群分離符 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [qúnfēn]
群分離符 英文
group separator character
  • : Ⅰ名詞(聚在一起的人或物) crowd; group Ⅱ量詞(用於成群的人或物) group; herd; flock
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (離開) leave; part from; be away from; separate 2 (背離) go against 3 (缺少) dispens...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (符節) tally (with two halves made of wood bamboo jade metal issued by a ruler to gener...
  1. The competition among those species like s. tsinyunensis, dryopteris erythrosora and veronicastrum stenostachyum etc., is intense in the communities, which may be one of the reasons why s. tsinyunensis is going to be endangered and with a very restricted distribution. the distribution patterns of the seven populations of s. tsinyunensis are clumped among the eight populations we studied, except population v of random distribution. the spatial pattern of 6 populations of s. tsinyunensis have high consistency with the negative binominal distribution, while another 2 populations, i. e., i and iii are poisson distributions

    6 )縉雲黃芩各種空間佈格局基本呈聚集佈,其中7個種佈格局類型是聚集佈,其聚集強度較高,另有一個種為隨機佈;其種佈擬合結果也嚴格合一定的數學模式,其中負二項佈、 poisson別是該物種種空間佈的理論佈模式,其中6個種擬合出的結果是負二項佈,種i和種m擬合出的結果是poisson佈。
  2. Previous researchers have always determined the sp atial distribution patterns ( sdp ) of castanopsis kawakamii with a sample - dis tance method. however, the distribution patterns may be affected by the quadrat si ze and, in the course of analysis, the density differences among the cluster plots are not considered ; therefore, differences of cluster plot size and the dispersi on degree among individuals of cluster plots can not be known. authers of this pa per have determined the spatial distribution patterns of castanopsis kawakamii population in different habitats by means of non - quadrat distance method and a nalysed the pattern intensity and grain of the sdp. the pattern intensity is defi ned with the relative density differences and the pattern grain can embody the d ispersion degree of the individuals in the plots, and the dispersion degree among the plots. the determined results are as follows. the intensities of the species range in order from strong to week : litsea mollifolia p. kawakamii i. purpure a r. cochinchinensis c. kawakamii c. carlessii d. oldphamii s. superba. the gra ins of the species queue in order from coarse to close : s. superba = litsea mollif olia r. cohinchinensis c. kawakamii = i. purpurea c. carlessii p. racemosam d. oldp hamii. these determined results tally basiclly with the results authers of this paper have got in determining the same plots by means of aggregate index access ing method. in view of this, it is held that the sdp of c. kawakamii is closely related to the habitats and biological features

  3. In the paper, with system energy balance method and heat conductive equations , on tne basis of short time heat transfer modeling established the long time modeling, considering heat interference in thermal well group. this paper used the finit element method for element division and computer analysis, and provided the operation temperature figure. acquired computation values agreed well with experimental results, the most difference between them was 5. 13 %

    本文採用系統能量平衡結合熱傳導方程,在淺埋套管式換熱器短期傳熱模型基礎上建立了長期傳熱模型,並考慮了管熱干擾對模型的影響。並運用有限單元法軟體編程進行散和計算機析,得出模擬溫度場,其模擬值與實測的均值基本相,兩者最大誤差小於5 . 13 % ,表明該模型具有一定的合理性和實用意義。
  4. Thirdly, the working time depends on season change and there is a different focus in the evaluation of merit & benefit. lastly, there are many scattered manufactured sites for one unit, so the employers work not in a single site. in order to adapt to the requirement of management information and the modernization, it is urgently to develop a hrmd to supply information integration and share of human resources management in those institutes

  5. Presently, almost all optimal harvesting policies were obtained by choosing production function that was separable of variables concerning x and e and was independent of time t. this is not completely consistent with the objective facts

  6. Through testing these aflp markers on the hybrids that constructed fe - efficient and fe - inefficient bulk, 18 loci were found maybe linked with fe - efficient trait and exhibited normal mendelian segregation. linkage relationships were established by the inheritance of the markers in the entire analysis population. these markers localized in the same linkage group

    它們在f1體的合1 : 1的比例,通過這18個標記在整個體的遺傳析建立了連鎖關系,並用這18個標記對鐵高效性狀進行了基因定位,結果表明18個aflp標記位於同一連鎖上。
  7. We studied its distribution pattem by using the following measures f the test for fitting to the poisson, negative binomial and neyman a distribution. at the same time, we use negative binomial parametef, dispersal index, patchiness index, cassie s index and clumping index, estimated the aggregation intensity. the results showed that the distribution pattern is typically aggregated, and the intensity of aggregation vari

    經統計析,青島百合復合種、各局部種內個體的佈格局佈擬合的結果合負二項佈;各聚集強度參數中,叢生指標)和cassie指標(二k )均大於o ,負h項參數限)均較小,擴散系數k卜擴散型指數)和聚塊性指標( m m )均大於1 ,以上這些表明各個局部種佈格局都為聚集佈。
  8. As we all know that damage constitutional law of concrete is fit for solving mass little cracks situation, that fracture mechanics model is fit for solving only a few cracks situation, that separate crack model is only fit for dealing with those cracks whose locations is known firstly. but these situations do n ' t reflect the crack characteristic of the steel liner - reinforced concrete penstocks of the three gorges. so, this paper adopts the smear crack model to simulate crack