營運資金管理 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yíngyùnjīnguǎn]
營運資金管理 英文
working capital management
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (謀求) seek 2 (經營; 管理) operate; run; manage Ⅱ名詞1 (軍隊駐扎的地方) camp; barrac...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (物體位置不斷變化) move; revolve 2 (搬運; 運輸) carry; transport 3 (運用) use; wield...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錢財; 費用) money; wealth; expenses 2 (資質) intelligence; endowment 3 (資格) quali...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (金屬) metals 2 (錢) money 3 (古時金屬制的打擊樂器) ancient metal percussion instrum...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (管子) pipe; tube 2 (吹奏的樂器) wind musical instrument 3 (形狀似管的電器件) valve;...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物質組織的條紋) texture; grain (in wood skin etc ) 2 (道理;事理) reason; logic; tru...
  • 營運 : [交通運輸] service營運汽車 commercial vehicle; 營運資金 operating funds
  • 資金 : fund; capital
  • 管理 : manage; run; administer; supervise; rule; administration; management; regulation
  1. The working capital management mode of the group company

  2. Topics include working capital management financial statement analysis

  3. Topics include working capital management and financial statement analysis

  4. Contents of this course include : basic concepts of financial management, atternative forms of business organization, financial statement analysis, break - even analysis, operating & financial leverages, managing working capital, short - term financing, financial mathematics, capital budgeting & risk, discounter - cash - flow model, fundamentals of securities valuation, cost of capital, capital structure, dividend policy, long - term financing, leases, mergers & acquisitions, holding companies, restructure and liquidation

    課程涵蓋了財務的基本概念,企業組織型態,財務報表分析,損益平衡分析, ?桿原營運資金管理,短期融,財務數學,本預算及風險,現流量折現模型,證券評價基礎,成本,本結構,股利政策,長期融,租賃,並購,握股公司,重整及清算等重要課題。
  5. Additionally, $ 100, 000 will be needed for general overhead expenses such as for salaries, corporate legal and accounting fees, office overhead and general working capital

    另外, 100 , 000美元將用於開支普通費用,如工、公司律師費、會計費、辦公間接費和
  6. Based on the analysis of commercial banks " current concept about fund management, this paper brings forward that fund management is the main - string in its operation, and that the concept of fund management, including security and profitability, is extended from current " forrying fund " to the management of the fund cost and fund risk the paper comprehensively discusses the principle of fund management, the management of fund costs, the tactics of management about fund liquidity, the measures of management about fund risks and how to solve the problems on interest risk in the period of frequent interest fluctuation. the paper puts forward ideas on how to improve the fund management. the security, liquidity and profitability of the fund, which are both contradictory and integrated with one another, are internal factors of fund management. fund liquidity is traditional core question. commercial banks face with a number of risks of witch credit risk is the greatest one because our country has adjusted interest rates 8 times since 1996, which covered a period of frequent interest fluctuation

  7. The fourth channel consists of peripheral mechanisms. small - and - medium enterprises obtain loans, not just from financial institutions, but likewise through rental companies, which provide asset leasing instead of outright loans. this mode has been found to be effective in both long - and short - term fund management

  8. For the case of the north china power grid ( as follower omitted " ncpg " ), discusses these focus question as " ncpg fund dispatching ", " ncpg e - bank ", provides conflict settlement to fund budget and center control by new financial method, computer and internet high - tech skill. the thesis suggests do fund control in all directions, link invest - collect flow with financial fund management together, all fund affairs relatively included in " ncpg fund dispatching ". as a goal, thesis hopes to make fund flow, mass flow and information flow as a line, control fund real time, and realize the enterprise resource planning

    文章針對電網的特徵和區域電力公司財務體制特點,對電網經企業的投和籌作了較為詳細的回顧和分析,並結合當前中的「現調度」 、 「網上銀行」等熱點話題,以華北電力集團公司為例進行了案例分析,對電網經企業強化現調度,積極穩妥地開展「網上銀行」業務,提出了思路和建議,初步解決了實際工作中電網經企業集中的矛盾;同時,還大力倡導以融手段創新推動和促進企業創新,提出了用計算機、網路等高科技手段,開展的橫向和縱向調度,把投、籌等與相關的業務環節,納入到的綜合調度中來,逐步達到流、物流、信息流三流合一,實現的實時,從而使企業內部源共享,實現企業源優化。
  9. According to cash management requirements, through balancing of cash inflows and outflows, to meet operation demands of cash, and minimize financing cost

  10. " we view this as a positive development for the market and for investors into china, " said eric ng, assistant vice president and chief operating officer of manulife funds direct

  11. " with the current environment of low interest rates and volatile stock markets, investors are looking for ways to preserve and grow their money, " said eric ng, assistant vice president and chief operating officer of mfd

  12. The new system was put into force by the army ruled government. it was a three - pillar structure in which the individual account plan acts as a mainstay. pension fund was managed by afps and superintended by safp

  13. Topics to cover include the time value of money, net present value and other investment criteria ; use of discount cash flow for investment decision ; risk and return of investment ; project analysis, corporate financing, capital structure ; financial statement analysis, financial planning ; working capital management ; cash and inventory management ; risk management

  14. Since august 1, 1995, hongkong post has operated as a trading fund department. this gives it a higher degree of flexibility in resource management and enables it to respond more effectively to changes in markets and operating environment, improve productivity, efficiency and customer service standards and introduce new services to its customers

  15. This measures are, namely, to set up parent - subsidiary company system in chinese tobacco group head office, to unify technique development, to unify the arrangement of the cigarette productivity, to increase the brand concentration, to unify the build of the cigarette marketing network and the logistic sending system, to unify the fund management, to unify the strategy measures to reasonably arranging tobacco resources, so as to promote the overall ability of chinese tobacco head office to compete, all in a bid to build china tobacco ' s core competency

  16. The work and living environment zone displayed technologies likely to significantly impact work and home environments in the near future. among them were internet protocol telephony, high - definition displays, and a series of office automation solutions that emstf has developed for government departments, such as an electronic document management system and electronic human resource management system

  17. The writher drew a conclusion that the operation mode is feasible and risky in the operation under the current market situation. the essay is divided into six parts totally. the writer described the background, researching purpose, researching frame and thinking in chapter one ; the writer described and analyzed the public - benefit project operating mode and drew a conclusion that there is the funds, management problem in the public - project operating mode in the second chapter ; the writer elaborated and analyzed the real estate project, get the conclusion that real estate enterprises were restricted by the land and the policy in the third part ; firstly the writer elaborated and analyzed the compound project operation mode, operating mechanism, the operating process of the mode, success factors and risk, secondly the writer made use of the contrast analysis method with two kinds of operation modes, lastly the writer drew a conclusion that mode is feasible, but risky in

  18. Life insurance funds management not only affects solvency and stability continuously, also relate to the industry healthy development

  19. Then the useful ways are analyzed by which they can obtain technology, management and decision support in the process of operating the new model. its main content includes : ( 1 ) to achieve the finance integration based on the information standardization and reorganization of information systems on numerical campus with " all - in - one card " ; ( 2 ) to make overall budget management and control and establish a centralized system around finance within intranet systems ; ( 3 ) to get a dynamic capital control with an intensive financial center in order to improve their efficiencies and avoid possible risks ; ( 4 ) to build a performance evaluation and decision support system and help managers make better decisions by assessing and comparing their operational process

  20. Meanwhile, to centralise the investment management of its financial assets, the government began to transfer the fiscal reserves of its general revenue account ( apart from the working balances ) to the fund