zane 中文意思是什麼

zane 解釋
n. 名詞 贊恩〈姓氏,男子名〉。

  1. Though dead calm, in which she and sam neill defend their yacht against the sinister incursion of a high - seas drifter played by billy zane, was only a modest financial success, it sparked a mad scramble among producers and directors to spearhead the ravishing redhead s next project

    在與丈夫第二次合作大地雄心far and away 1992 ,這部影片中基德曼表現出了一些屬于自己的獨特色彩,被認為是她進入美國影壇后第一部有所發揮的作品。
  2. The happiness institute is part of what u. s. economist paul zane pilzer calls the " wellness revolution.

    「幸福學院」的做法部分體現了美國經濟學家保羅?贊恩?皮爾澤所說的「健康革命」 。
  3. Wayne zane, director of research and consultancy department in colliers international property services, shanghai, said : " it obviously shuts down a door on foreign investment in the property market.

    科利爾國際房產服務機構上海研究咨詢部主任韋恩?贊恩說, 「很明顯,中國已對外國投資者關閉了房產市場大門。 」