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納庫路 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (收進來; 放進來) receive; admit 2 (接受) accept; take in 3 (享受) enjoy; take deligh...
  • : 1 (道路) road; way; path 2 (路程) journey; distance 3 (途徑; 門路) way; means 4 (條理) se...
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  1. On the base of serious summarizing the experience of more than 20 pilot villages of the all city during the past 7 years, twice villages surveys in large scale in 1999 and 2001 ( including over 200 villages ) and thirteen pilot villages in the project of rural development by technology and education project in beijing in 2002, generalizing experience on how to develop village economy and rural development by technology and education project entirely, extrapolating the operating mechanism, management system and village development pattern in how to rely on technology to train rural elites and boom village economy especially. thereby, representing the conception, goal and operating clue of village economy and rural development by technology and education project for 21st century in beijing in detail. it is the first time to represent four operating thesis of rural development by technology and education project for 21st century in china systematically : system thesis of village productive forces ( inside ) ; regional actinoid thesis in village ( outside ), operating thesis for origin, bank and fluid, and the thesis of biology balancing and limited factors

    在認真總結北京市7年多來全市20餘個科教興村老試點和1999年、 2001年兩次大規模村級調查( 200餘村) 、北京市2002年十三個科教興村新的試點的基礎上,全面總結如何依靠科技、教育在發展村域經濟、開展科教興村等方面的經驗教訓,特別是重點總結歸了7年來北京市如何依靠科技、培育鄉土人才、促進村域經濟發展的科教興村的管理體系、運作模式、村級發展模式;在此基礎上,詳細闡述了21世紀北京市科教興村的概念、目標和工作思;並在國內首次較系統地、深入地闡述了21世紀科教興村的四大運行理論基礎:村域生產力系統理論(對內) 、村域區域經濟發展輻射理論(對外) 、 「源、、流」運轉學說和「生態平衡理論和限制因子學說」 。
  2. The city of curitiba provides the world with a model in how to integrate sustainable transport considerations into business development, road infrastructure development, and local community development

  3. In this dissertation, the newly enacted standard of vehicle classification for highway toll charging is adopted. according to the statistics of main vehicles running on the highway, a general and practical vehicletype database is created

  4. In the morning, not far from mikulino, where the wood ran close to the road, the cossacks of denisovs party had pounced on two french waggonloads of saddles, stuck in the mud, and had carried them off into the wood

  5. Along with silicon ulsi technology has seen an exponential improvement in virtually any figure of merit, as described by moore ’ s law ; the miniaturization of circuit elements down to the nanometer scale has resulted in structures which exhibt novel physical effects due to the emerging quantum mechanical nature of the electrons, the new devices take advantage of quantum mechanical phenomena that emerge on the nanometer scale, including the discreteness of electrons. laws of quantum mechanics and the limitations of fabrication may soon prevent further reduction in the size of today ’ s conventional field effect transistors ( fet ’ s )

  6. Six cossacks had been left behind, two versts from mikulino, where the wood bordered the road. they were to bring word at once as soon as any fresh columns of french came into sight

  7. On the left side of the road between mikulino and shamshevo there were great woods, which in places bordered on the road, and in places were a verst or more from the road

  8. If kutuzov decided to march by the road from krems to olmtz to join the forces from russia he ran the risk of finding the french, who had crossed the vienna bridge, in advance of him on this road, and so being forced to give battle on the march, encumbered with all his stores and transport, with an enemy three times as numerous and hemming him in on both sides. kutuzov chose the last course

  9. The festivities took place in many mexican cities, such as teotihuacan in the state of mexico, chichen itza in yucatan, and cuicuilco a famous archeological site in mexico city, palenque in chiapas, tulum in quintana roo, tula in hidalgo, and tajin in veracruz. mexican fellow initiates met for this event in teotihuacan, located approximately 50 kilometers from mexico city

  10. The information resources concerning academic research are sum up to 8 types, namely, on - line databases, opac, electronic books, electronic journals, electronic newspapers, web resources guidance and search engines, education and training information and electronic forum

