西巴爾迪 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [ěr]
西巴爾迪 英文
  • 西 : west
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (急切盼望) hope earnestly; wait anxiously for 2 (粘住; 緊貼) cling to; stick to 3 (爬...
  • : [書面語]Ⅰ代詞1 (你) you 2 (如此; 這樣) like that; so 3 (那;這) that Ⅱ[形容詞后綴: 率爾而對 ...
  • : 動詞[書面語] (開導;引導) enlighten; guide
  1. Daniel dibley, 17, needed a partner for the school dance in the australian country town of bathurst, west of sydney, and he decided to aim high

    在澳大利亞西部小鎮塞斯特, 17歲的丹尼布利需要一名舞伴陪他參加學校的舞會,最後他為自己定下了很高的目標。
  2. With the midfielder not playing club football while he disputes the legality of two separate contracts lyn and united hold with him - if it had been upheld, the latter would have seen him move to old trafford last month - it is hoped that the appeal will be heard within weeks

    雖然有著不愉快的經歷,但埃托奧來切西效力並非沒有可能。其關鍵之處就在於個人合同條款,目前埃托奧在塞羅那隊的周薪只有6萬英鎊,還不及羅納尼奧周薪15 . 8萬英鎊的一半。
  3. Drogba was chelsea ' s hero at goodison park as his late stunner claimed the points and he feels the momentum is with jose mourinho ' s charges

  4. These dates were inscribed in an itinerary divided into columns, indicating the month, the day of the month, and the day for the stipulated and actual arrivals at each principal point, - paris, brindisi, suez, bombay, calcutta, singapore, hong kong, yokohama, san francisco, new york, and london, - from the 2nd of october to the 21st of december ; and giving a space for setting down the gain made or the loss suffered on arrival at each locality

  5. Fyi : cruz and bardem costar in the top secret woody allen spanish project, out 2008. it ' s the film that also stars scarlett johansson and patricia clarkson

  6. Lazio are without mobido diakhite, fabio firmani, stefano mauri and sebastiano siviglia, while guglielmo stendardo and emilson cribari grit their teeth to play

  7. " it ' s big and it ' s too light, " japan ' s jiji news agency quoted brazilian forward edilson as saying earlier this month, while striker rivaldo said it soared too far when kicked

    日本時事通訊社引用西前鋒埃森在這個月初所說的話: "這個球太大而且太輕了" ,而里瓦多則說,這種球踢起來太飄了。
  8. Chelsea football club ace claude makelele believes didier drogba should be crowned footballer of the year

  9. Gabriel agbonlahor ' s header pegged chelsea back to 1 - 1 after didier drogba had opened the scoring early on, but mourinho believes that villa were only ever interested in defence and were lucky to draw

  10. 52 sot : francisco maturana ( spanish ) brazil are a team who will always create chances if their players of supreme fantasy and pace can be allowed to display their skills, players like kaka, ronaldinho, and the matador, ronaldo, whose form seems to be improving match by match

    Francisco maturana說:如果西隊球員的狀態好,他們總是能夠創造出機會,卡卡,羅納尼奧,羅納多,這些球員的狀態一場比一場好。
  11. Meanwhile, ac milan are ready to battle it out with chelsea for ronaldinho if barcelona put the striker up for sale

    於此同時, ac米蘭將加入切西爭奪薩球星羅納尼奧的行列。
  12. The brazilian ' s agent gilmar rinaldi confirmed that he will not be signing a new contract when his current deal expires in june 2006

  13. The brazilian ' s contract expires at the end of this season and his agent gilmar rinaldi confirmed that he would not be penning a new deal

  14. This year is the 50th anniversary of the award. who won the spanish league title with barcelona and the confederations cup with brazil, is the third player from his country to win the golden ball following rivaldo 1999 and ronaldo 1997, 2002. ronaldinho finished ahead of frank lampard of chelsea and steven gerrard of liverpool

    繼里瓦多1999年獲得歐洲金球獎和羅納多1997年, 2002年兩度獲得歐洲金球獎之後,羅納尼奧成為西歷史上第三位捧得歐洲金球獎的足球隊員。
  15. The son of ac milan president silvio berlusconi admits he wants to see barcelona ace ronaldinho playing at the san siro

  16. Ronaldinho believes chelsea will rue the day they let eidur gudjohnsen quit the capital to sign for barcelona

  17. Who won the spanish league title with barcelona and the confederations cup with brazil, is the third player from his country to win the golden ball following rivaldo 1999 and ronaldo 1997, 2002. ronaldinho finished ahead of frank lampard of chelsea and steven gerrard of liverpool. andriy shevchenko of ac milan, last year ' s winner, placed fifth behind thierry henry of arsenal

    繼里瓦多1999年獲得歐洲金球獎和羅納多1997年, 2002年兩度獲得歐洲金球獎之後,羅納尼奧成為西歷史上第三位捧得歐洲金球獎的足球隊員。
  18. In five separate tests conducted by dunning and a graduate student, emily balcetis, 412 volunteers from cornell were presented with an ambiguous picture that could be interpreted as two distinct figures either a horse ' s head or the body of a seal, for example

  19. Nevertheless, it is strongly rumoured in catalonia that one of the four most highly regarded attacking players at the camp nou - ronaldinho, lionel messi, eto ' o and deco - will be sold this summer. barcelona have made thierry henry their principal target for the next transfer window

  20. After helping real madrid win the spanish league title, striker ruud van nistelrooy was sixth. brazil forward ronaldinho, the 2005 winner, dropped to 12th, and france striker thierry henry was 19th

    幫助球隊奪得西甲聯賽冠軍的馬德里俱樂部前鋒魯德?范?尼斯特魯伊位居第六。 2005年金球獎得主、西國家隊前鋒羅納尼奧跌至第12位,法國隊前鋒特里?亨利名列第19位。