課外作業學分 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wàizuòxuéfēn]
課外作業學分 英文
outside credits
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有計劃的分段教學) class 2 (教學的科目) subject; course 3 (舊指賦稅) tax 4 (舊機關...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (外面) outside; external side 2 (外國) foreign country 3 (以外) besides; beyond; in ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (行業) line of business; trade; industry 2 (職業) occupation; profession; employment; ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (學習) study; learn 2 (模仿) imitate; mimic Ⅱ名詞1 (學問) learning; knowledge 2 (學...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • 課外 : extracurricular; outside class; after school課外讀物 out of class reading material; 課外輔導 inst...
  1. Full financial sponsorship is not required, but your organisation must agree to release you from all job responsibilities on class days. endorsement of your organisation means they support your emba study and career development and are committed to allowing you the intensive study necessary to fulfill the requirements of the programme. also we want another view from your supervisors, or your colleagues, or your friends, about your candidacy and their support to your emba study

  2. The conclusions indicate that trl outperformed the control group in attitude, ability, and knowledge, these two instructional forms have prominent differentiations, the research has the conclusions that : a ) trl can nurture students " attitude towards learning, enrich students " knowledge, increase their ability and making them integrating learning strategies, b ) trl can promote students " co - operative learning, make them explore actively, and it is effective to foster mutual understanding and friendship between the han nationality and the minor nationality, c ) trl can set up an learning environment to achieve students " learning aims, such as nurturing attitude, stimulating motivation, increase students " knowledge level, d ) trl is an effective way to enhance students " learning abilities, such as information - collecting, question - probing, problem - solving, e ) trl is an important way to integrate school education with social environment, to

    因此在中等職校實施研究性習,不但十必要,而且完全可能,其目的在於改變生以單純地接受教師傳授知識為主的習方式,為生構建了一個開放的習環境,提供了多渠道獲取知識、並將到的知識加以綜合應用於實踐的機會,促進他們形成積極的習態度和良好的習策略,培養了他們的多種社會實踐能力,以便於他們能更好地適應21世紀發展的需要。本研究以哈密地區衛生校2001級( 1 )班社區醫士專生為實踐對象;以小組合研究為組織形式;以內與相結合為實踐途徑;以強調對所知識、技能的實際運用,注重習的過程和生的實踐與體驗為實踐的總目標;以進入問題情境階段、實踐體驗階段、表達和交流階段為一般程序。
  3. The paper is one part of national science fund project study on the theory and method of performance management presided by professor of harbin institute of technology yingjun - feng and management and scientific research project of the first group of china aviation study on corporate top and middle - level executives performance evaluation and motivation model presided by my supervisor professor lujie - wang, comprehensive introduce the condition of domestic and oversee research and analyze the relationship between executives holding corporate stock and executives " performance under corporate governance. and also discuss corporate stakeholder governance and advancement of corporate executives performance and probe into influence of corporate executives behavior model on executives performance and set up corresponding performance evaluation index to appraise corporate advance and middle - level executives performance from the balanced scorecard

  4. The first chapter presents the purpose of this research and the framework of the paper. the second chapter gives the theoretical base for the whole research by reviewing the basic principles and development of task - based teaching theory and presenting the relevant research results both at home and abroad. the third chapter depicts the outline of the research, including how classroom teaching tasks and homework tasks are designed

  5. Moreover, university students here are either busy with school work or are busy accumulating sufficient points from their extra - curricular activities so as to continue their stay in the hostels

  6. Moreover, university students here are either busy with schoolwork or are busy accumulating sufficient points from their extra - curricular activities so as to continue their stay in the hostels

  7. The patent application acceptance and awarding of university was studied in this paper, including patent, utility model and industrial design between 1986 and 2001, and the comparative studies with other trades have been carried out ; investigations were done on the relationship between university patent applications, the number of researchers and inventors, application of r & d advances, number of technical service personnel, investment of scientific research funds, patent transfer, number of research and development projects, and number of scientific and technological achievement awards in universities ; 547 staff members of the central south university completed the questionnaire ( 32 questions ) regarding the intellectual property right, knowledge of patents, awareness of patent protection and patent - related behaviors, those people were distributed in the departments of teaching, research, administration and management, and teaching support ; one - way anova, multivariate analysis of variance manova and linear correlation methods were used in the analysis of research - related factors concerning central south university staff members and their understanding of intellectual property right, knowledge of patent, awareness of patent protection and patent - related behaviors, the major factors affecting university patent application, awarding and transfer were identified ; countermeasures to promote university patent development in china were also proposed

