淋巴細胞培養上清中分泌的il 4和inf y也升高,且以il 4更明顯。
  5. Slippery elm helps relieve digestive discomfort and provides mucilage to soothe the digestive tract

  6. Several subclassifications have been proposed : simple chronic bronchitis describes a condition characterized by mucoid sputum production ; chronic mucopurulent bronchitis is characterized by persistent or recurrent purulence of sputum in the absence of localized suppurative diseases such as bronchiectasis ; chronic bronchitis with obstruction deserves a separate classification characterized by presence of airway obstruction as assessed by the used of the forced expiratory vital capacity maneuver ; and chronic asthmatic bronchitis

  7. Yellowish - green mucous from nasal passages or lungs

  8. And white turbidity in urine. the second is radioactivity pain symptoms at the lower abdomen, testicle, urethra, waist, penis, varicosity, scrotum, groin, and thigh and rectum region. swell and pain at back urethra, perineum and straining at stool

  9. The outpouring of mucus from hypertrophied bronchial submucosal glands, the bronchoconstriction, and dehydration all contribute to the formation of mucus plugs that can block airways in asthmatic patients

  10. The food waste disposer will not block drain, because food wastes are grindedinto fluid and flushed away, carrying all greasiness away effectively. in addition, thefluid also plays an important role in polishing, flushing, and cleaning the pipes

  11. In this step, first calculate the impulse press with the different triers, find out the influence of triers to the impulse press. then calculate the impulse press with the different pipeline system, hydraulic accumulator, supercharger and oil viscosity. at last, show the result in the forms of chart, also show the main character of the press curve

  12. After asthma patients ' respiratory tract suffering the allergy sources or other physical - chemical factors stimulation, they will create overactive reaction to cause the spasm of respiratory tract ' s smooth muscle, membrane oedema, mucus over secrete which narrow the respiratory tract and cause the asthma syndrome like coughing, breathe heavily and breathing difficulty

  13. Macromolecule oilproof liquild sealant is used for adhensive and seal of motor engines, cylinder botton, oil undeypan, steam inlet and outlet pipe, gear shifting box, and gas thread

  14. Like vitamin c, quercetin has strong antioxidant properties ? but it is also believed to prevent the release of histamine, thus potentially helping to stop inflammation and swelling of airways and the production of excess mucus

  15. Plastics piping systems - injection - moulded socket fittings for solvent - cemented joints for pressure piping - test method for resistance to a short - term internal hydrostatic pressure

  16. It is believed that it can bring the important inspiration for the future medical micro robot which can be embedded into inner organ of human for inspection, drug spot deliverance and local body surgery. supported by supported by the nation nature science foundation of mechanism, structure and control study on swimming micro robot in liquid ( item no. 69885002 ) and guangdong province science foundation of research on swimming micro robot in liquid ( item no. 980402 ) and guangdong province education department foundation of research on micro pipe robot driven by liquid self energy ( item no. 010043 ), this dissertation mainly deals with much theoretical and, including research situation and the main issue of micro mobile robot in liquid, fish propulsion mechanism, design and locomotion mechanism, and flagellum - like propulsion swimming micro robot in low reynolds number viscous liquid

    本論文得到國家自然科學基金項目「泳動微機器人的機理、機構和控制」 (項目資助號: 69885002 ) 、廣東省自然科學基金項目「體中泳動微機器人的研究」 (項目資助號: 980402 )和廣東省教育廳基金項目「基於流體自身能量的微管機器人研究」 (項目資助號: 010043 )的資助,主要對體中微機器人的國內外研究現狀和主要研究問題、魚類推進機理、體中微機器人的設計與運動機理、低雷諾數體中仿鞭毛推進微機器人研究等方面進行了大量的理論與實驗研究。
  17. Specification for solvent cements for poly vinyl chloride plastic piping systems

  18. Specification for solvent cement for acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene plastic pipe and fittings

  19. These results indicated that lectins present in the skin mucus of amphioxus and defend amphioxus from the invasion of pathogene

  20. Some of the early warning signs are a cough that will not go away and an increase in mucus production