金代島 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jīndàidǎo]
金代島 英文
kinde island
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (金屬) metals 2 (錢) money 3 (古時金屬制的打擊樂器) ancient metal percussion instrum...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (代替) take the place of; be in place of 2 (代理) act on behalf of; acting Ⅱ名詞1 (歷...
  1. My grandfather, an old chinese man, devoted his whole life into developing the local economy. in modern terms, his life ' s work is the accumulation of capital for the development of local industry and agriculture. how could a person who had worked so hard for the prosperity of the island be labelled a bloodsucker of the local people

  2. A pair of rare golden eagles has started nesting on the northern tip of ireland ? nearly a century after zealous gamekeepers and victorian trophy - hunters drove the species to extinction on the island

  3. The kylin hot spring resort is the creator for the modern hot spring culture in qingdao

  4. Sunup products being the primary substitutes selected for import products by domestic famous enterprises such as daqing petrochemical general works, daqing oil field, maoming petrochemical corporation, guangzhou petrochemical corporation, fujian oil refinery, anshan general steelworks, shanghai baoshan general steelworks, jilin chemical industry corporation, jinling petrochemical corporation and enterprises run by many world famous corporations such as rhein cheme ( qingdao ) ltd and shengquan hepworth chemical co., ltd of china - uk jointventure. some equipments have been exported to abroad and overseas

  5. Description : 1. 08 square kilometers, comprised of four small islands, close to downtown area, 0. 8 sea mile to jinshatan sand, proposed for investment in construction of tourist resort, marine amusement and accommodation facilities in folk culture

    項目概況:竹岔面積1 . 08平方公里,由四個小組成,是距市區最近的海,四面環海,距沙灘0 . 8海里,擬建成觀光、休閑度假、海上游樂、漁家風情為特色的現旅遊度假區。
  6. In late 2005 scientists on the island of new guinea took this first ever photo of the golden - fronted bowerbird, a bird known to exist since the 1890s but whose precise home was unknown until the 1980s

    2005年末,科學家們在新幾內亞上首次拍到了頭部有著色羽毛的園丁鳥, 19世紀90年證明有這種鳥存在,但準確的生活區域尚不清楚
  7. Dreamworld ? theme park on the gold coast ? ride the roller coasters, water rapids or cuddle a koala and visit tiger island ? all in one day

    海岸主題樂園-夢幻世界乘坐快艇、漂流、擁抱考拉(澳洲表動物) ,參觀老虎,一天的遊玩! !
  8. The director of highways, mr mak chai - kwong, today march 22 signed a 480 - million contract on behalf of the government with gammon construction limited for the management and maintenance of the high speed roads in new territories east and on hong kong island

  9. " countries like iceland clearly show that happiness does n ' t have to cost the earth, " said nic marks, founder of the foundation ' s centre for well - being

    新經濟基會「幸福中心」的創建者尼克馬克斯說: 「我們從冰這樣的國家可以清楚的看到,快樂並不需要以犧牲地球環境為價。
  10. In the light of tectonic evolution stage and metallogenesis, these metallogenic system ( assemblage ) could be classified as follows : ( 1 ) the pre - divergent metallogenic system in the southwest margin of north china paleocontinent in the archean - meso proterozoic : dongdashan iron, jinchuan nickel - copper. ( 2 ) the divergent metallogenic system in the northern margin of the qaidam paleoplate in the middle - late proterozoic : huashugou - liugouxia iron. ( 3 ) the metallogenic system in the active margin in the early paleozoic : the metallogenic assemblage in the island arc - rift in the early stage ( baiyinchang - qingshuigou copper - polymetallic ) ; the metallogenic assemblage in island arc in the middle - late stage ( honggou - jiaolongzhang copper - polymetallic ) ; the back - arc extensional basin ( zhuzhuiyaba - jiugequan - shijuli copper ) ; the metallogenic assemblage in connection with subduction and magmatic - hydatogenesis ( taergou - xiaoliugou wolfram ; huashugou - liugouxia copper ; dadonggou - diaodaban lead - zinc ) ; the metallogenic assemblage is related to the oceanic crustal shards ( dadaoerji chromite ; yushigou chromite ). ( 4 ) the metallogenic system has something to do with collision - type orogeny : the metallogenic assemblage in foreland basin ( tianlu copper ) ; the metallogenic assemblage with the intracontinental orogeny and ductile shear ( hanshan - yingzhuishan gold )

