高溫物體 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gāowēn]
高溫物體 英文
hot substances
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (從下向上距離大; 離地面遠) tall; high 2 (在一般標準或平均程度之上; 等級在上的) above...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(不冷不熱) warm; lukewarm; hot; gentle; mild Ⅱ名詞1 (溫度) temperature 2 (瘟) acute ...
  • : 名詞1 (東西) thing; matter; object 2 (指自己以外的人或與己相對的環境) other people; the outsi...
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • 高溫 : high temperature; elevated temperature; hyperthermia; megatemperature; inferno
  • 物體 : [物理學] body; substance; object
  1. Abstract : through analysis of the components of coking on different parts of desullfur system of single tower and the waste water containing sulfur, we find the cause of coking in the stripping desulur system from single tower is the polymerization reaction of carbohydrate and the separattion of varied solid powders, organic compounds, and all corrosive productions of metal out of waste water in high temperature, therefore, the solving method is how to decrease the oil content, how to depolymerize form the carbohydrate and how to antisepticize by vapour of waste water

  2. When doing the work that contacts high temperature object, should wear glove and wear appropriative to defend coverall

  3. At 70c, dissolved time 60min, solvent ratio 125 : 50ml / g, the effect of benzene is best to separating phenanthrene of crude anthracene, phenanthrene content of crude anthracene is increased from 10. 3 % to 41. 7 %. at 120c, dissolved time 80min, the solvent ratio 75 : 30ml / g, the effect of dmf is best to separate carbazole from the compound of anthracene and carbazole, and in the high or common temperature when the compound is separated the solid content may be seen that anthracene content is almost. so, the common temperature is selected in the filtration of the experiment

    苯在70 』 c 、溶解時間60min 、溶劑比125 : 5oml / g ,對分離粗蔥中菲的效果最好,可以使粗蔥中菲的含量從10 . 3 %提到41 . 7 % 。 dmf在120 』 c 、溶解時間somin 、溶劑比75 : 30ml / g時,對分離蔥和咔哇混合中咔哇的效果最好,並且從和低下分離后得到固含量可以看出,在這兩個度下過濾得到蔥的含量差不多,因此,本實驗選擇在常下過濾。
  4. The research status of the world diesel exhaust aftertreatment technology is summarized systemicallyo at the same time, the development status and problems about oxygenation catalysis converter and particulate filter are analyzed on the basis of mentioned informations, we bring up a diesel exhaust cleanse system, that adopts the technique course of catalysis conversion combining particulate collection and regeneration the system collects exhaust particulate by means of efficacious filtering material it can oxidize ho co and macromolecule solvable organic via catalyst and diesel oil additive enhanced temperature will partly oxidize collected particulate and ultimately achieve the aim of exhaust reduction, after processing system frame design and trial matching, it ' s detected that the system can surely cleanse gas exhaust and particulate in addition, gas - ejected combustion - supporting regeneration for diesel particulate filter is also researched, we have rudimentarily designed the software and hardware of the g as - ejected combustion - supporting system having processed a series of trials, we discover the rules of the system credibly working these rules demonstrate the right direction for researching gas - ejected combustion - supporting regeneration technology

    本文系統地介紹了國內外柴油機排氣后處理技術的研究現狀,分析了氧化催化轉化器和微粒捕集器的發展現狀及存在的問題,以此為基礎,提出了一種柴油機排氣凈化系統,該系統採用催化轉化與微粒捕集及再生相結合的技術路線,通過過濾材料的有效過濾,將排氣中的微粒進行收集,藉助于催化劑和柴油添加劑使排氣中hc 、 co及分子可溶性有機氧化,產生的使得收集到的微粒部分氧化,從而達到降低排放的效果。通過系統結構設計和試驗匹配,實現了對氣排放和微粒的凈化。同時,論文中還進行了柴油機微粒捕集器噴氣助燃再生的研究,初步設計了噴氣助燃系統,進行了控制系統軟、硬的開發,通過正交試驗,摸索出了噴氣助燃系統可靠工作的一般規律,為噴氣助燃再生技術的開發提供了方向。
  5. Mcfc ( molten carbonate fuel ceil ), which is one of two kinds of high temperature fuel cells, have been researched in most of countries

