車體製造 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhìzào]
車體製造 英文
  • : 車名詞1. (中國象棋棋子的一種) chariot, one of the pieces in chinese chess2. (國際象棋棋子的一種) castle; rook
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (做; 製作) make; build; create; produce 2 (假編) cook up; fabricate; concoct 3 [書面語...
  • 車體 : car body車體承載力 car body load; 車體負載 capacity of body; 車體構件 car body member; 車體千斤頂...
  1. For decorating, cement and terrazzo floor, walls and walls and ceilings of workshops for producing beverage, food stuffs cosmetics, electronics, medines, electrical appliances, etc. and places which need to be free from basification and dust

  2. Various oil field petroleum drilling machines, escalator, automobile building, metallurgy, mines, chemical industry, foodstuff and drink machine, beer brewage, flour production, tobacco machinery, textile, papermaking, glass production, packing, machinery, wood materil processing, cement manufacture, channel machinery, metal processing machinery, mining machanics, indoor parking equipment, ship, print, port machinery, non - road transportation vehicles and transportation etc

  3. Computer aided design computer aided manufacture cad cam

  4. With a perfect quality guaranteed system, a strong scientific research institution and the ability of technical development, shandong shuangli group produces 22 series of more than 3, 000 varieties of agricultural machinery and implements with shuangli as its brand, such as tricycle, four - wheel farm vehicle, large - scale, medium - sized, small - scale tractors, walking tractor, combined harvester of rice and wheat, ginned cotton cleaning machine, linter, cotton gin, electronic hardware and tools, etc

  5. This section essence shrinks the proportion is 1 : 43 simulation model vehicle the east wind - 11 short distance trajectory guided missile truck which develops voluntarily by our country, may mobile launch carries the system is a prototype, the chassis and the missile are the alloy manufacture, the missile may take out from the discharger or revolves along with the discharger to each angle, all vehicle doors may open, the rubber tire may rotate, the zero number of articles approaches 200

    此款精縮比例為1 : 43的模擬模型以我國自行發展、可機動發射的東風- 11短程彈道導彈載系統為原型,及導彈為合金,導彈可以從發射架上取出或隨發射架旋轉至各個角度,所有門均可打開,橡膠輪胎可以轉動,零件數接近200個。
  6. It can undertake the overhaul of many types of train, such as self - tipping train torpedo train, n17 flatcar sand & stone carriage

    設施完備,技術力量強,主要承接機大修用鐵路自翻、鐵水、 n17平、砂石的大修及上業務。
  7. In combination with a carbon - fibre monocoque, customised seat, helmet and overalls, these belts help make the formula one cockpit a pretty safe place to work

  8. Small craft - hull construction and scantlings - part 4 : workshop and manufacturing

  9. Small craft - hull construction and scantlings - part 4 : workshops and manufacturing iso 12215 - 4 : 2002 ; german version en iso 12215 - 4 : 2002

  10. Ander technologies manufacture quality metal catalyst carriers also name it metallic catalyst supports, metallic catalytic substrates for the catalytic converter of cars, motocycles, stationary engines and small engines

  11. We mostly produce aviation high pressure vitta, they are used by motocar and autocycle, ect. especially we have solved leakage in jointing and riveting by vitta tie - in. it is safe, and we can save some oil, the life can be prolonged, too

  12. It provides with air - separated machines and equipment, gas generate and electron control equipment, air condition of car, steel and iron etc. our products have been awarded the highest quality prize by the ministry of machinery and hebei province government

  13. To solve the problem of the fear of inadequacy of armor protection on the already heavily armored kv - 1 model 1941, it was decided to bring the armor protection of the turret up to a thickness to 75mm. since the capability of producing such a thick armor plate was lacking at the time, so an interim solution was to use bolt on armor, 25 mm of thickness, bolt directly to the outside of the turret and some other parts of the hull. this type was usually referred to as kv - 1s ehkranami

    針對kv - 1 1941年型的裝甲防護能力不足的問題,設計人員進行了一系列強化裝甲的工作,改進后的kv - 1的炮塔裝甲達到了大約75毫米的厚度但在具中由於為kv坦克提供裝甲鋼板的工廠沒有能力生產必要厚度的裝甲鋼板,因此,作為臨時解決方案用螺栓在和炮塔上加裝了25毫米厚的附加裝甲,這種改進的kv坦克被命名為kv - 1附加裝甲型。
  14. In this thesis, we studied multi - agent based control architecture and scheduling for networked shop floor

    本文研究基於多agent ( mas )的網路化系統的控制系結構和調度方法。
  15. This paper deeply analysis the production management problems existing in the xac metal sheet part manufacturing workshop, and from the viewpoint of the computer aid production management, using the advanced management mode and integrating the aircraft part production characteristics, analysis and studies the integrated management of the manufacturing information, the organizing of the production plan and the control of the production process of the part manufacturing workshops that are under the cims environment, and also applies concrete system analysis, promotes general design plan and model establishing method

  16. To achieve information integration in manufacture process, this paper, with reference to dnc, researches into manufacture process information integration from 3 aspects : data level, function level, application level, presents the management information integration framework ( miif ) based on distributed control technology, builds meta - agent and application agent by regarding agent as an entity having special behavior ability and specific action objective, establishes agent control model, and then gives the collaborative solution. with field - bus technology and agent technology, the dnc system model based on agent technology is established which shows a efficient way of device integration. a general model of device integration is set up, and an agent model based on soft plug - in technology is built

    該模式包括面向過程的間生產管理與控制的上層結構和面向間設備的加工控制的下層結構;為實現過程信息的集成,本文從三個層面:數據層面、功能層面、應用層面上闡述了過程信息的集成方式,並借鑒dnc思想,建立了基於分散式控制技術的過程信息集成框架( miif ) ;採用面向對象方法,對miif中的代理從定義抽象、結構和功能等進行了深入研究;從知識層面上的三個層次:語言規范、會話機制、問題域對miif的多agent協作進行研究,建立了多agent交互的形式化模型。
  17. During the past yesas, our products are fundamentally applied in household hardware industry, electic fans, electric hardware products, automobile, motor cars, bicycles, elevator, metal furniture manufacturing industry, stainless steel household utensils manufacturing, gas cooker units and electric water heater manufacturing, tin manufacturing, etc

  18. Changshu jinsheng metal working co., ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in shopping trolleys, supermarket carts, warehouse trolleys, utility trolleys etc., as well as the relatived the wire products, such as the wire shelving, wire display, wire cart, wire container, storage container, rolling container. our business scope inculding all kinds of supermarket equipments and warehouse equipments, such as supermarket shelf, gondola shelving, storage rack, pallet racking we integrate research, development and production into one complete whole to provide buyers with a vast assortment of products featuring the latest designs

  19. Tourism supplies, metal products, electric skateboards car manufacturing ; shop sales ( involving special permits and approval by the effective operation of documents )

    旅遊用品、金屬品、電動滑板育用品的銷售(凡涉及許可證和專項審批的憑有效證件經營) 。
  20. Our products provide solutions in automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, plastics, medical, clinical and metal working industries