氣流動態 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [liúdòngtài]
氣流動態 英文
flow behavior
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (氣體) gas 2 (空氣) air 3 (氣息) breath 4 (自然界冷熱陰晴等現象) weather 5 (氣味...
  • : Ⅰ動1 (液體移動; 流動) flow 2 (移動不定) drift; move; wander 3 (流傳; 傳播) spread 4 (向壞...
  • : 名詞1. (形狀; 狀態) form; condition; appearance 2. [物理學] (物質結構的狀態或階段) state 3. [語言學] (一種語法范疇) voice
  • 氣流 : 1 [氣象學] air current; airflow; wind current; airstream2 [語言學] breath氣流紡紗 open end spinni...
  1. 3. the mathematical model for heat and mass transfer in the adsorbent bed is established, the porous of adsorbent, the flow of adsorbate in adsorbent, the characteristic of non - equilibrium adsorption are combined in the model, and a more accurate model of fluid flow in porous media - ergun model is adopted

  2. Abstract : apply computer simulation to the distribution pattern of air - flow without considering the cold condition of the combustion and compare the flow patterns under different designed circumstances. and the effect of the design of the partition in the air way of the burner on the flow and mixture of gas and air is especially studied. the result shows that the design of partition plays a very important role in strengthening the mixture of gas and air, but increases the loss of the resistance in the air way and the total pressure of the air way in same working conditions needs increasing

  3. Physically, she far excelled me : she was handsome ; she was vigorous. in her animal spirits there was an affluence of life and certainty of flow, such as excited my wonder, while it baffled my comprehension. i could talk a while when the evening commenced, but the first gush of vivacity and fluency gone, i was fain to sit on a stool at diana s feet, to rest my head on her knee, and listen alternately to her and mary, while they sounded thoroughly the topic on which i had but touched

  4. The car emitted a large quantity of deleterious exhaust gas in the megalopolis and at the building or mineral sites, which threatens badly the somatopsychic health of inhabitant and breaks the ecosystem equilibrium. being a flowing contaminative source, the automotive vehicles have become the " chief criminal " of air pollution

    汽車作為一個的污染源,在人口密集的城市和交通發達的工礦地區,到處散發著大量廢,嚴重威脅著居民的身心健康,破壞著生平衡,成為大污染的「罪魁禍首」 。
  5. The stability of the tiltrotor in the heli copter mode is analyzed aiming t a semi span soft - inplane tiltrotor model with an elastic wing

  6. Numerical calculative simulation could factually reflect the dynamic characteristics of the whole equipment and inner flow and diathermancy of split - stirling crycooler. through the calculation, the velocity, temperature, pressure and other detailed information of airflow in any position inner the crycooler could be gained ; the distribution of each parameter could be confirmed and reasonable explanation for the experiment result could be made

  7. In this paper, the flow pattern defects ( fpds ) were revealed by secco etchant and their shape, distribution on wafer and tip structure were studied in details by optical microscope and atomic force microscope ( afm ). the relationship between etching time and the tip structure of fpds was also discussed. furthermore, by studying the effect of rapid thermal annealing ( rta ) on the density of fpds in ar, the annihilation mechanism of fpds was discussed in this paper

    本文將cz硅單晶片在secco腐蝕液中擇優腐蝕后,用光學顯微鏡和原子力顯微鏡對圖形缺陷( flowpatterndefects , fpds )在矽片中的形、分佈及其端部的微觀結構進行了仔細地觀察和研究,並討論了腐蝕時間對fpds缺陷端部結構的影響;本文還通過研究ar氛下快速退火( rapidthermalannealing , rta )對fpds缺陷密度的影響,初步探討了fpds的消除機理。
  8. The hyperbolic conservation laws with relaxation appear in many physical systems such as nonequilibrium gas dynamics, flood flow with friction, magnetohydrodynamics, etc. firstly, the thesis proves that there exists a unique global smooth solution for the cauthy problem to the hyperbolic conservation laws system with relaxation ; secondly, in the large time station, the thesis proves that the global smooth solutions of the hyperbolic conservation laws system with relaxation converge to rarefaction waves solution at a determined l ( p > 2 ) decay rate

