飛機艙位 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēicāngwèi]
飛機艙位 英文
air travel accommodation
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (鳥、蟲等在空中活動) fly; flit 2 (利用動力機械在空中行動) fly 3 (在空中飄浮遊動) fly...
  • : machineengine
  • : 名詞(船或飛機中分隔開來載人或裝東西的部分) cabin; module
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (所在或所佔的地方) place; location 2 (職位; 地位) position; post; status 3 (特指皇帝...
  • 機艙 : 1. (船舶機器房) engine room2. (飛機客艙) passenger compartment; cabin; machinery space
  1. On a plane going to new york the flight attendant asked a blonde sitting in the first - class section to economy since she didn ' t have a first - class ticket

  2. On some aircraft, the seating in tourist class can be very cramped

  3. Automatic tracking device : when the height of the aircraft varies due to load changes, the boarding bridge automatically tracks the height of the aircraft door so as to keep a position matching with the aircraft door

  4. Advanced air routes : south east asia, north america, middle - east, europe, africa, freight rate will be most favorable if the flight is from new guangzhou baiyun international airport, carbin can be guaranteed

  5. Suddenly the pilot entered the cabin and told them the horrible news : “ gentlemen, the plane is going down. i ' m going to try to crash - land it, but you must all jump

    突然駕駛員走進告訴他們可怕的消息: 「各先生,這架正失控下降中,我要設法迫降,但你們必須先跳下。 」
  6. The atags air hose connection to the aircraft is on the right side of the cockpit, while the g - suit connection is on the left side of the cockpit in other fighter aircraft

  7. First, they instigated automatic retrieval of such information as aircraft position, wind direction and speed directly from the on - board flight management system. the next problem was trickier : how to synchronize fms with another on - board system the flight deck recorder fdr or black box which recorded essential air navigation data

  8. The freight transportation of airline is from only utilizes the tonnage of surplus of the cabin of passenger plane bellying, get and introduce and mix the loading passenger - cargo with type plane, use boeing - 747 and md11 the whole cargo aircraft to put into the freight transportation course in recent years

  9. Whereas airbus markets the a340 - 500 with 313 seats in a three - class configuration, sia has designed the aircraft with only 181 seats including 64 in business class

    空客公司向市場推出的a340 - 500型有3個等級、 313個座,但新加坡航空公司將改裝后,將只有181個座,其中64個在商務內。
  10. Firstly, this paper summarizes modern weaponry stealth technology at home and abroad, and lays special emphasis on analyzing stealth problem of cruise missile ’ s guidance head cover, aerocraft radar canopy and other privileged sites. secondly it makes a research on related theories of transparent metallic mesh that applied to missile ’ s guidance head cover and aerocraft radar canopy, and deduces relational expression between transparent metallic mesh structural parameters and radar wave - shielding efficiency, infrared transmitting. we use laser direct writing technique to fabricate a metallic mesh ( dimension : 70mm 70mm ; line width : 5 m ; period : 350 m ) on glass surface, then do experiment to test radar wave - shielding of metallic mesh via radar transmitting and receiving device

    本文首先綜述了國內外現代武器系統隱身技術方法;重點對巡航導彈導引頭罩和雷達罩等特殊部的隱身問題進行了研究,研究了金屬網柵用於導彈頭罩和雷達罩隱身的相關理論,推導了金屬網柵結構參數對雷達波屏蔽效率和透紅外關系式;用激光直寫工藝,在玻璃表面上製作了一塊面積為70mm 70mm ,線寬為5 m ,線周期為350 m的金屬網柵;在實驗室里用雷達發射和接收裝置測試了網柵對雷達波的屏蔽實驗;認為利用金屬網柵技術對雷達波具有一定的屏蔽作用,而且不影響精確制導的紅外線高效透過。
  11. Was formed to develop, build and market the sj30 business jet. originally started as a partnership between swearingen aircraft corporation of san antonio and sino aerospace investment corporation of taiwan, the company incorporated in 1999. the current aircraft under faa certification is the new sj30 - 2 twinjet, the world s fastest and longest range light business jet

    會后將參觀中美合資的華揚史威靈公司,該公司於聖安東尼國際場,陳磊總經理為加州理工航太博士,將介紹該公司研發的七人座sj30 - 2商務客,正進行faa認證試,並有全尺寸模型展示該之駕駛配置和舒適豪華的內裝。
  12. It is a large cabin, high performance, twin - engined 10 - seater aircraft with a maximum flying range of 3, 600 nautical miles

  13. Aircraft - environment simulation is an important part of uav system. it simulates the outside landscape and pose of uav, which uses graphics technology and provides vivid picture for ground controller. it also could be applied to training simulators or engineering simulators

  14. Safety, on - time reliability, convenience in terms of airport proximity of seat availability, frequency of departures, in - flight cabin services, ground services including ticketing and baggage handing, aircraft type, and even the carrier ' s image are part of the airline product

  15. Making their first visit to the international chinese new year night parade, the cheerleaders of us football team the miami dolphins perform a broadway - style show combining singing, dancing and audience participation

  16. Only curtains separated the cockpit from travelers on the 19 passenger seat plane

  17. A centrifuge delivers more than two gs of force during the simulated liftoff, pinning guests deep into their seats while space views are projected through the windows of the simulated flight deck

  18. They booked a block of seat in the middle of the plane

  19. They even more kindly invited all women passenger into the cockpit ; one of them emerged shaking like a leaf

  20. The method of serial communication between host computer and plc is introduced when developing distributed control system, which has been successfully applied in a real working condition simulation system on ground for airborne electrical power