連接纖維的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [liánjiēxiānwéide]
連接纖維的 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (連接) link; join; connect 2 (連累) involve (in trouble); implicate 3 [方言] (縫) ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (靠近;接觸) come into contact with; come close to 2 (連接; 使連接) connect; join; put ...
  • : 纖形容詞(細小) fine; minute
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (連接) tie up; hold together; link 2 (保持; 保全) maintain; safeguard; preserve; keep ...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 連接 : connect; fit together; link; marry; mate; joint; association trail; linkage; concatenate; concate...
  • 纖維 : fibre; staple; filamentary
  1. The transverse fibres or commissure unite the two ganglia of a pair.

  2. Study on the fibronectin for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction

  3. Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - basic test and measurement procedures - part 3 - 34 : examinations and measurements - attenuation of random mated connectors

    光學互器件和無源器件基本試驗和測量程序第3 - 34部分:檢查和測量隨機配衰減
  4. Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - basic test and measurement procedures - part 3 - 34 : examinations and measurements ; attenuation of random mated connectors

    光學互器件和無源元件.基本試驗和測量程序.第3 - 34部分:檢查和測量.隨機插合衰減
  5. Crossing the midline of the body with this movement stimulates the 300 million nerve cells of the corpus callosum. the corpus callosum is known as the brain ? s superhighway

  6. There was no difference in other biologic characteristic of mscs between the two separation method, such as cell anchorage ratio and clone formation ratio. ( 2 ) plga film presented uniformity frame with no protuberance and fissure under scanning electron microscopy ( sem ). big aperture with smooth wall and average 400 m i n size running - through each other was observed in porous plga substrate, around the big aperture there were many round micropores about 5 m size. all of the structure were equal and uniform, which satisfied the further research work. ( 3 ) mscs adhesion at earlier time was promoted by biotiegenrafter 3h, cell number was ( 1. 5 0. 18 ) 105 in the plga film coated with biotiegen group, which was significantly higher than that in plga film group ( p < 0. 01 ) and higher than that in coverslip group ( p < 0. 05 ), which cell number was ( 1. 04 0. 21 ) 105. after 6h and 12h biotiegen could not promote cell adhesion, and cell proliferation and alkaline phosphatase ( alp ) activity were not promoted dramatically during 9 days. ( 4 ) cell adhesion was promoted by fibronectin or collagen type i

    G ) i型膠原、蛋白促進細胞增殖,細胞種后3 、 6 、 gd三個檢測時間點,實驗組細胞均明顯高於對照組。與1型膠原相比,蛋白刺激作用更強。 ) i型膠原、蛋白尚能誘導mscs細胞向成骨細胞分化,不僅表達成骨細胞標志物ocn 、 alp 、 opnmrna ,而且堿性磷酸酶活性明顯增高,堿性磷酸酶及鈣結節7第四軍醫大學博士學位論文一染色均強陽性, i型膠原組mscs細胞堿性磷酸酶活性較fn組更高,有顯著性差異;同時,兔疫組化染色表明,經蛋白作用mscs1型膠原表達陽性。
  7. Experimental studies on fibronectin expression in myocardium taken from rats died of electrocution

  8. Levels of fasting blood glucose and 24h urinary microcontent of albumin 24 h malb were determined dynamically ; the serum glycosyl hemoglobin hba1c was determined after the last medication ; the ultrastructural changes of kidney were observed by transmission electron microscope ; the expressions of collagen, fibronctin, laminin ln, and the ecm metabolism influencing factors, including mmp2, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase timp2, transfer growth factor 1 tgf 1 in renal tissue were detected by immunohistological chemistry and image collecting analytical system

    動態檢測各組大鼠空腹血糖fbg 24h尿微量白蛋白24h malb ,末次給藥后測定大鼠血漿糖化血紅蛋白hba1c透射電鏡觀察各組大鼠腎臟超微結構改變,應用免疫組化技術及圖像採集分析系統測定各組大鼠腎臟組織中型膠原c蛋白fn層粘蛋白ln表達,測定影響ecm代謝基質金屬蛋白酶2 mmp2基質金屬蛋白酶抑制劑2 timp2及轉化生長因子1 tgf 1表達。
  9. Personal computers can be linked together by fibre - optic cables, capable of carrying almost infinite amounts of data

  10. Three - dimensionally braided structural composites have distinct structure that is fully integrated, continuously spatial fiber - network impregnated with ductile material. the new innovative materials have not plies as conventional composites have, and put an end once and all to low interlaminar strength showing in laminate materials. because of their enhanced stiffness and strength in the thickness direction, near - net - shape design and manufacturing, superior damage tolerance and specified aerospace function, the braided composites are gaining more and more attention of industry and academia

    編織結構復合材料是完全整體、續、多向紡線(束)網路,充填以延性材料,這類新材料已失去通常復合材料層合板概念,由此,層合板復合材料層間脆弱致命弱點在編織結構復合材料中得到克服,所以編織結構復合材料具有高強度和剛度(包括在厚度方向) ,近實際形狀製造,高沖擊韌性、高損傷阻抗,和按實際設計要求特定航空航天方面使用功能,因而廣泛地受到工業界和學術界關注。
  11. Fibre optic active components and devices - package and interface standards - laser transmitters with coaxial rf connector

  12. Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components performance standard - part 2 - 1 : fibre optic connectors terminated on single - mode fibre for category u - uncontrolled environment

    裝置和無源部件性能標準.第2 - 1部分:端于u等級單模器.非受控環境
  13. Purification of chicken plasma fibronectin and enzymelinked immunosorbent assay to quantify fibronectin

  14. Received 3rd rewards from national education department for work on fibronectin expression in hypoxia and shock in 1993

  15. The corticosteroid dexamethasone increases glycosaminoglycan, elastin, and fibronectin production in cultured trabecular meshwork ; the glycosaminoglycan deposition increases further with prolonged steroid exposure [ 33, 34 ]

    地塞米松可以引起培養小梁細胞分泌葡萄糖胺聚糖、彈力蛋白和蛋白增加;葡萄糖胺聚糖沉積會隨著地塞米松作用時間延長而增加[ 33 , 34 ] 。
  16. Connectors for optical fibres and cables - detail specification for fibre optic connector type sc - pc untuned terminated to single - mode fibre type b1

    和光纜器.第14 - 5部分:b1型單模式sc - pc型不調諧光器詳細規格
  17. Connectors for optical fibres and cables - part 14 - 6 : detail specification for fibre optic connector type sc - apc 9 ? untuned terminated to single - mode fibre type b1

    和光纜器.第14 - 6部分:b1型單模sc - apc型9級非調諧光詳細規范
  18. Connectors for optical fibres and cables - part 14 - 10 : fibre optic pigtail or patch cord connector type sc - apc untuned 8 terminated on single mode fibre type b1 - detail specification

    和光纜器.第14 - 10部分:b1型單模sc - apc型8級非調諧光器.詳細規范
  19. Fibre optic connector optical interfaces - optical interfaces for single mode non - dispersion shifted fibres - general and guidance

  20. Collagen is a major fibrous component of many types of connective tissue and it is the elasticity of the material that makes it a good source for tennis string