阿爾約爾 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [aěryāoěr]
阿爾約爾 英文
  • : 阿Ⅰ助詞(用在稱呼前面) Ⅱ(用於音譯外來語)
  • : [書面語]Ⅰ代詞1 (你) you 2 (如此; 這樣) like that; so 3 (那;這) that Ⅱ[形容詞后綴: 率爾而對 ...
  • : 約動詞[口語] (用秤稱) weigh
  • 阿爾 : aal (紅色植物染料)
  1. To master percy apjohn at high school in 1880 he had divulged his disbelief in the tenets of the irish protestant church to which his father rudolf virag, later rudolph bloom, had been converted from the israelitic faith and communion in 1865 by the society for promoting christianity among the jews subsequently abjured by him in favour of roman catholicism at the epoch of and with a view to his matrimony in 1888

  2. Apart from its deployment in kosovo and afghanistan, it flies air patrols over the baltic states and slovenia, carries out anti - terrorist naval patrols in the mediterranean, runs military headquarters in macedonia and bosnia, trains the iraqi army and gives logistical support to african peacekeepers in darfur

  3. By the summer of 1956 france had about 400, 000 soldiers in algiers

  4. The hebrew word almah that appears in this verse, and the greek word parthenos that jews used to translate it in the greek septuagint that matthew quotes here, have been the subjects of dispute for almost two millennia

  5. He signed for arsenal yesterday.

  6. Bolivian mayor of ayo ayo benjamin altamirano is seen in this undated file photo

  7. In a bid to find out more about how people reacted to 9 11, galea ' s team - plus groups from liverpool and ulster universities - have been awarded a ? 1 million uk grant for lengthy interviews with 2, 000 survivors of 9 11

    報道說,另外,研究小組還將同來自利物浦和斯特地區多所大學的專家一道,對2000名「 9 11 」倖存者進行訪問。
  8. 1966 shmuel yosef agnon israel 1967 miguel angel asturias guatemala

  9. " there was no need for the group to exist any more, " former president arnaud guyot - jeannin told reuters

    曾經擔任過該組織主席的諾?吉?雅南說: 「這個組織已經沒有繼續存在下去的必要了。 」
  10. John calcott horsley, a british painter, designed the card for cole, who was the first director of london ' s victoria and albert museum

  11. John calcott horsley, a british painter, designed the card for cole, who was the first director of london ' s victoria and albert museum. cole printed 1, 000 of the cards on a

  12. Of what did bellchime and handtouch and footstep and lonechill remind him ? of companions now in various manners in different places defunct : percy apjohn killed in action, modder river, philip gilligan phthisis, jervis street hospital, matthew f. kane accidental drowning, dublin bay, philip moisel pyemia, heytesbury street, michael hart phthisis, mater misericordi aelig ; hospital, patrick dignam apoplexy, sandymount

    在各種情況下,在不同的地方如今已經故去的夥伴們:珀西翰陣亡,在莫德河195菲利普吉利根196肺結核,歿于傑維斯街醫院,馬修f .凱恩197不慎淹死在都柏林港灣,菲利普莫依塞198膿血癥,死在海蒂斯勃利街,邁克哈特199肺結核,歿于仁慈聖母醫院,帕特里克迪格納穆腦溢血,歿于沙丘。
  13. Unforgettable were their concerts at radio city music hall, at madison square garden and at carnegie hall in new york, at the royal albert hall in london, at the olympia in paris, in the red square in moscow, and many others

  14. Pte johnson beharry vc the first living recipient of the victoria cross since 1965 has joined forces with the royal british legion to launch the nations biggest thank you campaign, onboard the hms albion. the launch saw the unravelling of a gigantic victory flag which cascaded down the iconic white cliffs of dover emblazoned with the word thanks

    維多利亞十字勛章獲得者、列兵翰遜比哈瑞(自從1965年以來第一個活著接受該勛章的人)已經與英國皇家軍團一起,在英國皇家海軍「比恩」號艦( albion )上開始了「國家向你表示最大的感謝」的活動。
  15. Mrs astor gave to the metropolitan museum of art, rockefeller university, the bronx zoo and, her special favourite, the new york public library ; mrs helmsley gave to new york - presbyterian hospital, the weill cornell medical college and, her spell in prison evidently softening her, to poor children and hurricane victims

  16. Breen, says alf. he was in john henry menton s and then he went round to collis and ward s and then tom rochford met him and sent him round to the subsheriff s for a lark

    「布林, 」夫說, 「他起先在翰亨利門頓那裡,接著又繞到考立斯-沃德事務所去。
  17. Some 90 % of the population consists of ethnic albanians who demand nothing less than independence

    其中大90 %的人口由巴尼亞裔組成,他們只想獨立,別無他求。
  18. Corn to the amount of a hundred measures had been carried away, but the hay, and the wheatan extraordinary crop that season, so alpatitch saidhad been cut green and carried off by the troops

  19. The nobel peace prize : albert john luthuli

  20. A whole clutch of these ? algeria, egypt, jordan, libya, morocco, saudi arabia, tunisia, turkey and yemen ? are in the fissile middle east

    一連串的這些國家? ?及利亞、旦、利比亞、摩洛哥、沙烏地拉伯、突尼西亞、土耳其以及葉門? ?都位於裂變性的中東地區。