磷酸組氨酸 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [līnsuānānsuān]
磷酸組氨酸 英文
  • : 名詞[化學] phosphorus (15號元素,符號p)
  • : 酸構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由不多的人員組成的單位) group 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(組織) organize; form Ⅲ量詞(...
  • : 名詞[化學] (氮和氫的化合物) ammonia; hydrogen nitride
  • 磷酸 : [無機化學] orthophosphoric acid; phosphoric acid磷酸胺 [化學] phosphamide; ammonium phosphate; 磷...
  1. Histidine a basic amino acid formed only rarely in proteins. it is formed from atp and 5 - phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate in a complex biosynthetic pathway. glutamate is an intermediate in its breakdown

    :是蛋白質中少有的一種堿性。由atp和5 -核糖基焦鹽通過復雜的生物合成途徑合成。在其降解過程中可形成谷
  2. Exchangeable aluminium, humic acid component content in rhizosphere soil and non - rhizosphere soil, activity acidity, organic matter content, humus component content, total amount of fifteen types of amino acid, the content of various forms of phosphorus, the amount of three main types of microbes, enzyme activity, and bulk density in non - rhizosphere soil increased

    根際和非根際土壤交換性鋁含量、胡敏分,非根際土壤活性、有機質含量、腐殖質成、 15種總量、各形態含量、三大土壤微生物數量、酶的活性和土壤容重增加。
  3. Mongolica young stand, secondary natural forest, and the mixed forest of larix olgensis and fraxinus mandshurica rupr. countermeasures for controlling soil degradation were also recommended. the study got following results : ( 1 ) from young stand to mid - age of larix olgensis, with the closure of canopy and the decrease of undergrowth vegetation cover, soil acidity, enzyme activity, total inorganic phosphorus, available k, soil moisture and total porosity decreased significantly ; while soil organic matter content, humus component content, the amount of three main types of microbes, acid phosphatase activity, and bulk density in rhizosphere soil and non - rhizosphere soil increased with the increase of the amount of forest floor litter ; from mid - age stand to near mature stand, with the decrease of stand density and crown cover as well as the restoration of undergrowth vegetation after preliminary thinning, soil organic matter content, fulvic acid, exchangeable acidity, exchangeable aluminium, neutral phosphatase activity, total amount of inorganic phosphorus, the amount of actinomycetes, soil moisture, and total porosity in rhizosphere soil and non - rhizosphere soil apparently increased ; from near matu re stand to mature stand, soil activity acidity, organic matter content, humus component content, available phosphorus, total amount of amino acid, available k, soil enzyme activity, soil moisture, and total porosity in rhizosphere soil and non - rhizosphere soil decreased, but total phosphorus, soil acidity ( in particular, exchangeable aluminium ), and bulk density increased

    結果表明: ( 1 )從落葉松幼齡林到中齡林,隨著林冠的郁閉和林下植被蓋度的急劇下降,林地土壤度、土壤酶活性、無機總量、速效鉀、土壤水分含量、總孔隙度呈明顯下降趨勢,而根際和非根際土壤有機質含量、腐殖質各分含量、三大類微生物數量、酶活性和土壤容重隨著凋落物的增加呈明顯上升趨勢;從中齡林到近熟林,由於撫育間伐,林分密度及郁閉度下降,林下植被蓋度逐步得到恢復,根際與非根際土壤有機質含量、富里、交換性、交換性鋁、中性酶、無機總量、放線菌數量、土壤水分含量、總孔隙度呈明顯的上升趨勢;從近熟林到成熟林,隨著林齡的增大,根際與非根際土壤活性、有機質含量、腐殖質各分含量、有效含量、總量、速效鉀、土壤酶的活性、土壤水分含量和總孔隙度呈下降趨勢,而根際與非根際土壤全含量、土壤度(特別是交換性鋁)和容重呈增加趨勢。
  4. It has been shown that domain ia is responsible for cell recognition, domain ii is to be involved in translocation of the toxin across membranes, and domain hi catalyzes the adp - ribosylation of elongation factor2, which arrests protein synthesis and results in cell death

    蛋白h3是堿性核蛋白,富含精,在生理條件下, h3的精帶正電荷,而dna的基團帶負電荷,所以蛋白和dna分子主要依靠靜電引力相結合。
  5. Conclusion the more production of matrices , the better formation of tissue - engineered cartiolage ; the constructs of chondrocytes seeded onto pga coating with pla , lec and plys can form tissue - engineerd cartilage in animals who have inherited immunity

  6. It ' s pi is 5. 2 as determined with ief. amino acid composition analysis showed that one subunit of 6 - phosphogluconate dehydrogenase has about 480 amino acids and there are plentiful of ala, asp, leu, ser, glu, thr, phe, lys in it

    成分析表明:枯草芽孢桿菌6 -葡萄糖脫氫酶的亞基由約480個殘基成,富含丙、門冬、亮、絲、谷、蘇、苯丙、賴
  7. One solobp ecor i fragment containing phospholipase gene was isolated. further sequence analysis and subcloning revealed a 963bp phla. gene coding a 320aa phospholipase phl with deduced molecular weight of 33kd

    通過測序及亞克隆分析,發現一個酯酶的基因phla ,長度為963bp ,預測編碼一個由320個成,分子量為33kd的酯酶phl 。
  8. So in this paper, effects of dietary protein levels on the content of protein and amino acid profile in hepatopancreas and ovaries during ovarian maturation are investigated on basis of analyzing protein content and amino acid composition and content in hepatopancreas and ovary of broodstock in nature. influence of dietary protein on concentration of lipovitellin in ovary of broodstock after purification and preparation antibody of lipovitellin from mature ovaries of e. sinensis is evaluated. and nutritional requirement for arginine and lysine, and interaction between protein and vitamin b6 of juvenile e. sinensis are also studied

  9. The purpose to analyze amino acid profile of lipovitellin is to provide a kind of reference standard for broodstock amino acid nutritional requirement. the purified lipovitellin can be used to detect