    帶鬆弛項的雙曲型守恆律組出現在諸多的物理系統中。例如,非平衡力學、帶摩擦的水、磁力學等。本文首先證明,帶鬆弛項的雙曲型守恆律組的柯西問題的整體光滑解的存在唯一性;其二,證明了帶鬆弛項的雙曲型守恆律組的解與相應的平衡守恆律的稀疏波解在大時間狀下的l ~ p衰減率。
  9. The comprehensive effect of partial acidlity of working medium, flowing status of fluid, nocuous material in atmosphere, together with the overlong usage, largely increased the corrosion rate and caused the leakage

  10. Friction between the spinning glass and the liquid inside causes swirls of fluid to appear and disappear, displaying intricate flow patterns. these patterns resemble the atmospheric storms on earth, jupiter, saturn, uranus, and neptune

  11. After the ventilator is started, the dust catcher is under negative state and will absorb air with dust in the ductwork to the case on the dust catcher, then the air current will enter into the upper side of filter bag flowing from upper side to lower part ; most of the dust will come out from the filter bag under function of gravity and inertia and then fall into the lower case ( ash hopper ), then the clean air will enter into the air via ventilator

    當通風機啟后,除塵器便處于負壓狀,並將余風管中的含塵空吸入到除塵器上箱體內,然後進入濾袋上口自上而下,多數粉塵顆粒在重力和慣性力的作用下穿出濾袋下口,沉降至下箱體內(灰斗) ,被濾的凈化體經通風機排入大中。
  12. Pulsating spray drying technique makes use of the unstable hot gas stream generated by a pulse combustor to atomi / e and dry a liquid material

  13. A two - dimensional double diffusive laminar natural convection in rectangular enclosure is detailed analyzed. the results show that when the thermal and solutal buoyancies aid each other, the airflow consists of one main cellular structure and is steady, regardless of the relative strength variation between the heat and pollutant sources. there are multiple flow structures, however, according to the relative strength when the buoyancies opposing each other

  14. By improving surface condition of parts and one shot seal - off clean room grade, using ultrasonic vapor phase cleaning process, the inner parts of vacuum interrupter get cleaner. movable particles have been diminished by automatic current ageing, power frequency hi - voltage ageing and dynamic high current ageing. as the dielectric strength of clearance in vacuum interrupter improved, the probability of re - ignition in test drops evidently

    通過提高零件表面加工質量,改善一次封排間的真空衛生條件、制定合理的超聲波相清洗工藝提高管內潔凈度,採用自老煉、超高壓工頻老煉、大電老煉等工藝進一步消除真空滅弧室內活性微粒,可提高真空滅弧室真空間隙介質強度,使真空開關投切電容器組的重燃率大大降低,並通過實驗驗證真空開關投切電容器組的重燃率在製造工藝改進後由原來的10 . 7 %降低至1 . 3 % 。
  15. Results show that there exist obvious differences and interesting connections between the fluctuation characteristics of natural and mechanical wind in built environment, which may be main reason why people have different thermal sensations to them

  16. This paper introduces the recent researches on the fluctuation characteristics of airflow conducted in tsinghua university

  17. The pressure datum is an important means of researching the speciality of oil stratum, mastering its status and checking the process of oil extraction

  18. The mesoscale circulation determines basic air flow patterns in this area, which is typical in spring - summer season and in calm weather of autumn - winter season

  19. In the article, physical and mathematical models for the fluid flow and heat transfer inside a horizontal low - temperature have been established. and using the method of simple and integer evaluation and fvm has simulated the steady temperature and velocity distribution of a horizontal low - temperature refrigerator that the author has designed

  20. Flow patterns of lower atmosphere over beijing area