  11. " elephants around the country will enjoy a delicious lunch today consisting of about five christmas trees each, " berlin zoo spokesman ragnar kuehne told reuters on thursday

    透社1月4日報道,柏林動物園發言人萊格爾?在4日接受記者采訪時表示: 「全德國的大象們今天都可以享用到一頓由大約5棵聖誕樹組成的豐盛的午餐。 」
  12. Berlin reuters - germans have found a novel way of recycling thousands of used and unsold christmas trees : give them to the local zoo to feed to the animals. " elephants around the country will enjoy a delicious lunch today consisting of about five christmas trees each, " berlin zoo spokesman ragnar kuehne told reuters on thursday

    透社1月4日報道,柏林動物園發言人萊格在4日接受記者采訪時表示: 「全德國的大象們今天都可以享用到一頓由大約5棵聖誕樹組成的豐盛的午餐。 」
  13. The way and content of this thesis are as followed : ( 1 ) based on briefly describing the company present condition and problems of management with analysis of such question, this thesis pointes out that putting crm into practice is an effective measure to resolve manage bottleneck, then research its feasibility and definite its line degree in the practice ; ( 2 ) analyze the importance of ex - period preparing work to put crm into practice ; ( 3 ) adjust the company ' s business enterprise culture to replace and recreate the reforming atmosphere to guarantee such work in a low cost with smoothly progress ; ( 4 ) analyze the buildup construction of the company and the business process, aim at the unreasonable construction to proceeds with business process to give a new life, especially at changing the company organization construction with the business process re - engineering ( bpr ) ; ( 5 ) apply the theory of customer letting the worth and the method of customer ' s pyramid divide into section, collect the customer ' s data with the t echnique of american broadcast company to customer data analysis with categorize, provide knowledge to be used by the leaders and help them make the correct decision ; ( 6 ) according to the knowledge of data refined, application wooden pail theories with leaking a theories, aiming at the weak link of company management, make out the concrete strategy to increase the customer ' s satisfaction and loyalty

    本文研究的思和內容是: ( 1 )簡述公司經營管理現狀,以公司經營和管理現狀為研究基礎,解析出實施客戶關系管理是解決管理瓶頸的突破口和切入點,然後對公司實施客戶關系管理的可行性加以研究和論證,明確了實施可行度; ( 2 )解析實施客戶關系管理前期準備工作的重要性,明確高層領導參與和支持的必要性,建立實施項目管理組,並作好實施規劃工作; ( 3 )調整公司的企業文化,為組織變革創造改革氛圍,以保證實施的低成本和順利進行; ( 4 )分析公司的組織結構和業務流程,針對不合理結構和業務流程進行再造,重點是運用業務流程再造理論改變公司組織結構和業務流程; ( 5 )運用客戶讓渡價值理論原理收集客戶資料,運用客戶金字塔和abc分類法對客戶資料分析和歸類,運用客戶管理信息系統,利用數據技術和數據挖掘技術對客戶資料進行科學分析和歸,提煉成供決策領導層使用並能做出正確決策的知識; ( 6 )根據所提煉出的知識,運用木桶理論和漏桶理論,針對公司管理薄弱環節分析公司應該採取的客戶維系策略,制定適合公司發展的以提高客戶滿意度和忠誠度為目的的具體策略。
  14. The french, after crossing the river, had, as the spy reported, set off at a quick march toward znaim, which lay on kutuzovs line of routes more than a hundred versts in front of him

  15. Based on trips agreement in wto, legislation and prosecution adjustment in copyright protection were emphatically researched during china entering into wto. legislation adjustment was embodied in revision of copyright law. object and scope of copyright protection were extended and rights of copyright person and neighboring right person were increased in the new copyright law

  16. Furthermore, not all of network devices support snmp. for example, the early devices and nor - core devices ( ups, nas etc. ). if these nor - snmp devices want to be managed in the same platform with snmp device, the best way is to add a proxy agent between snmp manager and managed devices

    另一方面,並不是所有的網設備都支持snmp協議,如早期的產品以及一些非網核心設備( ups 、附網存儲器等) ,還有一些重要軟體服務(網防火墻、數據等)也逐步被入網管理范圍之內。