現實界線 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiànshíjièxiàn]
現實界線 英文
realistic line
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (現在; 此刻) present; now; current; existing 2 (現款) cash; ready money Ⅱ副詞(臨時; ...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (內部完全填滿 沒有空隙) solid 2 (真實; 實在) true; real; honest Ⅱ名詞1 (實際; 事實...
  • : 名詞1 (相交的地方; 劃分的界限) boundary 2 (一定的范圍) scope; extent 3 (按職業、工作或性別等...
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • 現實 : 1. (客觀存在的事物) reality; actuality 2. (合乎客觀情況的) real; actual
  • 界線 : 1. (兩個地區分界的線) boundary line2. (不同事物的分界) dividing line; threshold; ora; limits3. [數學] boundary line
  1. Considering that the enterprise cannot research the " customer - enterprise " value deeply, on the basis of that, the paper puts forward evaluating system of customer value in the enterprise according to value contribution, applies ahp to analyze weight of the indexes in consultation with marketing management and selling personnel of the enterprise and relevant experts and then exert clustering analysis and sas software to classify the customers according to the current value and potential value, provide the strategies of the customer classification management. in addition, any resource is exiguity, including economical resource. this paper defines economical resource, puts forward the model of optimum distributing resource and utilizes the method of linear regress equation to get result, which to grope for a new method about calculating marketing expenditure

  2. At the same time, it also illustrates the superiority of this kind of communication by introducing the profibus field bus. take the transformation of focke packaging machine as an example, the main content is as follows : 1st, to analyze the plc control system of s5 series, and determine the concrete functions that the new plc control system hopes to achieve as well as how to achieve the goal through studying the work program of the original one ; 2nd, to demonstrate the advantage of the field bus in the process of digital alternation by introducing the principle agreement of field bus profibus ; 3rd, to achieve each function of the original control system through using siemens ' s plc control system in the design of hardware and step 7 in the software as well as designing and compiling control system of focke packaging machine ; 4th, to use fm455 for controlling temperature not only can meet the system ’ s severe request for temperature and efficiently avoid many demerits of the temperature control instrument but also can bring convenience for operation and maintenance ; 5th, to use the intouch configuration software to compile monitor and control program can accomplish the goal for real - time surveillance and control of the production line, while setting some parameters can provide a powerful alarming function

    以改造focke包裝機為例,主要內容如下: 1 、通過熟悉原有控制系統的工作流程,分析了原s5系列可編程邏輯控制器的控制系統,確定新的可編程邏輯控制器控制系統需要的具體功能以及其方法; 2 、在本系統數據交互中,通過介紹profibus場總原理協議,論述了場總在工業通訊中的優點; 3 、下位機硬體設計上使用西門子可編程邏輯控制器控制系統,軟體平臺採用西門子step7 ,設計和編制了focke包裝機控制軟體,了原有控制系統的各項功能; 4 、本系統對溫度要求嚴格,採用溫控儀表控制溫度不能滿足系統要求,而且溫控儀表操作和維護都不方便,因此採用fm455溫度控制模塊進行溫度控制,滿足了系統對溫度的要求,同時又有效地避免了溫控儀表在操作和維護上的缺陷; 5 、在監控系統上,使用intouch組態軟體設計了系統的監控面,從而了對生產時監控,並且可以通過面設置系統的一些參數,同時提供了較強大的報警功能。
  3. This thesis primarily makes below the work of a few aspects : ( 1 ) the method to append the section line in the geological section plane and the geological plane graph intersected each other ; ( 2 ) the principle and method that automatic determinate of orebody on transverse section with the neural network theory was presented, and draw the slippery boundary of ore ; ( 3 ) the method that drawing the surveying well and lane way engineering in the geological and survey graph ; ( 4 ) the method to automatic calculation and statistics output ore reserves and grade ; ( 5 ) the method that automatic creating the geology cross section of the hole ; this thesis realizes automation for managing geological graph based on the substantive research work

    本論文主要作了以下幾個方面的工作: ( 1 )提出了在相交平面圖和剖面圖中添加剖面剖切的方法; ( 2 )提出了應用人工神經網路理論確定剖面中礦體的理論和方法以及礦巖圓滑的原理與方法; ( 3 )了礦山生產測工程數據處理與地測圖件的有機結合; ( 4 )了礦塊地質品位和儲量的自動計算和統計輸出; ( 5 )提出了中深孔炮孔排面地質剖面圖自動剖切的原理和方法。本論文在大量研究工作基礎上,了地測圖件管理的計算機自動化。
  4. A group of painters, who always painted the scenes along the hudson river, formed the hudson school, also known as american landscape painters. divided by american civil war, american art entered its epoch of maturity. all paintings on landscapes, portraits or genre paintings presented the practiced painting skills of the artists, which reflected their individuality and the life and feelings of american people.

