經濟代用品 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jīngdàiyòngpǐn]
經濟代用品 英文
economic substitute
  • : 經動詞[紡織] (把紡好的紗或線梳整成經紗或經線) warp
  • : 濟名詞1. (古水名) the ji river2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (代替) take the place of; be in place of 2 (代理) act on behalf of; acting Ⅱ名詞1 (歷...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (使用) use; employ; apply 2 (多用於否定: 需要) need 3 (敬辭: 吃; 喝) eat; drink Ⅱ名...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物品) article; product 2 (等級; 品級) grade; class; rank 3 (品質) character; qualit...
  • 經濟 : 1 [經] (社會物質生產和再生產的活動) economy 2 (對國民經濟有利或有害的) economic; of industria...
  • 用品 : appliance; articles for use:盥洗用品 toilet articles; 生活用品 articles for daily use; daily nece...
  1. During recently 3 years, i mainly engaged in mechanical vocation ' s plant planning. i attended 25 projects, which including feasible reports, preliminary designing and working drawing designing, ranged over establishment or technology reforming of machine tool factory, gear factory, tractor factory, automobile manufactory, electric pump factory, electromechanics factory, electric cable factory, the highest investment of them is 160 million yuan, total design work expand over 850 million ( no repeat calculate ). for i have professional ability and well up in developmental situation of mechanical vocation and it ' s situation inside jiangsu province, these projects what i designed were all authorized by leading department and expert, introduced into national plan and bring into operation. these projects bring both economic profit and society profit for the factory ' s technical advancement, product ' s update. as the director of these projects in these designing and consultation work, i generally organize and operate these and earn the higher valuation of leading department and consumer

    近三年來主要從事機械行業工廠工程設計,先後參與二十五個項目的可行性研究報告編制,初步設計和施工圖設計.涉及機床廠,齒輪廠,拖拉機廠,汽車製造廠,電泵廠,電機廠,電纜廠的新建或技術改造,其中單項投資額最高的為1 . 6億元,總計完成投資額為8 . 5億元(未重復計算)的設計工作量.由於對機械行業發展狀況和省內狀況較為熟悉,具有一定的專業水平,這些設計項目均有關領導部門,專家審定列入國家計劃,得以實施,為工廠的技術進步,產更新換,生產發展創造較好的效益和社會效益.在這些設計,咨詢中,本人均任項目負責人,全面組織,實施設計工作,得到主管部門和戶較高評價
  2. Based on an analysis of the history and present status of the farmland - pastoral ecotone in the northern part of china, a new point of view was proposed in this paper for the construction of eco - environmental systems, namely, the industrial structure has to be modified so as to make a functional integration between different parts of the whole system : to give priority to a combination between cultivated grassland and in - shed feeding of domestic animals, and at the same time, to employ a new model of animal husbandry so that the degradated natural grassland can be recovered ; to develop a new type of processing industry for agricultural and forestal products so as to create a pluralistic enterprise structure ; to make a better use of water resources by taking advantages of the abundant resources of energy and minerals, and to restrain the expansion of industries of high environmental cost ; to employ techniques of integration management and restoration ecology, and to speed up the process of woodland and grassland recovery ; to make a thorough plan for arrangements of hills, waters, roads, farmlands, forests and pastures in order to gain an integration at landscape level

  3. In the second part, we analyzed the speciality of the vogue journal, compared to other media, and point out the industry chain that confined them. in the third part, we analyzed the typical cases, according to supply chain, source chain, brand chain, service chain, and point out the regularity of the vogue journal. in the last part, we offered some advice to develop the chinese vogue journal, pointed out that we should associate globalization and gentilitial, capitalize on the regularity of industry chain in order to develop chinese vogue journal at the background of economy globalization

