通量減少系數 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tōngliángjiǎnshǎoshǔ]
通量減少系數 英文
flux reduction factor
  • : 通量詞(用於動作)
  • : 量動1. (度量) measure 2. (估量) estimate; size up
  • : 少Ⅰ形容詞(數量小) few; little; less Ⅱ動詞1 (不夠原有或應有的數目; 缺少) be short; lack 2 (丟...
  • : 系動詞(打結; 扣) tie; fasten; do up; button up
  • : 數副詞(屢次) frequently; repeatedly
  • 通量 : [物理學] flux; shower
  • 系數 : [數學] coefficient; ratio; modulus; quotient; factor
  1. Calling upon all cfe states parties to promote achievement of this shared goal, the nrc agreed to continue to work co - operatively toward ratification by all the states parties and entry into force of the agreement on adaptation of the cfe treaty, which would permit accession by non - cfe states

    業已過的土地法擴大了土地的市場流,這也將有助於改善經營環境。整頓銀行統的工作也在繼續進行,到2004年,銀行應當一半(大約到600家) 。
  2. This paper explains the effective encouraging mechanism of electrovalence at present, analyses the close relationship between the primary transformer capacity for electric power using in the enterprise and the basic electricity expenses and the electricity in peak time, the relationship between the power factor and the electricity expenses per degree. the ways and measures of reducing electric cost and decreasing electricity expenses expenditurze are proposed

  3. Gathering fuzzy technique and model - identifying technique to processing research, fuzzy model - identifying technique, a intersecting science, has been come out, which has become hoto in this thesis, based on deeply researching the fuzzy unit - identifying and complete analysis on data of measuring well of the chandqing wushenqi district, the method of constructing self - adapting multi - dimension non - liner subjection degree function has been created without precedento based on the extraction of routine measuring well character parameters, and for adopting self - adapting method to carry through character compression, the model has been improved the performance and enhanced the convergence speed and sorted precision of the algorithm o the relation of measuring well information and the oiliness & gassiness of sandstones is fuzzy ? in the thesis, the law of max subjection degree has been studied and improved, and proved preferable effect in the practical application

    論文在提取一些常規測井特徵參的基礎上,採用自適應方法對各變多項式進行優選,了特徵參間的相關性,突出了類別間的差異性,從而優化了模式的質,提高了分類的精度。測井信息和砂體的儲集性之間的關是帶有模糊性的,論文對模糊「最大隸屬原則」進行了研究和改進,並在實際應用中取得了較好的效果。論文成功研製了「自適應」的演算法和軟體? ?即過對正確回判率的比較,然後對參進行調節的辦法,可將模式「訓練」到最佳狀態。
  4. The attainment proves that the method is prompter than the conventional ones and reduces the amount of work greatly. moreover, when the db is connected with regional information system of transfered, it is possible to study the changing characterises or regional land use through quantity change, furthemore, to find out the decipline and the dynamic changes of spatial distribution of type of land use through land use maps

  5. This scheme integrates universual data accesss technology of microsoft, which plays a more and more important role in three - lay c / s ( client / server ) and uses the technology of ado ( active data access ), adopts the asp script language in display the results and uses stored procedure of sql server in databases design. in the system of b / s, client realizes a high efficient access to the server database through displaying diversified active controls in browser and using ado to access the data source. the disposing of data accures under the database not in the font of this system. this kind of scheme cannot only bring the system a higher real time response, but also decrease data runoff of the networks, lower the possibility that web server becomes bottleneck of the system and make the system more transplantable

    當前的web據庫訪問技術正處于發展階段,針對這種情況,本文過分析當前各種流行的web據庫訪問方案的優缺點,結合在三層次的c / s統中扮演越來越重要的角色的中間件技術,採用了microsoft公司所提出的一致據訪問技術,利用ado控制項,結合當前的asp語言,底層據庫採用了sqlserver7 . 0的存儲過程技術,設計了一種自己的web據庫訪問方案,即在browser / server統當中,客戶端過顯示在瀏覽器中的各種activex控制項,過了ado連接據庫,據的處理利用了存儲在據庫內部執行,實現對後端據庫的高效訪問,並且這種方案在給統帶來較高的實時響應性能的同時,了網路據流,降低了web服務器成為統瓶頸的可能性,也增強了統的可移植性。
  6. After this melioration, monitor agent works more initiatively by filtrating the unrelated source data changes ; computational logic for integrator is predigested by the maintained object being changed from multi base tables to single source view on per - source ; the burden of system communication is lessened, and the maintenance efficiency is improved

