works in progress 中文意思是什麼

works in progress 解釋
  • works : 的印表機描述格式
  • in : adv 1 朝里,向內,在內。 A coat with a furry side in有皮裡子的外衣。 Come in please 請進來。 The ...
  • progress : n 1 前進,進行。2 上進,進步;進度;進展,增長,發展;經過;【生物學】發育,進化。3 〈古語〉(特...
  1. Extension works of subway no. 2 in progress

  2. Construction of sewers and the north - east river wall and site formation work at tai o, the road improvement works for cheung chau old town, and the reclamation, road and drainage works at yung shue wan, lamma island are in progress

  3. Finance is always interweaved with economy. the latter cannot grow without the help especially the capital support provided by financial industry. it also works in the rapid progress of zhejiang economy

  4. The correlation theory to the human resource management of thesis has been in progress the survey, and management and working satisfaction degree has carried on the analysis investigation to police staff and workers in lu nan prison has announced in the police staff and workers management existence to be short of the human resource planning and does not have concrete post analysiss and the invitation works not, and standard and excitation measure must not energetically wait the problem, work analysis that has put forward laying down the distinct human resource planning and open - minded detailed and standard police staff and workers employs and promotes to a higher office the police staff and workers of system and formulation system train and the development plan and has revised firewood fulfills distributes the scheme etc the countermeasure

  5. Kcrc is able to closely monitor the weather patterns by the use of real time data as well as satellite imagery from the hong kong observatory. early warning is passed to contractors in advance of bad weather conditions, as part of the preventive measures to ensure that works in progress do not impede drainage paths

  6. Article 7 people ' s governments at all levels should intensify the unified leadership over the work for flood control, organize departments and units concerned, mobilize social forces, depend on scientific and technological progress, harness rivers and lakes in a planned way and take measures to enforce the construction of flood control works in order to consolidate and enhance flood control capacity

  7. Discovered in july at the bottom of a dusty filing cabinet at a religious school in philadelphia, the manuscript is a work in progress for the composer ' s grosse fugue in b flat major - - one of his most revolutionary works

  8. Discovered in july at the bottom of a dusty filing cabinet at a religious school in philadelphia, the manuscript is a work in progress for the composer ' s grosse fuge in b flat major - one of his most revolutionary works. " this is an amazing find, " said stephen roe, head of auction house sotheby ' s manuscript department

  9. Construction of a new public toilet at the lantau link viewpoint on tsing yi is in the pipeline. improvements to 51 public toilets were completed in 2003 as part of the public toilet improvement programme. improvement works to about 70 public toilets and aqua privies are in progress or under planning

    此外, 「公廁改善工程計劃」項下有51個公廁的改善工程已於二零零三年完成,另有70個公廁包括鄉村旱廁的改善工程正在進行或在策劃階段。
  10. Reclamation, road and drainage works at yung shue wan on lamma island are also in progress. construction of the north - eastern riverwall and site formation work adjacent to lung tin estate in tai o is scheduled for completion in early 2002

  11. The present paper has a review on the development of contrastive chinese - english studies from the 1990s, makes a comment on the representative works in this field, and shows us the progress of the contrastive studies, i. e. from the linguistic level to the philosophical level

  12. Outstanding works in progress between kam ying road and footbridge fb1

  13. Section two ( chapter 2 to 3 ) deals with not only characteristics of naito ' s works but also the important influence forming his conception of ' protoform " which was embodied throughout his architectural activities and also discusses his course of design in this part. chapter 2 selects the works ranging from his early buildings to projects now in progress

    第二部分(第二章、第三章) ,首先通過分析他的建築創作實例來體現他對建築的「原生形態」的探索,其次論述了內藤廣的建築創作歷程以及他建築思想形成的主要影響因素。
  14. Pilkem street works in progress

  15. In thailand, the commencement of operations at the new 800, 000 square - feet inland container depot " icd " at siam seaport, together with container berth expansion works in progress and efforts to establish a nationwide distribution network, have significantly strengthened the division s substantial foothold in the country

    位於泰國siam seaport面積達800 , 000平方尺的內陸貨櫃站已投入營運,港口貨櫃擴建工程亦正積極進行,加上現正在籌建的全國性分銷網路,部門在泰國倉庫及物流業的地位將更形鞏固。
  16. Nanking street between nathan road and parkes street works in progress

    南京街(介乎彌敦道至白加士街) (
  17. Currently, both ogsa and ogsi are works in progress

    目前, ogsa和ogsi都在發展之中。
  18. Reclamation works in progress

  19. Main tower - pile cap construction steel reinforcement fixing works in progress

  20. Major works in progress include castle peak road improvements, work on container terminal 9 back up facilities, phase i of hong kong disneyland, and the science park in pak shek kok