    燃料電池熔融碳酸鹽燃料電池( mcfc )或者固氧化燃料電池( sofc )和汽輪機組成的聯合循環發電系統更具吸引力。
  6. In my present study, changes in structure and function of all parts of non - leaf organs ( culms, paleae, lemmas, awns, and glumes ) were investigated during a series of developmental stages and in various cultivars. characterization of the culms of lodging - resistant wheat varieties lodging is a potential cause of yield reduction in cereal crops ( crook et al, 1994 )

  7. Heat flow from a hotter to a cooler body is a process of energy transfer tending to equalize temperature.

  8. The future of high temperature organic solids lies with intrinsically rigid, linear macromolecules.

  9. A study on the changes of lectins receptors in neural tube defects of hamster induced by hyperthermia

  10. Following this, a new phenomenological eos along isotherms that may be used at high pressures for nacl - type and cscl - type alkali halides, metals, periclase ( mgo ), rare - gas xenon solid, and so on, is presented, by making use of the definition of short - distance repulsive force constant ( a ) and the phenomenological function a ( r )

    在此基礎上,從短程排斥力常數a的定義,及其與原子間距r唯象函數出發,提出一個可應用於相對壓下的新的等態方程,並對它的有效性和應用性進行了研究與討論;本文還在實驗數據的基礎上,運用了等壓過程中anderson - gr (
  11. Abnormally low or high body temperature effect a variety of physiologic responses including lowered metabolic rate.

  12. This paper introduces the latest progress of high level radioactive waste disposal programs in the world, and discusses the key scientific issues as follows : ( 1 ) the precise prediction of the evolution of a repository site ; ( 2 ) the characteristics of deep geological environment ; ( 3 ) the behaviour of deep rock mass, groundwater and engineering material under coupled conditions ( intermediate to high temperatures, geostress, hydraulic, chemical, biological and radiation process, etc ) ; ( 4 ) the geochemical behaviour of transuranic radionuclides with low concentration and its movement with groundwater : and ( 5 ) the safety assessment of disposal system

  13. In this paper, the course of isothermal crystallization kinetics of polymer in limited volume unit is simulated by use of the method of monte carlo. four factors influenting on the course of polymer in the limited volume unite isothermal crystallization are analyzed under the given conditions. the four factors are sample volume shrinkage, the change of the linear growth rate of entities g, the change of sample thickness and the change of the number of nuclei

  14. Long - term high temperature not only could decrease the resistibility of the body, but also can cause the pollution of the air and waterhead, the scarcity of food, production of the bacillus and virus, sequentially affect distri - bution of the infectious disease

  15. In short, heat flows from the warmer to the cooler body.

  16. Heat never flows spontaneously from a cooler to a hotter body.

  17. In this paper, high heat penetration into a moving particulate bed is described mathematically with a comprehensive heat and mass transfer model. the distribution of gas velocity and pressure, the temperature field of gas and solid in the moving particulate bed are examined for different conditions. the results show that thermal penetration into the moving packed - bed particles by fluid flow in porous media is high only in the position near the gas entrance. the thermal penetration thickness tends to increase with the fluid flow velocity and decrease with the particle moving velocity. in the region of thermal penetration, the porosity of solid bed has significant effect on gas field and pressure loss. it is feasible to reduce the gas pressure loss by a larger width / height packed bed in design and operation. the correspondence between thermal infection depth and particle bed height would be helpful to keep high oapacity of reactor and reduce the cost of operation

  18. Temperature field measurement is an important subject in both practice and theory

  19. Never use a sharp or pointed object to scrape or press the floor for a long time. at the same time, never let a very hot object touch the foundation line

  20. Never use a very hot object to touch the floor directly