  4. After entry of wto, there are still many maladjustments in guangxi ' s seed industry, such as the weak foundation of sees industry development ; the unformed market of the seed industry for fair competition ; small - scale seed enterprises ; no systematic connection among the cultivation, breeding and marketing ; lower qualification of staff who work in the seed industry and with weak sense of laws, and lack of the knowledge in operating experiences in the international market and trade etc. yet the un - efficiency system, unclear property right in enterprises, the lack of an effective mechanism to promote the rational use of resources in the seed industry and the lack of such concept as " the government creates environment and enterprises create fortune " are the deep - seated causes of the problems in guangxi ' s seed industry. therefore, the key points for promoting development of guangxi ' s seed industry under the wto framework are to focus on the promotion of the developing capability of seeds " integrated products, constantly deepen reforms, to adjust various relevant factors in the system of the seed industry which is inconsistent with each other, and to establish a new - pattern system with evident characteristics of the time spirit in order to meet the requirements of the market economy. hereinto, the specific strategies and measures for promotion of guangxi ' s seed industry development under the wto framework include kee ping up reform and innovation of the system of the seed industry, executing of non - nationalization reform in state - owned seed enterprises, formulating and executing relevant supporting policies, the improving the legal system in the seed industry, increasing public financial support on the seed industry, promoting the integration of cultivation, breeding and marketing, strengthening human resource development, developing the main body of the seed industry ' s market and making proper conditions for the functions of seed associations in the seed industry development etc

    研究結果認為:發展種子產業應該把著眼點放在促進種子整體產的開發上;種子產業的發展依賴于能充分發揮整體功能的新型種業體系的構建,而目前廣西種業體系中的種選育、種子生產加工、種子營以及政府管理、公共支持和社會服務六個主要組成部分都存在明顯的缺陷與不足;廣西種子企業綜合競爭力總體處于較弱水平;面對wto ,廣西種子產業仍有諸多的不適應,突出表現在產業發展基礎薄弱、尚未形成可以公平競爭的種業市場、種子企業規模小、育繁銷脫節、種業人才素質不高、種子企業法律意識淡薄、國際市場運作驗和國際貿易知識不足等多個方面,而體制不順、企業產權不明晰、缺乏促進種業資源合理流動的有效機制以及「政府創造環境,企業創造財富」的正確理念正是導致目前廣西種子產業不能適應入世需要的深層次原因;因此,以提升種子整體產開發能力為核心,不斷深化改革,調整種業體系中不相協調的各有關因素,構建起符合市場體制要求的具有鮮明時特徵的新型種業體系,是wto框架下加快廣西種子產業發展必須堅持的指導思想;其中,加快種業體制改革和創新、實施對國有種子企業的非國有化改造、制訂落實有關扶持政策、完善種子法律法規體系、加大公共財政對種子產業的支持力度、推進育繁銷一體化的形成、加強人才培養與引進、壯大種業市場主體、實行重點突破戰略、發揮種子行業協會作等等,都是wto框架下加快廣西種子產業發展應該採取的具體對策措施。
  5. ( 2 ) after the establishment of the goal of socialist marketable economic system, market mechanism has began to play leading or important role in lots of economic fields, meanwhile the prices of most commodities become unloosed and modern enterprise system gets established. the reform of marketing not only brings energy into our economy, ameliorates allocation status of production - element and impro ves economic efficiency, but also changes the phenomenon of isomorphism of regional industry " to some extent

    ( 2 )社會主義市場體制目標確立后,隨著我國絕大多數商的價格逐步放開,現企業制度逐步確立,市場機制開始在多數領域起著主導或者重要作,市場化改革在給注入活力、改善要素配置狀況和提高效率的同時,也會使我國區域間的產業同構現象發生一定程度的變化。
  6. The course contents include the development and thought of space design aesthetics in the late 20th century, discussing their relation by way of literature, psychology, semiology, and philosophy, investigating the past and contemporary viewpoints of living environment through the interaction between multimedia communication, and society, education, culture, and economy, raising the examples of spatial aesthetics transition ( classicism, modernism, post - modernism, and post - post modernism ) to compare and evaluate the works of famous spatial designers

    本課程主要內容: 20世紀末空間設計中美學發展的進程與思潮並以文學、心理學、符號學、人文哲思探論其關連;從多媒體傳達與社會、教育、文化、互動之應中探討人居環境的時觀與當價值觀;以人居環境中的空間美學轉變(古典,現,后現以及后現之後)為例進行空間設計大師作之類比與評估。
  7. Without preferred stock, stock warrant and treasury stock, our countries " listed companies are lame. it is important for our country to carry out the exchanging businesses of preferred stock, stock warrant and treasury stock. it will not only avail in improving the capital stock structure of listed companies, but also give play to the capital mechanism in society resource distribution

  8. The world economics became prosperous in the late 80 ’ s, and the way of clothing was changed. so aigle decided to transform to an outdoor brand

