襪底 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [de]
襪底 英文
sole of a stocking
  • : 名詞(襪子) hose; socks; stockings
  • : 底助詞(用在定語后, 表示定語和中心詞之間是領屬關系, 現在多寫作「的」)
  1. Many most attractive and enthusiastic women also commit suicide by stabbing, drowning, drinking prussic acid, aconite, arsenic, opening their veins, refusing food, casting themselves under steamrollers, from the top of nelson s pillar, into the great vat of guinness s brewery, asphyxiating themselves by placing their heads in gas ovens, hanging themselves in stylish garters, leaping from windows of different storeys

  2. This would have been no serious hindrance on a week - day ; they would have clicked through it in their high pattens and boots quite unconcerned ; but on this day of vanity, this sun s - day, when flesh went forth to coquet with flesh while hypocritically affecting business with spiritual things ; on this occasion for wearing their white stockings and thin shoes, and their pink, white, and lilac gowns, on which every mud spot would be visible, the pool was an awkward impediment. they could hear the church - bell calling - as yet nearly a mile off

  3. Her wellturned ankle displayed its perfect proportions beneath her skirt and just the proper amount and no more of her shapely limbs encased in finespun hose with high spliced heels and wide garter tops

  4. Crotchless french cut stretch nylon spandex pantyhose with floral panty knit in

  5. At the end of november 2003, the practitioners began preparing the gifts by cutting large rolls of fabric into single - sized blankets and sewing a professional - looking hem on each one. the blankets were then packed in colorful, festive christmas gift bags that also contained a sample booklet, one of masters magazines, a warm polyester sweater, a pair of thick cotton socks, a knit cap and a box of delicious chocolates

  6. Footwear - test methods for insoles, lining and insocks - perspiration resistance

  7. Footwear - test methods for shanks - longitudinal stiffness

  8. My high school girlfriend always wore keds with white socks

  9. Footwear. method of test for the dynamic wayer proofness of soling leather

  10. Footwear. test methods. determination of the resistance to separation of the upper - sole unit

  11. Over time this has evolved from wearing a blue clothing to wearing a blue band around the bottom of the bride ' s dress and to modern times where the bride wears a blue or blue - trimmed garter

  12. The detroit tigers finished 71 - 91 and 28 games behind chicago when the 2005 regular season came to an end, and they ' re the only 2006 playoff team to post a losing record in 2005

  13. Footwear - test methods for outsoles - tensile strength and elongation

  14. Ayla, a service monkey for the disabled, throws out the first pitch prior to a baseball game between the boston red sox and detroit tigers at fenway park in boston

  15. For most of the last several days, the yankees had spoken openly about needing one solid starting effort to shake the doldrums of an early - season skid that eventually saw them slip 6 1 / 2 games behind the red sox, taking up residence in last place in the american league east

    在過去大部分的日子里,洋基公開的談論有關需要一場優質先發來破除這季初表現不良的滑鐵盧表現,洋基打擺子在美聯東區墊落後紅隊達6 . 5場。
  16. Arming ourselves with new winter clothing, socks, candies and biscuits, we spread out in the streets of old districts, visiting tunnels and bridges where destitute old people, new immigrants and young addicts were living, some in paper boxes, just to get a bit of warmth. some of us also went to transition quarters for the mentally disabled

  17. " most people just stick their rings in the bottom of their jewelry box, in a corner of a sock or underwear drawer, " added testa, who surprisingly describes her own divorce after 20 years of marriage as amicable

    泰斯塔補充說道: 「大多數人只是把他們的戒指放到首飾盒的最層或是放在子或內衣抽屜的一個角落裡。 」令人驚訝的是,泰斯塔竟將自己20年婚姻的結束稱為是友好的。
  18. One has to wonder what sort of premonitions pettitte may hold for the yankees ' upcoming series at boston