    本研究旨在通過對1986年? 2001年我國高校發明專利、實用新型、觀設計的申請受理與授權情況的析,並且與其他行的比較;通過研究我國高校專利申請與高校研發人員數、 r & d成果應用及科技服務人員數、科研經費投入、高校專利轉讓、研究與發展題數、科技成果獲獎數的關系;通過對中南大547名教、科研、黨政管理、教輔人員的產權知識、專利知識、專利意識、專利行為的問卷調查(共32題) ,並用單因素析法、多元逐步回歸析法和線性相關析法,對中南大在職人員各研究因素與產權知識、專利知識、專利意識、專利行為的統計析,尋找出制約我國高校專利申請、授權、成果轉讓的因素,提出加速發展我國高校專利工步伐的對策。
  8. In order to help extensive reading play its important role in english majors ' study, the paper offers a new model : firstly, the week teaching hour is three ; secondly ; the three - hour - teaching a time contains style analysis, whole text interpretation ; difficulties ' explanation, and extra reading review

  9. English chatting room, editor - in - chief, dazhong literature and arts publishing house, april 2002 ; talk big in english, editor - in - chief, dazhong literature and arts publishing house, may 2002 ; a chinese - english dictionary ( revised edition ), english editor, foreign languages teaching and research press, august 1995 ; college english for world economy & trade, editor, foreign language teaching and research press, september 1996 ; translations : beautiful journey - - - - china drawings by mervyn rowe, people ' s fine art publishing house, 2007 ; articles : “ whitaker almanac ? a typical british yearbook ”, yearbook information and research, no. 4 2000 ; “ an assessment on college english reading ”, journal of inner mongolia education institute, no. 3, 1997 ; “ a method of rapid vocabulary enlargement ”, journal of inner mongolia education institute, no. 1, 1997 ; “ encouraging freshmen to read extensively ”, research and news on teaching, no. 2, 1997 ; and other essays and articles on the teaching of english, and other fields, as well as some works of translation

    《漢英詞典》 (修訂版)英語編輯研社1995 . 8 ;教科書《大經貿英語》主要編者之一研社1996 . 9 ; 《大話英語聊天室》主編大眾文藝出版社2002 . 4 ; 《大話英語》 (習版)主編大眾文藝出版社2002 . 5 ;翻譯品: 《美之旅? ?莫維因畫中國》人民美術出版社2007 ;論文: 「一部典型的英國年鑒? ?惠特克年鑒」 , 《年鑒信息與研究》 2000年第4期; 「對《大英語基礎教程》的對比析和評價」 《內蒙古教育報》 1997年第3期; 「關于詞匯量快速增殖途徑的探討」 《內蒙古教育報》 1997年第1期; 「積極引導新生泛讀」 《教通訊與教研究》 1997年第2期; 「 2001全國高等教育自考試英語專《英語語法》程考試說明」 《現代教育報》 2001年2月18日,還有一些其它文章和翻譯品。
  10. The study paid attention to the change of teacher ' s sense of teaching efficacy teaching motivation and occupational stress under such realistic background. by analysis and explanation of investigation data, the study concludes the results as follows : 1 after implement of curricular reform, general teaching efficacy of teachers who have joined curricular reform compared to their past or to of what teachers who have n ' t joined curricular reform goes up significantly, while personal teaching efficacy ( significantly ) declines ; 2 after implement of curricular reform, intrinsic motivation of teachers who have joined curricular reform compared to their past ( significantly ) presents descending trend, while their outer motivation ( significantly ) rises apparently. so that their intrinsic motivation and outer motivation are significantly much higher than of what teachers who have n ' t joined curricular reform ; 3 after implement of curricular reform, occupational role and personal stress of teachers who have joined curricular reform compared to their past or to of what teachers who have n ' t joined curricular reform goes up significantly, while their relaxation of personal resource significantly declines, but have no remarkable difference at other aspects ; 4 the sense of teaching efficacy teaching motivation and occupational stress of teachers which belong to different characteristic and category exists remarkable difference before and after new curricular reform ; 5 teachers " sense of teaching efficacy teaching motivation and occupational stress tie together tightly, while the interaction of teaching motivation and occupational stress is prominence, occupational stress directly influences teaching motivation, and indirectly influences the sense of teaching efficacy