  9. Firstly, by an in - depth study on chinese commercial banking and their foreign counterparts, this paper points out the great differences of intermediate business innovation between chinese and western commercial banks regarding innovation products variety, scale, technology, etc. secondly, comparing the institution regarding intermediate business innovation and microeconomic - body behavior of chinese commercial banking with foreign ones within an analysis framework from the perspective of institutional economics and game theories, this paper shows that a number of reasons account for the emerging of intermediate business innovation, including external economic environments as well as internal factors within the financial system and technology, among which the institutional factors within the financial system being the most important. at the same time, by comparison with western developed countries " counterparts, the innovation of chinese banking institution lags far behind the development of banking business in main aspects of property rights, managerial system, compensation arrangement and organization system. thus, the backward innovation of banking institutions and twisting microeconomic - body behavior seriously strict intermediate business innovation

    本文首先通過對中外商業銀行進行較為深入的調查研究指出,與西方發達國家商業銀行相比,我國商業銀行中間業務創新無論是在業務創新種、規模上還是在技術手段上,都存在著巨大差距;其次,運制度學分析和博弈分析框架將中外商業銀行中間業務創新制度及微觀主體行為進行比較得出:商業銀行中間業務創新產生的原因有多種,如外部環境因素、金融體系內部因素和技術因素等,其中最根本的是金融體系內部的制度性因素;與西方發達國家商業銀行制度相比,我國銀行制度創新遠遠落後于銀行業務的發展,主要表現在產權制度、營制度、分配製度和組織制度等方面;銀行制度創新的滯后及其微觀主體行為的扭曲嚴重製約著中間業務創新,尤其是我國銀行產權關系不明晰,在國有獨資產權框架下政府? ?行長及上級行長? ?下級行長兩種委託理行為帶來了嚴重的問題,導致了我國銀行中間業務創新動力不足。
  10. In this article, combined the unearthed documents in dunhuang and the surrounding area and some traditional historical records, the author would analyze the cultivation and utilization on the ma - crops of dunhuang from tang dynasty to early song dynasty, which is mainly composed of four sections, the generalisation of the cultivation and utilization on the ma - crops in ancient dunhuang, the category, area and per mu yield ( 畝產 量 ) in given period, the utilization on the fibre and products and the ma - seed ( 麻 籽 ) and the ma - oil ( 麻油 ), and the price ratios between the ma - crops and the copper cash ( 銅錢 ) and wheat

  11. Currently academic circles mainly pay their attention on studying family businesses in economics and managements, but this text draw up with sociology research method learned from max web, we hope that we ’ ll find the origin culture of chinese family businesses after carry on the studying, then we ’ ll analysis the essence of the tradition culture ? ? thought of scholar - official, it ’ s function mechanism to the chinese people ' s family businesses culture character, the value formation and it to chinese people the influence on the family businesses management ideas, inquiry into its modern value, thus for abandon it with promote chinese people the theories quest that the healthy development of the household business enterprise makes the first step

    目前學術界主要從學和管理學的視角展開對家族企業的研究,而本文擬採馬克斯?韋伯的社會學研究方法,對華人家族企業,進行非因素的分析和研究,希望藉此理清華人家族企業的文化淵源,剖析傳統文化的精髓? ? 「士魂」對華人家族企業文化格、價值觀形成的作機理以及其對華人家族企業營管理思想的影響,探討它的現價值,從而為揚棄它以促進華人家族企業的健康發展作初步的理論探索。
  12. Rapid prototyping technology changed the traditional pattern of product design, which could offer product sample for the designer, reduced design cycle and quicken the schedule of new product design, and it gave the decision - makers visual feeling. ; rp technology provided kinds of molds including resin - boncled mold laminate mold, investment mold and lost foam casting mold and so on for sand casting investment casting and cavityless casting, it could also use direct shell production casting to make pattern dies metal dies die - casting dies injection dies directly, and it could even produce casting products in small scales. the applications of fdm technology in plaster precision casting and the rapid casting technology based on sls technology were introduced, the organic combination between rapid prototyping tecnnology and foundry process, which initiated a new period of rapid manufacturing metal parts, by using advanced new technology alternated traditional foundry industry to make it looked brand - new, thus, the competition of foundry industry would be improved ; rapid prototyping technology offered a rapid economical feasible technical method, common processes of using rapid prototyping technology to produce dies were discussed, in the paper it explored that. the problem of combining rapid prototyping technology with electric arc metal - spraying technology to make metal dies and technics in dies manufacturing of combining rapid prototyping technology with precision casting, rapid tooling based on rapid prototyping, integrated advanced new technology and tradition technology of rapid prototyping manufacture, each superiority were exerted, rapid prototyping technology had been an efficiency measure to rapid update products and develop new product, and to middle -