    根據構造發展階段和成礦作用特點,確定本區成礦系統及組合如下: ( 1 )華北板塊西南邊緣太古宙中元古裂解期前成礦系統:東大山鐵成礦組合,川鎳銅成礦組合; ( 2 )柴達木板塊北緣中、新元古裂解成礦系統:樺樹溝柳溝峽鐵成礦組合; ( 3 )加里東期活動大陸邊緣成礦系統:早期弧裂谷成礦組合(白銀廠清水溝銅及多屬成礦組合) ,中、晚期弧成礦組合(紅溝蛟龍掌銅及多屬成礦組合) ,弧后擴張盆地成礦組合(豬咀啞巴九個泉石居里銅及多屬成礦組合) ,與俯沖作用有關的巖漿熱液成礦組合(塔爾溝小柳溝鎢成礦組合,樺樹溝柳溝峽銅成礦組合,大東溝吊大坂鉛鋅成礦組合) ,洋殼殘片成礦組合(大道爾吉鉻成礦組合,玉石溝鉻成礦組合) ; ( 4 )碰撞造山成礦系統:前陸盆地成礦組合(天鹿銅成礦組合) ,陸內造山韌性剪切成礦組合(寒山鷹咀山成礦組合) 。
  11. To meet the publics diversified demand of public market nowadays and to broaden the range of trades in markets, the food and environmental hygiene department is running a pilot scheme under which we would attempt to introduce service trades such as finance, beauty, real estate, tourism, employment and domestic services etc. into sai wan ho market in the eastern district, luen wo hui market in the northern district and yan oi market in tuen mun

  12. Since it began operations in the 1980s, app has pulped close to a million hectares of riau s natural forests

  13. The dream is to launch a medical reolution in which ailing organs and tissues might be repaired ? not with crude mechanical deices like insulin pumps and titanium joints but with liing, homegrown replacements

  14. Powerlong hotel, xiamen is located in the financial and business center of the city. standing by the yuandang lake field, the hotel has a charming lake view and convenient location. it is designed to be luxiously furnished with most contemporary facilities

    廈門寶大酒店位於? ?湖畔,三面環水,坐擁湖光山色,地處新興融商業中心,其得天獨厚的地理環境和高檔次的配套設施,既承襲了鷺幽雅嫻靜的氣質,又彰顯現文明高貴不凡的氣度。
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  16. The table tennis team achieved the historical results of three gold, three silver and two bronze medals at the 17th asian table tennis championships held in late august in jeju - do, korea

  17. Integrate, consolidate, associate, partner customer forever - - - - - - - schneider electric annual ica customer conference 03 in the beautiful golden autumn season in qingdao, 330 customers and 200 employees gathered to attend the schneider electric annual ica customer conference 03 held sept. 21 to 22. the theme of the conference was " integrate, consolidate, associate, partner customer forever ", implies that ica always puts the customer first and is the enduring partner of the customer

    藍天、碧海、紅瓦、綠樹,秋時節的青以自己最美麗的容顏迎來330名優秀客戶表和200名員職工表, 「 2003施耐德電氣ica客戶年會」於9月21 、 22兩日隆重召開,客戶表來自於全國各地的ica重要合作夥伴,有oem 、系統集成商、最終用戶和設計院。
  18. It is 216 years since british settlers first arrived on this massive island 8, 000 miles away from buckingham palace but australia remains a constitutional monarchy, with the monarch represented there by a governor - general