障礙理論 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhàngàilún]
障礙理論 英文
obstruction theory
  • : Ⅰ動詞(阻隔; 遮擋) block; hinder; obstruct Ⅱ名詞(遮擋物) barrier; block; obstacle
  • : 動詞(妨礙; 阻礙; 遮蔽) hinder; obstruct; be in the way of
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物質組織的條紋) texture; grain (in wood skin etc ) 2 (道理;事理) reason; logic; tru...
  • : 論名詞(記錄孔子及其門徒的言行的「論語」) the analects of confucius
  • 障礙 : 1 (阻礙) hinder; obstruct; rub; bar; stick2 (阻擋前進的東西) obstacle; obstruction; barrier; ...
  • 理論 : theory
  1. According to the principle of " the synthetic distribution of punishment ", the author poses the concept of " the circumstance of distribution of punishment ", and taking the error making method, compares the " robbery of housebreaking " with there circumstances : the criminate, the sentencing, and the distribution of punishment, it is conclude that the " robbery of housebreaking " should not be regarded as the circumstances of crime or the sentencing discretion, even though there are some barriers in the theory conclusions as a circumstance of distribution of punishment, so we can conclude that the " robbery of housebreaking " can not be considered as the legal circumstances, it must be the circumstance of distribution of punishment even if it is regarded as the legal circumstances. in the process of jurist and legislation, we must strictly grasp the approval standards of the " house ", recognize and deploy the legal sentence of " robbery of housebreaking " correctly,

  2. The tneoretic obstacles of the flowage in the contract land and the formation of theory

  3. The criminal law of p. r. c stipulated that the legal circumstances includes the circumstances of crime and the sentencing discretion, whether as the circumstances of crime or sentencing discretion, there are some barriers in the theory and practice of the " robbery of housebreaking ", because the criminal law of our country has no specific rules about the aggravate crime or the aggravate circumstance

    我國刑法規定的法定情節包括犯罪情節和量刑情節兩種, 「入戶搶劫」作為犯罪情節或者量刑情節都存在和實踐上的,因為我國刑法並無加重構成罪或者加重量刑情節的具體規定。
  4. The chapter suggests that chinese securities laws apply the imputable doctrine of liability for faults as a general principle. in order to facilitate lawsuits in favor of the investors who suffer from misrepresentation, the constructive faults doctrine and the objective standard of faults shall be generally applied

  5. This condition is influenced by both social environments and history effects and the un - neglectable hindrances put forward by lacking of ec theories that suit china ' s overall conditions

  6. Based on the conclusions of the domestic and foreign researches on the utilization of land resources, this dissertation carries out the research on the sustainable utilization of land resources of liaocheng. in the research, the author selects 30 factors as the evaluated elements from the five norms of productivity, stability, protection, economic force and social acceptability to set up the evaluation system, evaluates the comprehensive level of the sustainable utilization of land resources of liaocheng in the time - and - place - based way from the multi - angles of single standard, and diagnoses the obstructions quantitatively by introducing the two definitions of “ the deviation degree from the standard ” and “ obstruction degree ”, then puts forward the concrete measures for the main obstruction factors in order to provide the scientific basis for the management and quantitative evaluation on the sustainable utilization of land resources of liaocheng

    文在借鑒國內外關于土地資源利用研究取得經驗的基礎上,對聊城市土地資源可持續利用進行針對性的實踐研究,從生產力準則層、穩定性準則層、保護性準則層、經濟活力準則層、社會可接受性準則層五個方面,選取30個因素作為參評因子,建立評價指標體系;運用單指標多角度和基於時點兩種評價方法進行綜合測算,評判出聊城市土地資源可持續利用綜合水平;引進「指標偏離度」 、 「度」概念進行定量診斷,並針對主要因素提出可持續利用具體對策,為聊城市土地資源可持續利用和管提供定量評價的科學依據。
  7. In the algorithm, the theory of multi - targets tracking ( mtt ) was induced to recognize and tracking obstacles

  8. It contains all fields in country and society to ensure its realization completely. this thesis firstly introduces basic theory, and analyzes the barrier to realize the right to work of citizens in the condition of market economy ; then puts forward measures to realize right to work and the measure, in order to protect the citizen ’ s right and build law

  9. Feature tracking in video and sonar subsea sequences with applications. computer vision and image understanding, 2000, 79 : 92 - 122. 10 brooks r a, lozano - perez t. a subdivision algorithm in configuration space for findpath with rotation

  10. This paper takes the venture capital company as subject in risk management, and the risk factors in venture capital investment cycle as object, spreads out from three sides which include outside guarantee of risk management in venture capital that is to keep away macro condition risk, inside base that is congnition of risk managementsubject, and central content that involve micro management mechanism of different risk object. through a plenty of emperical investigation including evaluation of macro condition risk, identification of subject of risk management, information obstacle in decision process, agency risk performance of entrepreneur, risk attitude of venture capitalist and entrepreneur, control actuality at post - investment stage, supply and demand of value - added service, and exit practice etc., the paper firstly analyzes the risk management mechanism of venture capital wholely in system

