高度影響 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gāoyǐngxiǎng]
高度影響 英文
effect of altitude
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (從下向上距離大; 離地面遠) tall; high 2 (在一般標準或平均程度之上; 等級在上的) above...
  • : 度動詞[書面語] (推測; 估計) surmise; estimate
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物體擋住光線后映出的形象) shadow 2 (鏡中、水面等反映出來的物體形象) reflection; image...
  • 高度 : altitudeheightelevation
  1. From the numerical modeling results, it can be found that there is a clockwise gyre in the middle part of bohai sea, whether in wintertime or in summertime. in summer, the clockwise gyre corresponding to the high - temperature and low - density center in the middle bohai sea is mainly dominated by the density circulation. and in winter, it is mainly dominated by the wind stress curl

  2. But setting - up on the basis of being worth picture element for the three - dimensional space coordinate, it is fast to run ; free of luminance, the accuracy is high

    該模型基於以r 、 g 、 b為坐標的三維空間,運行速快;不受亮,精確
  3. The results showed that the soy protein dough was a typical pseudoplastic fluid in the normal processing ranges, and the apparent viscosity decreased with the increase of shear rate and moisture content, and also decreased with the increase of temperature below 120, and increased with the reduction of temperature above 120

  4. The following results were found, i. e., the water ratio affects obviously the acoustic wave velocity of rock sample ; the wave velocity is higher in saturated rock samples than in unsaturated ones ; and it decreases gradually with the strain of samples during uniaxial compression ; and also with the lengthening holding time at 160 ; when heating the samples the acoustic wave velocity increases slightly in initial stage and comes to the peak value at 60, then decreases gradually with increasing temperature ; meantime, there is a certain temperature effect on rock samples size

    實驗發現含水率對波速比較大,飽和巖樣的聲波傳播速於不飽和巖樣的聲波傳播速;人工預制裂紋對聲波傳播速不大;單軸壓縮條件下,聲波傳播速隨應變增加逐漸降低;在同一溫( 160 )下,波速隨保溫時間的增加而逐漸降低;在對巖樣逐漸加熱情況下,初始加熱階段波速略有升,當溫達到60時,巖樣波速達到峰值,之後隨著溫繼續升其波速逐漸下降;波速隨溫變化具有一定的尺寸效應。
  5. The assimilation scheme uses a blending approach based on optimal linear interpolation. the improvement is 45 % for the phase - lag of s2 after assimilating the altimetric data of the crossover points, while the correction for the diurnal constituents is not so good as for semidiurnal constituents

    利用基於最優插值法的混合法將交叉點的調和常數同化到動力模式中,同化后s _ 2分潮的遲角精改進最大,可以改進45 ,結果顯示計資料的分析結果對模式結果的精很大。
  6. Temperature within extremely low and high levels, affected spikelet formation, ripening, and final grain yield

  7. The higher temperature, the more fe ( co ) 5 decomposed in the gaseous phase. when the temperature was raised to 150, the thermolysis entirely happened in gaseous phase and the particles of 2 - 4um formed in long chains. with long chains broken, the plural relative permittivity ( e ", e " ) drop and plural magnetic permeability ( u ", u " ) rise

    恆溫滴加法受溫顯著,隨著溫的升,發生在氣相中的熱分解量增加; 150下fe ( co ) _ 5完全在氣相中分解,產物為2 4 m的微粒形成的鏈狀結構,這種鏈狀結構的破壞有利於復介電常數( 、 )的降低、復磁導率( 、 )的提
  8. Abstract : based on the analysis of the mathematics models of saturation steam density and superheat steam density the paper states that the deviation of the detection on temperature highly affects the accuracy of intelligent flow totalizer. especially for saturation steam , the accuracy of the temperature detection circuit shall be designed higher than the accuracy of the instrument. thus a temperature detection circuit based on ratio method with high accuracy is introduced

  9. The entering of the tourist and lamp - light gave much energy to furong cave and the temperature in the cave rised slowly. the different temperature between the outer and the inner as the air circulation, would make the cave wet seriously in the summer and dry in the winter. the density of co2 would go up because of piston - effect, cave depositing and the tourists " entering

    遊人的進入和洞穴燈光的使用,給芙蓉洞內帶來了大量的能量,致使洞穴空氣升溫;由於動內外的溫差和空氣的流通,開放的洞穴出現夏季濕,冬季乾燥的變化現象; co _ 2的濃會因為活塞效應、洞穴沉積和遊人的進入而升,但最大的還是遊人,當遊客量較大的時候,洞穴co _ 2的濃會隨遊人進入的數量增加而明顯升,洞內co _ 2含量峰值記錄最出現了6200ppm的記錄。
  10. Do not use the cloud or glass loading the device cloud the density low, the flap high, can affect the sound effect. glass density ratio cloud the is high, however not thick and solid, the flap more seriously. can use to spend the or, and it is tallest to is, density particularly, loading device than ideal, but the thickness want 3cm above

  11. When other factors are unchangeable, with the growing of the diameter of drip line and the distance of emitters, irrigation uniformity of trickle system is increasing. the face gradient of little irrigation district has complex effect on irrigation uniformity. in a word, we tries our best to make the face of little irrigation district flat in order to improve the quality of drip - irrigation system

  12. Study on effect of fc admixture on strength improvment of ghpc

  13. On high - impact sites, tents, traffic routes, and kitchen areas should be concentrated on already impacted areas

  14. We are able to analysis more carefully the institutional influence of trading and the change of investment strategy by utilizing the high - frequency intraday trading data

  15. Based on wind speed observation record with drawback, it is proved that the exponent expressing terrain roughness can be calculated according the monthly maximum wind speed records at various height levels. wind characteristics of bridge site are determined by statistical method

  16. To the large - scale atmosphere, we separate the terms of the horizontal vorticity converting into the vertical vorticity, which considered as the baroclinic terms, from the terms that not including horizontal vorticity by the rules of the p coordinate transforming to the z coordinate in the traditional vorticity equation, and carry out the scale analysis, and then conclude that the baroclinic terms are able to reach the same magnitude grade as the partial derivative of the vertical vorticity to time when it takes place the large scale precipitation in the summer monsoon period in china. by analyzing the game reanalysis data from april to august in 1998 in the region of chinese continent, we found that the baroclinic terms is important to the large - scale cyclone developing above the 600hpa, and the magnitude changing of the baroclinic terms is nearly in - phase as the monsoon movement, so which imply exactly that the magnitude changing of the baroclinic terms is the one of the natural characters of the summer monsoon evolution and equivalent to the movement rule of the subtropical high of the western pacific

  17. Sar have been one of the most important sensors in space remote sensing because the sar can observe all - weather and all day, and the resolution of the image did not influence by the sensor " s height

  18. Generally, it is best to camp on sites that are so highly impacted that further careful use will cause no noticeable impact

  19. The data set has been derived from the databases of thomson scientific and covers publications in 8, 700 high - impact, international research journals over the period 1996 - 2005

    數據的編排是根據托馬遜科學( thomson scientific )數據庫得出的,它囊括了從1996到2005年間8700份有高度影響的國際研究期刊。
  20. The results of orthogonal experiment shows that the effect of the volumetric flow of exhaust gases is the most notable ; the effects of the number of exhaust inlets and the heat released rate of fire source are less notable than the effect of the volumetric flow of exhaust gases on the smoke layer interface ; the effects of the separation of exhaust inlets, the interrelation between the number and the separation of exhaust inlets and the location of exhaust inlets are notable ; but the rest factors " effects are not obvious