裝運的貨物 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhuāngyùndehuò]
裝運的貨物 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (服裝) dress; outfit; attire; clothing 2 (演員的化裝品) stage makeup and costume Ⅱ動詞...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (物體位置不斷變化) move; revolve 2 (搬運; 運輸) carry; transport 3 (運用) use; wield...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • : Ⅰ名詞1. (貨幣; 錢) money 2. (貨物; 商品) goods; commodity 3. (指人, 罵人的話) 4. 動詞[書面語] (出賣) sell
  • : 名詞1 (東西) thing; matter; object 2 (指自己以外的人或與己相對的環境) other people; the outsi...
  • 裝運 : load and transport; ship; shipment; loading
  • 貨物 : goods; cargo; commodity; merchandise; lading; stock of goods
  1. The cargo consigned by him will not contain any explosive or incendiary device ; and

  2. He put his ok on the shipment.

  3. Article 75 if the bill of lading contains particulars concerning the description, mark, number of packages or pieces, weight or quantity of the goods with respect to which the carrier or the other person issuing the bill of lading on his behalf has the knowledge or reasonable grounds to suspect that such particulars do not accurately represent the goods actually received, or, where a shipped bill of lading is issued, loaded, or if he has had no reasonable means of checking, the carrier or such other person may make a note in the bill of lading specifying those inaccuracies, the grounds for suspicion or the lack of reasonable means of checking

  4. If consigned goods, in accordance with stipulations, require packaging, the consignor must package the goods in accordance with the standards prescribed by the state authorities in charge ; in the absence of uniform packaging standards, packaging shall be carried out in accordance with the principle of securing the safe transport of the goods, or else the shipper shall have the right to refuse to undertake the shipment

  5. Negative starting engines, your shipment is not yet cleared by the customs. we will advise when the customs clearance

  6. 5 the quantity of your shipment for our order is not in conformity with the agreed specifications. we must therefore lodge a claim against you

  7. Beneficiary ' s certificate confirming final shipment of goods under the lc to be presented with the last drawing

  8. Volume of freight handled in major coastal ports : refers to the volume of cargo passing in and out the harbor area of the major coastal ports and having been loaded and unloaded

  9. The description of goods, services or performance in an invoice must reflect what has actually been shipped or provided

  10. These vessels handled more than 169 million tones of cargo and around 18 million passengers, most of whom were carried on the world ' s largest fleet of high - speed ferries

    這些船舶所超逾1 . 69億公噸,而所旅客約為1800萬人次,其中大部分旅客由全球最龐大高速船隊送。
  11. The shipper shall pack the goods according to standards, and abide by the transportation regulations of dangerous goods, and transfer the goods to the carrier as stipulated quantity and time in the contract

  12. L / c does not guarantee that the goods purchased will be those invoiced or shipped

  13. Give - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - bank immediate power to repurchase the unutilized portion if any

    什麼叫給予銀行立即重購放棄裝運的貨物權利? ? ? ?
  14. Hh : beneficiary must certify on the invoice to the effect that they have shipped the goods in accordance with the specification, quality, quantity and price of the proforma invoice

  15. Both parties agree, shall the quality of the loaded cargo difference from of the quality as stipulated in article 1 aforementioned, the following price adjustment shall be effect

  16. The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not prevent the carrier from entering into any agreement concerning carrier ' s responsibilities with regard to non - containerized goods prior to loading onto and after discharging from the ship

  17. Requiring the consignor to sign or enter into the business contract a declaration declaring that the cargo consigned by him will not contain any explosive or incendiary device ; and

  18. The responsibility of the carrier with respect to non - containerized goods covers the period during which the carrier is in charge of the goods, starting from the time of loading of the goods onto the ship until the time the goods are discharged therefrom

  19. From loading the goods by loading equipment into the cabin up to unloading, during which period the loss risk, damage or breakage arisen from shipping goods under this contract will be borne by the seller

  20. Goods or articles carried in any such compartment are at the sole risk of the owner thereof and subject to all the. conditions, exceptions and limitations as to the carriers liability and other provisions of this bill of lading ; and further the carrier shall not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned by the temperature, risks of refrigeration, defects or insufficiency in or accidents to or explosion, breakage, derangement or failure of any refrigerator plant or part thereof, or by ' or in any material or the supply or use thereof used in the process of refrigeration unless shown to have been caused by negligence of the carrier from liability for which the carrier is not by law entitled to exemption