英佔區 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yīngzhān]
英佔區 英文
british zone
  • : 名詞1 [書面語] (花) flower 2 (才能或智慧過人的人) hero; outstanding person 3 (英國) britain...
  • : 區名詞(姓氏) a surname
  1. In the process of social transition, the memory of community becomes vague, thus lineage activities are no very common. in addition, due to the slight economic difference, several community elites exist, but among them there are no dominative elites

  2. In addition, the university promotes educational outreach activities through the metropolitan college, which offers credit and non - credit courses at off - campus locations and at non - traditional times on campus to accommodate the many individuals living and working in the metropolitan area for whom the traditional academic programs or schedules are not appropriate

  3. Our company enjoys the high reputation at domestic abroad market is a fishing - net manufacturer, our building area 6000 suqare meter. we own 34 sets of making - net machine, 9 sets of twine - machine, 140 sets of braided rope and 2 sets huge equipment machine. the annual output is 300 tons. the goods sell to singapore, italy, canada, usa, england, france, nigera, guinea and so on. our company myself has import and export right. the annual export amount u. s dollar four million

  4. Yinggao appliances co., ltd. is a factory that produces different kinds of emergency lights. there is a set of good production facility at the factory

  5. The borough of newham sits at the heart of london s plans for the 2012 games, and children in the neighbourhood would see the region transformed by the creation of a 500 - acre olympic park containing the main olympic stadium, olympic village, aquatics centre and velopark

    如果倫敦主辦2012年奧運會,紐漢將是奧運會場地的中心,附近的孩子們會親自目睹到該地將轉變成一個地500畝的奧林匹克公園,其中包括主要的奧林匹克體育館、奧運村、水上中心和velopark 。
  6. We will also pass by the vancouver trade convention centre, through the 1, 000 acres stanley park, lions gate bridge, to the upper class residential area of british properties of the north shore, tour salmon hatchery and the famous capilano suspension bridge where you can experience the thrill of crossing a suspension bridge at a height of 200 feet above the capilano canyon

  7. Leading product " ruyi " sell well and welcomes the mass of customers at home. besides, it finds a good sale in more than 20 countries and regions as u. s. a., great britain, japan, canada, hong kong and macro, etc. and the company co - worked with " nogara " of italy for years, with world first - class clothing cad system to design, introduces italy s most popular suit sample and making technology

    還遠銷美、、日、加、港澳等20多個國家和地,產品質量、檔次、市場有率、出口創匯連續多年名列全國同行業前茅與具有56年歷史的義大利路嘉納公司合資生產的" nogara "高檔西服,採用了國際一流的服裝cad設計系統,引進義大利最流行的西服板型和製作工藝,產品得到消費者和業內專家的高度贊譽,以高起點、高標準閃亮登入世界名牌服裝之列。
  8. Hampshire is in second place with 8 % of the uk ' s richest people

    漢普郡排在第2位,該地居住的有錢人國富人總數的8 。
  9. The production of huadian basalt co., ltd. have occupied nearly 90 % of the domestic market share, it also sale far away to japan, england 、 usa ect, which took the first place in the asia - pacific area in technique, quality and scale

    企業簡介該公司產品國內市場有率達90 % ,產品遠銷日本、國、美國等國家,其技術、質量、規模均亞太地首位。
  10. The mass media organizes occupy the media, affect modern society by the pattern as " input - frame ( medium - agenda ) - communicate - explain ( public - agenda ) " or " invest - produce - sell - consume ", control the public topic, then control the public realm ; medium - agenda exists in medium texts, affects the public life - styles and individual behaviors, its main performance is the public - agenda that exists in society life ; the mass media affects the society variance and modern process with this pattern ; the public - agenda of the village exists in the life of village people, the mass media sets the public - agenda of the village in gansu province with the medium - agenda, then, influences the western region village modernization progress ; in this course, the individual factors of the audience are the decisive function, the village elite in the community develops the function of guide and spreads again at the same time ; but the mass media sets the agenda - setting of village in gansu province is a kind of single direction influence more