  7. With the development of the network and the multi - processor system, the research, simulation and the impemeni of the system - level fault diagnosis which is the very important means to increase the reliability of the system, are becoming more and more important. on the system - leve1 fault diagnosis, based on the group theory of system - level fault diagnosis that has been put forward by pro f zhang, the paper constructs newly the theory bases, improves on the matrix method, reinforces and consummates group arithmetic of all kinds of test mode, for the first time, analyses and discusses the equation solution of all kinds of models, so al1 the consistent fault patterns ( cfp ) could be found, straightly and high efficiently, even if the sufficient and necessary condition of t - diagnosable is dissatisfied and the complexity of system - level fault diagnosis is greatly decreased, especialy in strong t - diagnosabl6 system. last the simulation system ' s function has been extended and the application hotspot and the development trend have been disscussed

    本人在張大方教授等人提出的基於集團的統級故障診斷的理論基礎上,重新構建了統級故障診斷的理論基礎,定義了統級故障診斷測試模型的三值表示;改進了統級故障診斷的矩陣方法,重新定義了測試矩陣、鄰接矩陣、結點對、結點對的相連運算、極大準集團和斜加矩陣,由此能直觀、簡便地生成集團和極大獨立點集;補充和完善了各類測試模型的統級故障診斷的集團演算法,過定義集團測試邊和絕對故障集,簡化了集團診斷圖,由此能較易地找到所有的相容故障模式,即使不滿足t -可診斷性,大大統級故障診斷的復雜度,尤其是對強t -可診斷統;首次分析探討了各類測試模型的方程解決,由此從另一角度能統地、高效率地求出所有的相容故障模式( cfp ) :擴充了統級故障診斷模擬統的功能,快速、直觀和隨機地模擬實驗運行環境,進行清晰和正確的診斷,同時提供大的實驗據用於理論研究,優化演算法和設計。
  8. After thermodynamic calculation on several operation conditions of the furnace, cold - state flow and resistance mensuration, the combustion of the tubular - furnace hearth was changed into swirl and addition of radiate cylinder and oxygen content detection minish 1. 25 surplus air to less than 1. 15, improving the combustion condition and convection and radiate heat transfer efficacy, resuling in reducing the waste - gas temperature 45, decreasing exhaust gas loss, and saving fuel by 6 %

    摘要過對加熱爐幾種工況進行熱力計算、冷態試驗的流場分佈及阻力測定和熱態試驗的爐膛溫度場分佈及管壁溫度等參的測定,確定將管式加熱爐爐膛內直流燃燒改為旋流場燃燒和增加輻射筒,增設煙氣含氧分析,可以將燃燒的過剩空氣從1 . 35小到1 . 15以下,極好地改善爐膛內的燃燒狀況和對流輻射傳熱效果,從而降低排煙溫度45 ,加熱爐排煙損失,節約了煤氣6 %以上。
  9. Therefore, the power department and users are concerned aboui harmonic and reactive compensation. the power department usually manage compute and measure the electric net " s harmonic condition and connected or new - connected harmonic load. and need to measure the harmonic vol tage current in some electric net " point. then, by manual making an in - depth analysis and statistics on measured - data, it can reduce harmonic harm on public not to take some effective measures

  10. The study has completed the design of two - phase inverter and made up of the two - phase inverter - motor system for experimental use it is a variable frequency adjustable speed system with a open - loop control of rotational speed, which consists of voltage - controlled oscillator circulating assign device inverter circuit and two - phase induction motor a accurate mathematical model is set based on the whole system, and simulator program of dynamic and steady condition is established, which is used to calculate the dynamic and steady performance by kron and symmetrical coordinate converter by simulator calculation and experimental research with specific parameter of the system, a comparison is made between predicted and experimental characteristics, experimental measurements are shown to compare closely with corresponding theoretical result it is compared with some variable frequency adjus table speed system comprising inverter and single - phase induction motor from the system efficiency torque pulsation and the effect of two - phase inverter capacitance based on the conclusion, harmonic cancellation pulse width modulation control of a two - phase inverter - fed induction - motor drive system is researched, which cancelled the low harmonic and improve the system performance