  13. Finance is the core of the modern economy and the development of the modem finance reflects in the application of financial engineering technology and the development of financial derivative market. nowadays, financial deverivatives play a more and more important role in the international financial market and are called the core of the general capital marketas china entered wto. chinese economy will join the trend of globlization of world economy. but at present, category of financial product is single, structure and function in chinese capital market is imperfect. financial operations remain the conventional operations in the main and the development of financial derivative market lags behind those of developed counteies out and away. therefore, developing financial derivative deal and expanding financial derivative market are urgent

    金融是現的核心,而現金融發展集中反映在金融工程技術的應與金融衍生產市場的發展上。當前金融衍生產在國際金融市場中的地位與作越來越重要,被稱為是廣義資本市場的核心。隨著我國加入wto ,我國將加入世界一體化的潮流中,但目前,我國資本市場種單一,結構與功能很不完善,金融業務基本停留在傳統業務上,金融衍生產市場發展遠遠落後于發達國家。
  14. To the first question, after the logical analysis of society public goods demand and supply, state function and the publicly consigned responsibility of the government, the agent - principal relationships in government structure and the target of agency, the function of government economics in the developing process of market economics is clarified ; further analyzing in the endogenetic inevitability of supervision in government economics is made on common economic agency in corporate, the agency character of public economics, public agency in government economics and the " dual - agency " in state - owned property rights ; in the aspect of property rights, the point of interiorization of external supervision of soes is made ; in the aspect of economics, the " public benefits " and output - and - input of government supervision are analyzed

  15. Second, it turns to analyze the outside environment of chongqing pepsi - tianfu in details by using many theories in turn such as pest, five competition power, production life cycles and value chain, and its target is not only to find opportunities in politics, economic, technology, and social culture and also to feel threaten which results from substitute, supplier, new comer, customer and competitor of our company. then, it begins to seek the strength and weakness of this company by analyzing resource of itself in order to seek main problem s during present business operating, specially focusing on marketing promotion, cost controlling, human resource management and enterprise culture. at the same time, it concludes that the main present questions are caused by some history factors, faulty present management rules, incomplete human resource system, different leader types and weak base of enterprise culture

  16. The integrated study of geography in the era of knowledge economy will emphasize role of human being ; will analyze regional resources and environmental issues will due consideration of high - tech component ; with use knowledge products serving decision makng, management and macro - level adjustment ; will make geography itself - involved in the system of knowledge economy, and carry out concept innovation, technology innovation, and management innovation

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    您明確理解和同意,中國門戶網不對因下述任一情況而發生的任何損害賠償承擔責任,包括但不限於利潤、商譽、使、數據等方面的損失或其他無形損失的損害賠償(無論中國門戶網是否已被告知該等損害賠償的可能性) : ( i )使或未能使「服務」 ; ( ii )因通過或從「服務」購買或獲取任何貨物、樣、數據、資料或服務,或通過或從「服務」接收任何信息或締結任何交易所產生的獲取替貨物和服務的費; ( iii )未批準接入或更改您的傳輸資料或數據; ( iv )任何第三者對「服務」的聲明或關于「服務」的行為;或( v )因任何原因而引起的與「服務」有關的任何其他事宜,包括疏忽。
  18. We stick on the market direction, consider customer ' s benefits, promote the overall quantity management, emphasize systematic solutions, choose professional cooperators, adopt advanced technique in the world, develop and manufacture modern building materials

  19. We stick on the market direction, consider customer ' s benefits, promote the overall quantity management, emphasize systematic solutions, choose professional cooperators, adopt advanced technique in the world, develop and manufacture modern building materials which are economic, easy - using, efficient and environment - protecting

  20. This article uses xi ' an ' s residential market as the study background. real estate market operation is not as ideal as our imagination, vacant housing become more and more serious problems. facing this situation, though adding up and analyzing the marketing investigation, the author forecasts the prospect of xi ' an residential market development, that is, the economic affordable housing will be the main part of xi ' an residential market and here comes the time for public consumer in xi ' an residential market