    本文以創業投資公司為風險管主體,以創業投資周期中的風險因素為管客體,從外在保證? ?宏觀環境風險防範、內部基礎? ?風險管主體的認知、核心內容? ?不同風險客體的微觀管機制三個層面展開,首次通過大量的實證研究,包括宏觀環境風險的評價、風險管主體的認知、決策過程中的信息、創業企業家代風險的行為表現、創業投資家和創業企業家的風險態度、投資后階段的監控現狀、增值服務的供需、退出實踐等內容,在分析和實證調查的基礎上系統而全面地研究創業投資的風險管機制。
  11. Secondly, this dissertation analyses the action characters of soccer robot, designs kinds of actions in allusion to switchover of attack and defend, puts forward theory of action selection and rules of action selection in order to realize part cooperation which combines court subarea and switchover of attack and defend when soccer robot is under special state thirdly, after considering the characters of obstacles in the robot soccer, we have founded the collision module, to the current questions of obstacle - escaping arithmetic, we put forward the new obstacle - escaping strategy based on the speed vector information which is able to dope out the potential obstacles in the moving path and count out the suitable velocity to escape obstacles by the aid of the geometry transform of obstacle velocity vector the grid implementation arithmetic of path - searching tree is set forth for the convenience the result of simulating competition showed that this way is suitable to the mobile obstacle escaping

    ( 2 )分析了足球機器人動作的特點,針對機器人足球比賽的攻防狀態轉變,進行了各類動作設計;為了使足球機器人在特定狀態下,實現局部的配合,將攻防狀態的變化與球場分區相結合,提出了足球機器人的動作選擇機和動作選擇的規則。 ( 3 )分析了機器人足球比賽中物的特點,建立了足球機器人碰撞模型。針對目前機器人足球比賽中避規劃演算法的不足,提出了基於物的速度矢量信廣東工業大學工學博上學應文息制定的足球機器人避策略。
  12. Based on a theoretical analysis of chinese security market using capm and apt model, this dissertation is going to focus on positive study usin g econometrical model to deeply and quantitatively delineate equilibrium realization and market efficiency of chinese security market and therefore to find the cause of low market efficiency and the obstacle to the establishment of non - arbitrage equilibrium

  13. Based on the perspectives of social control theory, general strain theory and social learning theory, this quantitative study explored the effects of family, school, and peers on the deviant behavior of deaf junior high school students

  14. This article synthesizes the frontier trade principle, the theory correlated on geoeconomics, the regional economic integration theory, the correlated theory on development economic and the regional economics as well as the correlated theory and methods on chinese frontier open theory. on the basis of the domestic and foreign research achievement, this article emphasizes on the current characteristics of the frontier port system of the northeast of china to russia and the elements which restrict them, points out the developing tendency of the frontier port system of the northeast of china to russia, and analyses the deficiency of its being, the elements which hinder it and the opportunity it is facing for its development

  15. Based on the above analysis, this paper analyzes spatial structure of the three gorges grand tourism circle, and puts forward some specific countermeasures of the coordination among related provinces

  16. The article takes hubei province northwestern region as objective of a research project, deeply dissects hubei province northwestern region ' s condition of the farmland resources " exploitation and utilization from the concept of the farmland resources " sustainable exploitation and utilization by the method of comparative analysis, and analyses the hindrance factors which restrain hubei province northwestern region ' s exploitation and utilization of the farmland on the base of qualitative analysis

  17. By looking back upon the historical development of advertisements in china and studying advertisement meanings, the author demonstrates the major function of advertisements, regards the essence of advertisements as persuasion, analyses the role of advertising language in advertisement persuasion and concludes that language is the major language behavior of advertising persuasion. then, following lasswell ’ 5 w communication theory, the author mainly discusses the disseminator, the communication content, the communication channel and the dissemination object which can affect advertising language persuasion in china

  18. Based on the inevitable trend of international allocation of human capital and economic theories, this paper analyses various practical advantages and disadvantages in the process of international allocation of human capital and puts forward suggestions on how to remove the obstacles and promote the process of international allocation of human capital

  19. Along with the program justice reason is read striking root in the hearts of the people increasingly, and the program right suffers more and more concerns, and the program justly also becomes the important objective that the civil cases was sought, in any case but the most ultimate objective also not changing the civil cases activity is that it is just to realize the substance

  20. But up to now, for the qfii is still new to the chinese, people seemly to pay much attention to the model effects and mainly analyzed the advantages or disadvantages to the market, which made the focus on the necessity of the qfii introduction ; or they only started with the practice of the chinese security business to point out the qfii system defects, which is obviously short of the theoretical studies