    通過對調查數據予以析和說明,本研究得到如下結論: ( 1 )程改革以後,參與改的教師無論與自身縱向相比,還是與未參加改的教師橫向相比,其一般教育效能感顯著上升,而教師的個人教效能感則(顯著)下降; ( 2 )程改革以後,參與改的教師與自身縱向相比其內部動機有較為顯著的下降趨勢,部動機則有顯著地上升趨勢;其內部動機和部動機都(顯著)高於未參加改的教師; ( 3 )程改革以後,參與改的教師無論是與自身縱向相比,還是與未參與改的教師橫向相比,其「職任務」和「個體緊張反應」方面均呈現(非常)顯著地上升趨勢,而在「個體應對資源」方面除休閑是顯著降低,其餘無顯著的差異; ( 4 )不同特徵和類別教師的「教效能感」 、 「教動機」和「職緊張應對」在改前後的變化狀況上存在(顯著)差異; ( 5 )教師教效能感、教動機和職緊張應對密切聯系,教動機與教效能感相互用顯著;而職緊張應對直接顯著影響教動機,間接影響教效能感。
  11. The whole dissertation can be divided into 9 chapters, which are mainly engaged on the comparative theories of the common balance and the partial balance, and the methodology of the demonstration and criterion economics to do the analysis and res earch on the purpose of making relatively thorough and deep assessment on the policy - making and related improvement suggestions on such areas as the implement performance of the agriculture policies, the requirement structure of agriculture, the structure of employment, the basic elements and arrangement of agriculture production, the sustainable development of agriculture and the agriculture internationalization etc. the basic innovative points of the dissertation are as follows : ( 1 ) to establish a systematic framework for the research on the policies of agriculture industry and the structure of agriculture industry ; the framework for grand agriculture industry structure ; the framework of subject relationship in the agriculture socialized service system ; the circulation framework of sustainable development for agriculture ; the model framework for corporation development for agriculture institution ; ( 2 ) to expand the external scope of the concept of agriculture ; ( 3 ) to put forward the ideas of the corporation orientation by restructuring and innovating the present agriculture operational institution ; ( 4 ) to raise the viewpoints to set up the quality standard system for agriculture produce and to initiate the same system of the internal and external trade ; ( 5 ) to offer the suggestions on guiding the development of the township and private enterprises through the industry policies ; ( 6 ) to raise the innovative viewpoint by way of the systematic analysis on agriculture and the employment structure of the countryside, the district arrangement, technological innovation and the marketing system of agriculture produce ; ( 7 ) to put forward the comprehensive thinking way to broaden the logistics services for agriculture produce ; ( 8 ) to raise the new idea of the agriculture supporting system and the policy suggestions on expanding the areas for the government to support agriculture industry, reorganization of agriculture insurance system and aid to the weak masses of the countryside

  12. Lo foon fun helen, now an analyst at accenture, pointed out the importance of extra - curricular activities, " i participated in some case competitions during my undergraduate study which does not only sharpen our thinking and problem - solving skills, but also help cultivate my interest in consultancy. " ngai king kwok anthony, a junior trader of jp morgan, agreed that there are numerous advantages in taking part in extra - curricular activities, " i had been a member of the debate team which enabled me to broaden my logical thinking and to cope with pressure.

  13. The readings section of the course includes a number of downloadable handouts and lists of terms. in addition, all assignments and sample student submissions are available

  14. In the classroom teaching of foreign literature, to establish teaching modules of intensive class, the integrated teaching contents, the reasonable teaching units and special subjects, to demonstrate the mobile academic fields to the students with the aid of accepted esthetics filled with knowledge and mentality, to teach based on the textbooks and create context for teaching with characteristics, to advocate the concept of self - study, and to reform the school assignment system with multilayers, purpose conformity and practiceare are the effective ways to promote the teaching quality and improve class teaching efficiency

    摘要在國文堂教中,建立集約型堂教模塊,整合教材內容,合理劃單元和專題;借鑒接受美的思路,展現給生一個充滿知性與智性的流動的術視野;應「材」施教,創設「情境」 ,應「己」施教,倡導「有特點的堂」教;滲透自主習理念, 「多層次、合目的、重實效」的改革體系,可以有效提高教質量,提高堂效益。
  15. The exploration into these basic theories aims to obtain a comprehensive and accurate understanding of vocational instruction in ordinary middle schools as well as provides the theoretical foundation and reference for launching actual tasks. chapter three : the operational mode of vocational instruction in middle school. depending on foreign countries " experiences of vocational instruction in middle schools, several workable operational modes such as consulting vocational instruction, schoo

