方式托盤 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fāngshìtuōpán]
方式托盤 英文
post pallet
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (方形; 方體) square 2 [數學] (乘方) involution; power 3 (方向) direction 4 (方面) ...
  • : 名詞1 (樣式) type; style 2 (格式) pattern; form 3 (儀式; 典禮) ceremony; ritual 4 (自然科...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (向上承受) support from under 2 (陪襯) set off; serve as a contrast or foil 3 (委託; ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (盤子) tray; plate; dish 2 (形狀或功用像盤的東西) sth shaped like or used as a tray pl...
  • 方式 : way; fashion; pattern
  1. Testing methods of box pallets for through transit

  2. Packaging - box pallets - general requirements and test methods ; german version en 13626 : 2003

  3. With the support of the first manufacturing shop of yuxi hongta group, this project will lucubrate the 101 automatic logistics system of hongta group, which revolves around the group policy of improving quality, bringing front new ideas and reducing expense to manage the logistics management and do better to the enterprise, doing comprehensive and systematic researches, seeking out and solving a series of flaws and questions of the 101 automatic logistics system. ( l ) this project will discuss internal and external present conditions, development divection, interrelated concepts and knowledge of automatic logistics system. ( 2 ) according to the materials characteristic, in connection with the conditions of automatic logistics system, i will model the pallet and hold a synthetical research on all kinds of materials stacking patterns to achieve stacking equitably and steadily

    ( 1 )論文論述了自動化物流系統的國內外現狀及發展趨勢,自動化物流的相關概念及各類相關知識; ( 2 )根據101生產所需的物料特點,結合物流系統情況,對進行了選型設計,同時對各類物料的堆碼,也通過比較的法來進行研究,以達到堆碼合理、穩固的目的; ( 3 )基於101自動化物流系統中agv系統存在著運行效率低的問題,先根據路徑規劃原則,應用統籌法,對agv行駛路徑進行了研究,得到規劃化路徑案,接著結合agv調度管理法的缺陷,對其進行了研究,並加以改進,最後再對輔料的請求管理進行了全面的探討,以此來提高agv系統的運行效率。
  4. Initial products to be released will include lcd computer displays and lcd and plasma televisions, automotive video, as well as cddvd players, recorders and drives. motorola display products will support high quality entertainment applications, as well as digital content access and control via wired or wireless integration with connected devices throughout the home

  5. This paper narrated the principle of motorcycle anti - lock brake control, provided the calculating method of controlling parameter and derived a formula about the braking pressure and friction factor of real road conditions. a mechanical motorcycle anti - lock brake controller was contrived and the series - design theory was completed on the basis of this formula ; the construction parameters and design of nonlinear - spring were also addressed. the construction of testing system was designed and controlling principle was narrated

  6. Introduced in the form of the game is very simple : the game, two people in the above table with a circular tray. will table the ball into the other holes can score, each have seven minutes to lead by one, the immigration clearance time will be password a total of eight people can choose the game, very informative

  7. Tray - type cable support systems are ideal cable laying devices most broadly applied in petrolum industry, chemical industry, power and light industries. television and telecommunication, it is featured by such advantages as small weight, great loading capacity. good - looking shape, simple structure. convenient erection. quick heat dissipation and fine permeability

  8. Vertical angle double injection machines can cope with the operational pattern of various dual colour molds, such as tractor type, supporting core rotation, die core subsiding, valve separation, die core sliding etc. two or more plastics materials are injected into the different mold cavities for the effect of multiple colours and materials