  11. Ktr tries to reduce broadcast packets and restrict the needed advertisements in a limited subset of the whole network to save a considerable network resource. it is first introduced that what the sowmn ' s architecture is and what are required by routing

  12. The process control in an automatic control system is usually carried out by adjusting feedback of increments ; therefore, the electronic simulation of increment function can be used to study the performance of a system instead of practical system, the research expenses can be cut down and the hard and danger at the experimental site can be avoided

  13. A good many case of approaching excavation are studied in this article, such as the study of infection of be coal mining to the huayingshan tunnel, technology study of strucked tunnels of metro in shenzhen, countermeasure study of tunnel approaching pile foundation of metro in guangzhou, excavation methods optimized of large cross section subaqueous tunnel approaching pile foundation of lrt in chongqing, etc. on the basic of analysing and concluding relative study production all over the the world by the numbers, classification of approaching excavation, partition of approach zone, formula of partition of approaching zone, approach degree and countermeasure grade of generalized approaching excavation of underground works are put forward. general methods studying and trea

  14. Afterwards, the paper investigates some key technologies including time delay, system security and data communication in system implementing and suggests that time delay problem could be solved through reducing the amount of data flow in the internet by using activex to encapsulate the client program by realizing communication between browser and client controlling program.

  15. Ptc is helping its customers develop and deliver products more quickly and cost - effectively, by dramatically reducing the traditional disconnect associated with different design teams, spread across geographically dispersed locations, working on complex electronics systems design

    過大傳統的不同設計組之間的不連, (過)在不同的地域之間傳輸據, ptc將幫助它的用戶更快更有效的工作于復雜電子統設計的開發和傳遞。
  16. Lwac is becoming one of the important trends in the development of modern concrete. to solve the problems such as poor workability, large shrinkage value and crack easily of lwac, on the basis of systematic experiments, the author establishes lwac workability evaluation system and advances the testing method of pumping performance of lwac ; the control technology of discrete of lwac is introduced through analyzing structure formation process and establishing the mathematic model ; based on studying the strength source of lwac and the function mechanism of artificial additive, this paper not only confirms some major factors which affect concrete strength but explores the preparation technology route of high strength lwac ; the different effects of several fibers in lwac have been studied, and the fiber is introduced in pumping lwac to improve its crack - proof performance

  17. A new type of viscoelastic stochastic finite element method is established using first - order perturbation theory based on local averaging method of random field and karhunen - loeve expansion theory of random process. the amount of computations is greatly reduced by transforming correlated random variables to a set of uncorrelated random variables. the relations of different random response variables are analyzed and monte carlo simulations for viscoelastic stochastic structures are investigated

    基於隨機場的局部平均法以及隨機過程的karhunen - loeve分解理論,過一階隨機攝動方法建立了考慮材料近似不可壓縮的粘彈性隨機有限元公式,由相關結構分解計算,分析了各結構隨機響應之間的關,給出了字特徵的計算方法,研究了粘彈性隨機結構的montecarlo模擬驗證方法。
  18. Our results provided direct evidence that pf40 gene play a role in the tissue development, with knockout this gene the lateral buds were not visible. the plant hormones auxin and cytokinin appear to play a major role in controlling this process, therefore, the concertrition of auxin and cytokinin was measured, however, the concentration of the two hormone was variation a little in transgenic plants, but the ratio of the two was more than 5 fold in the pf40 gained function plant than that in wild type. furthermore the pf40 gene effected differentiation of the vascular bundles in different transgenic plants, results showed the pf40 could change both xylary fibers and vessel

  19. In this paper, we introduce a new framework for statistical signal processing based on wavelet - domain hidden markov models ( hmms ) that concisely models the statistical dependencies and nongaussian statistics encountered in real - world signals, since the wavelet transform can decorrelate image data by reducing the number of states of wavelet coefficients, thus making wavelet - domain hmms manipulable and usefu l for statistical image modeling

  20. At the same time, we have emulations of algorithms of rale updating and time series mining with matlab. in mobile environment, extracting valuable information quickly through data mining provides daily decision - making support and emergency service - support for mobile users, and compact rule information compared to a great deal of original data can reduce the quantity of data translated in a radio link and can save time. foremost, it saves the wireless resources, lightens congestion of bandwidth in wireless network, so that it will enhance the usability and high - efficiency of the whole mobile computing system