  16. In the second part, combined practice with the theories of mba courses, especially the theories of strategic management, managerial economics and financial management, the author gives her opinion on the rationality and financial benefit of strategic change in guangzhou dredging company. and then the author points out its present problem, deduces the core business development strategy of dredging according to external conditions research, industry and competitive analysis, company resource evaluation. finally, the author puts forward suggestions for operating

  17. The main content of the article is involved as follows : ( 1 ) the construction of system ' s frame and design scheme after the process of collecting experts " experiences and knowledge in the industry of plastic dies at home and abroad ; ( 2 ) concept structure of the whole database after the process of data abstraction and integration, which has previously been concept structure designed and the ensuring data model transferred to be supported by dbms, constructing 266 data files and inputting data ( data files referred to appendix 2 ) ; ( 3 ) the connection between web server and plastic die material database system realized by ado, odbc technology, which will guarantee the mutual information transportation between the database system and different terminals ; ( 4 ) interactive user interface of remote optimization selection es of plastic die material is built by asp technology on the server - side ; the construction of web server ; the functions that will enable clients to inquire information of plastic die materials in the database system by using standard db inquiry language ( program files referred to appendix 1 )

    題的主要內容是以b s結構為基礎建立基於web數據庫的塑料模具材料遠程選擇優化專家系統,使異地終端能夠通過網路在客戶端進行塑料模具材料瀏覽查詢、塑料模具材料選擇優化等操,系統可給出符合用戶條件的被選的主要材料的技術資料,如化、熱處理工藝及性能等,以及一些被選材料在行中實際應用的良好效果等資料,並組成用戶技術文件,以便於用戶進行材料購買、加工和應用;專人員能夠進行相應的管理。本文重點了下述工: ( 1 )收集國內塑料模具行專家經驗與知識,構造本系統的組成框架和設計方案; ( 2 )對數據進行概念結構設計,經過抽象和集成得到整體數據庫的概念結構,進而將其轉化為dbms所支持的數據模型,建立了266個數據文件並輸入了相關的數據(數據文件名稱列表參見附錄2 ) 。
  18. Combining the leading problems and realistic state of medium - sized rvte of hubei, the author bases on the demand to talents of industrial structure adjustment, market economy and rural economic construction, uses the principle in pedagogy, economics, demography and sociology, etc., adopts the methods of investigation, informal discussion, comparative, summary of experiences and case analytic approach, summarizes historical experience and lesson of domestic and foreign rural vocational education, analyses social reason and inside reason that hinder the development of rvte in china, and puts forward measures and countermeasure of reforming and developing rvte further from the respects of improving the further understanding importance and urgency of rvte, disposing vocational education teacher resources and optimizin g the structure of overall arrangement rationally, doing specialty construction well, establishing the goal system of teaching with pertinence and adaptability, changing the single teaching mode, reforming the course mode, setting up flexible teaching management style, strengthening the vocational guidance and the vocational faculty of " double division types ", reinforcing the base for exercitation, focusing on service to agriculture, launching various kinds of training in a more cost - effective manner, developing civilian - run vocational education actively, attaching importance of inspecting the executer of the " law of vocational education " and supervising and evaluating the work of rvte

  19. The results of the study demonstrates that the main idea of the balanced scorecard has positive and instructive impact on our state - owned enterprises in understanding that products should be market - oriented, service be customer - centered so as to strengthen competitiveness and improve the operation valuation system of state - owned enterprises. however there is steel room for the method to be improved based on the characteristics of our state - owned enterprises. besides there is a big difference between the method and the practice in deciding the importance of weighted parameter of the indicators obtained from the balanced scorecard valuation of financial, customer, the internal business process, the learning and growth. the above - mentioned conclusions will help us to further study and apply the balanced scorecard method with the aim to strengthen the competitiveness and keep sustainable development of our state - owned enterprises

  20. This paper, bases on the recall about the theoretical view concerning the english listening practice, uses the questionare to makes a survey on the state of the listening in non - english major students and puts forward some suggestions about that after studying the data of this operation