  5. The existence of south great wall need no more testification. the " border wall of miao area " had nothing different in time. framework and function from the north great wall except the area it passed with humid climate and dense population, so the peculiarly cultural background of the great wall as functional borderline between different ethnic cultures in history was embodied clearly in a little county. it is advantageous for us to rootle cultural content of the great wall and produce popular brand of tourism on the great wall culture

  6. This system can monitor the condition of high - pressure getting rid of squama water pump. at the same time, the other functions include real - time data collecting and processing, interface attempting, on - line printing

  7. With the characteristics of actual ship - board massmer having been duly considered, this lab - based massmer has been designed to have friendly interfaces, convenient operation and management, reliable performance and to be in conformity with the requirements of education and training. during the development of this system, a number of up - to - date technologies in the computer information area have been fully employed such as the technology in fieldbus, network, database, netdde and intouch etc. as a result, this system is characterized by the following points : 1

    驗室內建立的這套船舶機艙監測報警模擬系統,充分考慮並結合際船舶機艙監測報警系統的特點,該系統具有良好的用戶面,操作管理方便,工作可靠,符合教學和訓練需要,系統在開發過程中,充分利用了目前計算機信息領域的許多最新技術,如場總技術、網路技術、數據庫技術、 netdde技術、 intouch技術等,使本系統具有以下主要特點: 1
  8. The land survey ordinance implemented in january 1996 provides better control of sub - division of land and enhances its existing land boundary record system

    一九九六年一月施的《土地測量條例》 ,除更有效地管制土地分割外,更進一步改善有的土地紀錄系統。
  9. In this part, the first work is pretreatment of a numerical model, including creating calculating grids automatically, improvement of the linear boundary technique and so on. the second work is to estimate the siltation of a basin or channel by liu ' s equation. the third work is to build an edbms ( engineering data base management system ) for the result of mathematical model

    其中主要的工作是:其中主要的工作一是數學模型的前處理,計算網格自動生成,法的優化;二是應用劉家駒公式在長江口深水航道治理工程地理信息系統的支持下港池、航槽開挖的時回淤估算;三是將計算成果形成gis管理和支持下的工程數據庫系統( engineeringdatabasemanagementsystem ) ,同時嘗試解決時間序列數據如地形沖淤變化,潮位、流速過程的分析、查詢和顯示問題,並時、互動的動態演示及三維可視化。
  10. There are shifts in perspective, voice, and tone, but the biggest shift is from the external to internal, from the public to the private, from the chronological to the psychic, from the objective description to the subjective projection

  11. Switching between real lives and fantasies with their creation, they experience a series of misadventures and gradually moving close from innocence to maturity

  12. Students work on their laptops on the first day of school at the " school of the future " in philadelphia, september 7, 2006

  13. Science fiction may go the same way, and is arguably already being created by “ residents ” of online worlds such as second life

  14. Being tested on one ' s limits but still deciding to go ahead with love, his honest delineation of hk ' s inner struggles with his feelings, provides the main conflict in the drama

  15. In the telerobot, there are video system and sensors used to measure the hardness of the grabbed object and the resistance. moreover, the image of on spot is transmitted to the screen in front of the operator by wireless communication system. in the meantime, the hardness of the grabbed object and the resistance in working can be judged by the feedback force of the master manipulator

  16. Basic reason lies in traditional capital market theory studies the capital market with one linear mode mostly, but the realistic capital markets mostly reacted to external function in non - linear way. non - linear relations is very universal in realistic economy system and it makes the reason - effect relations be out - of - balance

  17. The basic reason that the traditional capital market theory can not make clear the true - life is that the traditional capital market theory study the capital market on the linear model mostly, but the present capital market affect mostly the environment by nonlinear model, and the nonlinear is at large in the true economy, the nonlinear connection make the causality unbalance

  18. The author ' s work gives new way, which is beneficial to real time interaction and can efficiently reduce computing time as well as data storage amount. these algorithms can find good use in numerical machining, robotics, form - position tolerance and computer graphics. ( 3 ) degree reduction for nurbs curves and surfaces by applying the theory of the best uniform approximation of chebyshev polynomials and the explicit matrix representation of nurbs curves, this thesis centers on the research of the explicit nearly best approximation of multi - degree reduction of nurbs curves

    以上關于等距曲的幾何逼近與代數逼近的演算法改革了當前國際圖形只能對基曲沿法矢方向平移定距離的點作近似逼近的固定模式,創造了利於交互操作,能有效地減少計算量及數據存儲量的新方法,可在數控加工、浙江大學碩士學位論文機器人、形位公差學、計算機圖形學中獲得很好的應用( 3 ) nurbs曲曲面降階應用nurbs曲的顯式矩陣表示及chebyshev多項式逼近理論,以nurbs曲顯式一次性降多階的近似最佳逼近為目標進行了研究
  19. Using new technology of fieldbus and client / server, a real - time and multi - parameter drilling monitoring system with high precision, complete function, beautiful and friendly interface is developed. the system has been applied in drilling scene and gets fine application effect. to solve the problems mentioned above, the article discusses the measuring methods and building of the mathematic model, and by adopting bus and user / server, develops a real - tune multi - parameter drilling monitor system of high accuracy and friendly interface

  20. Aiming mainly at the application of cad technology in geological survey as well as providing complete geology materials for mining designing, this paper has discussed and studied several pieces of key technology and method involved in design and realization of software, whole structure as well as selection of development tool and environment of software and so on. from the practice of engineering application, this paper carries out the following items : accessing structure of geological survey data as well as mutual transforming technology with its graphics. the theory and method of automatic drawing boundary line between ore and rock based on the artificial neural network

    論文從工程應用的際出發,主要進行了以下幾方面的工作:地測數據的存取結構及其與相關圖形的互動技術基於人工神經網路的礦巖的自動繪制理論與方法基於opengl技術的3d礦床模型的自動生成理論與方法基於粗糙集理論的地測數據預測分析模型本論文綜合運用了先進的objectarx技術、數據庫技術、 opengl圖形技術、 ado數據庫連接技術,以可視化開發工具visualc + + 6 . 0為開發平臺,以autocad通用圖形系統為應用平臺,以mssqlserver為數據庫平臺,完成了系統的總體設計與軟體